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Default Has anyone tried One A Day Women's Active Metabolism?

I thought I'd give this new multi-vitamin a try and I swear it was crack in pill form. I had more energy than I have in a long time. My weight had plateau'd for 8 weeks and the week i was taking this I lost THREE pounds. I was NOT hungry at all when taking it and practically had to force myself to eat just so I could get in 1,200 calories. I noticed my skin started to break out so I stopped taking it to see if it was that. Sure enough, my skin cleared, so I stopped taking them.

Last Tuesday I was diagnosed with Anemia and my doctor said I needed to take a multi vitamin with 18mg of Iron. So, I started taking these again and sure enough, my energy level is through the roof.

I'm curious if others have the same results? Or perhaps I just have more energy because my body is finally getting iron.

Did it aid in your weight loss at all?
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Newmala - I have taken these before and it didn't have any effect on me at all (I was SO disappointed).... however, I don't have any iron deficiencies. If you start breaking out again, I would talk to your doctor about switching vitamins or just taking a plain iron supplement.... it doesn't sound good that you were breaking out like that!!
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it's always something
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I've not tried them, but each serving has about as much caffeine as 2 cups of coffee so that might explain how you feel. One of the sources of caffeine, guarana seed, can cause hives or a rash in some people.

I agree with strngsrvrbird, maybe you should switch to a different vitamin or buy iron supplements.
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I take the one a day weight smart ones..they might be the same I am unsure, and they give me SO much energy , but DO NOT take on an empty stomach you will throw up no question. They don't affect me as strongly probably because I have a very high tolerance to caffeine, an addiction really, so it more makes me feel normal in the morning than anything, though the energy lasts all day instead of causing a crash. I haven't seen much of a difference in appetite, but it definately makes me more able to get up and do something instead of being tired all day.
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Is this what you want your money supporting?
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Well, I'm glad it was a gift then. It's so expensive, I normally just go to the dollar store for a basic multivitamin.
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