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Fear does not = fate
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I should wear a helmet when I play the dancing games on the kinect. Suddenly, I don't know my right from left.
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I have both and prefer the Kinect. I tried Zumba on the Wii and got very frustrated having to have the remote in a belt. I didn't feel like it tracked my movements accurately. The Kinect is far better for dancing games.

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I agree about that Wii Zumba remote belt. I don't even use it. I actually put one controller in each hand and dance. I don't really care about the points, though. I am doing it for calories burned, steps on my fitbit, improved health and fitness...not for points or levels on a game.
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I've never done either, but plan on getting a Kinect
as for those saying it won't help like real world exercising, everyone is different, and we all lose weight differently
just because it's not what works for you, doesn't mean it won't work for others
and I'd just like to remind everyone that this site is for support
if your comments aren't meant to be helpful, please refrain from posting them
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Hm, interesting thread! I've been thinking about getting a wii or a kinect for a while now, too! Still on the fence as to which one.

Has anybody tried the playstation move? It seems like the consensus on that is it's not quite as good as the wii...

Oh, and just an anecdote: I knew a girl that lost 60lbs doing a DDR (dance dance revolution) as her ONLY exercise. Pretty much the same deal as the newer dancing games. You can burn a heck of a lot of calories dancing very strenuously! She did it for like 1 - 2 hours a day because she loved the game so much.
If you can make exercise fun then omg DO IT!
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in my opinion Kinect is best if you play alone, but wii has some very nice games to play with friends.
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Height: 5'6"


my sister and i are getting a kinect
and we plan on getting zumba games
any opinions on the best kinect games for weight loss?
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I just got the kinect for Christmas and I specifically asked for the Nike+ Kinect training as a gift. It will kick your butt. When the trainers say they are trying to get you athlete fit they are not kidding. I found it tough to just ease into because I've been out of the gym for awhile but after the first two sessions I got better. I'm on the 'get lean' program, 3 days a week for about 25 to 30 minutes. It flips between cardio and strength training for that program.

I have a friend that had Wii Fit, but this was back in the very early stages of it. I didn't find it as enjoyable because like a lot of others have said, you have to hold the remote.

Also, if you end up getting the Kinect there is an app called Kinect PlayFit that keeps track of your calorie burn over time as you play various games that support it, and you get achievements for working out/competing with your friends.
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We have both the Wii Fit and the Playstation Move. No workout games on the move yet, but the "Sports" game it came with is actually a really good workout-especially for the arms. I used to do the Wii Fit ALL the time until I needed something a bit more intense. It's a lot of fun for a light workout.
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The xbox kinect is great! Nothing to hold onto or wear/attach to your body. It gives you a good workout!
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