Scales...what do you use?

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  • Great thread. I am frustrated with our scale which showed a 17 pound loss overnight. New batteries and a 2 pound gain from the previous morning. I want a good, accurate scale. I gave away our expensive balance beam scale because it was too easy to fudge it and it was huge. What do you recommend this year?
  • Old school classic dial tone where is hard tell the numbers lol like yours . I use waist measures and fat clippers for body fat , top it off by putting my old skinny clothes to try on and if they pass the test than I trust more that than some numbers on scale, I weight myself weekly on Wednesday because my start days are Sunday thru Thursday working out and two days rest . So I can be accounted if I regained anything oh, I opt out getting weight at doctors office because they have me evenings and I think will mess with me more .