Oxygen Colon Cleanse

  • I've been looking for a good colon cleanse and came upon this:

    It says it's the Safest & Simplest Cleanse. I was thinking of trying it. I'm just terrified of being extremely hungry LOL! It's for 6 days. Is there anything I should know about it? Anyone try it?
  • So I don't mean to sound like this but... you want to trust a random website's advice?

    I'll start to say that no one needs a colon cleanse as your colon naturally cleanses itself. If you are having constipation issues, increasing your fiber and water can help. Otherwise water and psyllium husk is a an extra boost if that doesn't work.

    Secondly, that safest colon cleanse doesn't look safe. It includes Aloe Vera juice which has been linked to some very negative health effects. Also, that is a lot of apple cider vinegar and too much can eat at your tooth enamel. Lastly, this site looks like it was created as a way to sell Oxy-Powder and nothing else. I found this site that gives a good breakdown of Oxy-Powder and why you should avoid it: http://nutsci.org/2010/06/23/oxypowder-is-a-scam/

    My advice is stay far far away from this formula.
  • Oh, thank you so much Nelie. That's why I posted on here before doing anything. I was initialy looking for a veggie/fruit smoothie cleanse because I'm always drained, I have no energy, I have acne, I'm not regular & my stomach keeps doing these strange noises and when I saw that, it caught my attention. But I'm happy you posted that. I should do more research next time.
  • if you are having stomach issues, you might want to try an elimination diet because doing a 'cleanse' is just temporary and not going to fix any long term problems. If you do an elimination diet, you might be able to find specific foods that are causing issues.
  • That would a lot of sense. I never thought of doing an elimination diet. Thanks for the help Nelie!!