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super jade 02-20-2012 04:38 PM

Protein shakes. Yes or no? your stories please.
I started BSN lean dessert protein shake meal replacement today.
tastes AMAZING surely something so tasty cant help me lose weight?
Your stories please!

hyper_piper 02-20-2012 05:13 PM

I know that some protein shakes have a lot of calories, so that may be something to watch out for. But I definitely enjoy protein drinks, myself. I drink Odwalla's vegan Vanilla Al'Mondo Protein drink when I'm on the road, and sometimes use vegan protein powders in my green drinks.

graatsia 02-21-2012 05:27 AM

My experience thus far has been that most protein shakes - especially when their name implies that they will help you lose weight - contain far too much sugar/carbs. Once I made a mistake to drink such meal replacement shake and actually gained more weight, because all this sugar made me ravenous, so I ended up eating my meals in addition to the shake. The one you use seems to be still ok for carbs.

I prefer near-zero carb content for my protein shakes. This way I actually get a load of protein that lowers my appetite and helps burn fat faster. I use pure whey protein at the moment (no additives, no flavorings, nothing) and I add 1 tsp of 100% cocoa powder and 1 tsp of cinnamon to 1 serving of whey. If I drink this for breakfast before going to the gym and then one more after lunch, I can resist the cakes at work (which means a LOT of extra calories, because there's always a cake party in my office) and stay on track.

Espressowhip 02-21-2012 05:50 AM

I use Scitech products. They taste amazing, even when mixed with water, although admittedly much better with milk.

The only two things to be wary of are protein and carb content. Some have a rather low protein count with a high carb count. When you compare products, you'll learn to discern the good from the bad. Obviously, low-carb and high protein, is ideal.

The one I use is 22g protein, and 4g carb. Don't forget, too, that milk has quite some carbs in it (8oz of low-fat milk has 11g carbs!). I don't use pre-mixed products.

They totally work with my lifestyle, and totally erase my evening sweet tooth, but I wouldn't think they work for everyone.

PaintedButterfly 02-22-2012 07:09 PM

Hmm I've been looking into getting some protein shakes cos I want to up my protein intake and would like to drink one after runs but not as a meal replacement and so low calorie is fairly important.

I've found one that's 1.1g carbohydrate for every 24g protein... it's 257 calories per drink (with milk) which gives 33g protein and 11g carbohydrate. It's 9.99 for 500g (makes 16 drinks). Does this seem good to anyone else? I'm brand new to this so I'm a bit confused.
Oh and was also wondering- are protein shakes really thick? A long while ago I was forced to drink meal supplements (ensure) (long story) and they really freaked me out.. something about the texture and how thick it was... and I was just wondering if these are the same cos then there's no chance of me drinking them :P.

Espressowhip 02-24-2012 05:47 AM

7oz of 1.5% milk will have 10g of carbs, and anything over 20g protein is stellar, so it sounds like you are golden.

Regarding thickness of the drink; I find that the premixed drinks are thicker than when you mix them yourself, and often have a odd texture, but that (probably) comes from the ingredients they use to keep the drink mixed.

Protein drinks have come a long way, they are still powders that are resistant to mixing, but most of the better brands have the micro-powder and with an honest 20-40 seconds of shaking, will mix completely.

I also use them as a supplement and exercise recovery tool, so I also looked for the lowest calorie/carb combination. I'm not a vegetarian, but my diet is protein poor. Now that I get enough protein, my energy is way up, and I can exercise and work like a fiend. The other bonus is that having enough protein in your diet kills your sweet tooth...which in my case, is the biggest benefit.

Steelslady 03-15-2012 12:16 AM

It all depends upon the individual. For instance, I have a diabetic elderly friend who hates just about all meat, and didn't get enough protein in her diet at all. I introduced them to her as a last resort, as I didn't think she would like them (she has to be one of the pickiest eaters I know, and if it's good for her, she hates it, lol). Turns out, she loves them. I got her the low carb, high protein shakes, and it really helps her balance out her sugars, and meanwhile, she is getting the protein her body missed all those years from poor dieting.

My best friend, who had introduced me to the friend I just talked about above, tried one of her shakes, and drinks one every morning with two pieces of fruit. She loves it, because it is a fast and easy breakfast, and it fills her up until lunch time.

For me, they do absolutely nothing. I get hungry within the hour, even if I have fruit or veggies with it. I get hungry with just the protein shakes alone. Even the low carb versions do not fill me up at all, I have to have something solid in my body for my first meal of the day. I usually have a veggie omelet made with egg whites and low cal cheese and two pieces of whole grain toast with coffee. That fills me up for a long time. So, shakes are not for me, but two of my friends love them and can't say enough about them. It's all up to the individual and whether or not they are satisfied by them. Try them out, it can't hurt to try, right?

Oh, and yes, both ladies are losing weight off of them, in case you are wondering. They are a great tool for the both of them, so I am glad that I introduced it to the two of them, at least the shakes work for them. :D

sensualappeal 03-15-2012 12:36 AM

I love protein shakes. I make my own though usually. When I don't I usually go for GNC Lean Muscle Meal shakes and I drink only half of one at a time since I'm a girl I don't need to drink a whole one for the huge amout of protein it gives. I drink the rest later. They are yummy.

Espressowhip 03-15-2012 10:54 AM


Originally Posted by sensualappeal (Post 4254179)
I love protein shakes. I make my own though usually. When I don't I usually go for GNC Lean Muscle Meal shakes and I drink only half of one at a time since I'm a girl I don't need to drink a whole one for the huge amout of protein it gives. I drink the rest later. They are yummy.

I have to correct you.

You should learn more about macro-nutrients.

GNC Lean Muscle Shakes only have 9 grams of protein, and that's not very much. They are yummy because they have 30 grams of Carbs! That's almost double the carbs you should have for an entire day for weightloss!:dizzy:

A plain 8 ounce glass of low-fat milk has 8 grams protein and 11 grams carbs! You could add a couple teaspoons of sugar to your milk and get the same result.

By the way, a 120 pound person (gender has nothing to do with it) should get 81 grams of protein per day... drinking half a glass, especially of the GNC product, isn't doing you any favors.

Look for something closer to: 22grams of protein with 4 grams of carbs...this is really much more ideal for weight reduction.

threenorns 03-15-2012 03:17 PM

i use FitSmart Fibre35 - 20g protein and 10g fibre in each one. 17g carbs but that's tolerable. bunch of other nutrients in it. chocolate is 140cal/serving, strawberry is 160cal/serving.

i take 2 a day to try and keep my protein over 80g/day.

mixes well, the taste is okay.

was thinking to go with Body by Vi but unless i mix with milk, they don't have nearly enough protein.

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