Biggest Loser: Cardio Max

  • Sorry if there is an existing topic on this, I did not look through to check.

    So yesterday my mom and I went to Walmart to get an iPod Shuffle (I wanted a small, cheap music player for walking) and while we were there, we also picked up two 10lb dumbbells and the Biggest Loser: Cardio Max DVD. It says it's a 6 week thing, which would be perfect for me as I am going on a 3 month trip to Italy as soon as school ends in almost 6 weeks. I hope to lose about 10 more pounds before I leave, and about 20 while I'm there.

    So my question is, has anyone tried this DVD? I know it's rather old, but it's still just sitting at Walmart, so you never know. If you have tried it, did you like it and how well did it work for you? Of course I don't expect to lose the 10 pounds with just doing that once a day, but I do hope it helps. We both also have terrible bat wings (I've lost 50lbs, she's lost about 40) so I hope it might help a little for that as well. Also, would it be too much to life weights afterwards? Or should I wait a few days?
  • Hi, and congratulations on your loss!

    I used the Cardio Max DVDs a bit when I was losing (I was a big Jillian fan - still am, but have moved on to other things). If I remember correctly, it's 20 minutes with Bob, 10 minutes with Jillian, and then 10 minutes with . . . Kim?

    I didn't always do all 40 minutes. I would mix them up, in order not to get bored.

    One word of (unsolicited) advice: your 10 pound dumbbells are almost certainly too heavy for this DVD. Bob uses weights in his section, but he moves really fast through moves and from move to move, so I'm thinking that if you try to use 10 lb. weights for that you will have very poor form and perhaps hurt yourself. Depending on how comfortable you feel with weights right now, there's no harm in starting with 3 lbs and moving to 5, or maybe 8s for some of the moves. But it's cardio, not strength, so don't do too heavy.

    Good luck!