"Toning Shoes" and Arthritis?

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  • I've been reading about class-action lawsuits against the toning shoe makers. Here's just one of the online articles. Apparently these shoes do not have the health benefits the makers claim and are actually dangerous and increase the likelihood of injuries such as stress-fractures and falls.

    I guess it all boils down to "if it sounds too good to be true...."

  • I have a $150 Birkenstock shoes. They are the only shoe that I can wear without my feet hurting. I have bunions on both of my feet, and they are caused by arthritis. I have had feet problems since I hit my 30s, and I always wore a good athletic shoe. Two years ago, I had a rheumatoid nodule removed from my one foot. It just intensified my bunion. I am not in any hurry to have a bunionectomy. I think that next year I will have a bunionectomy. Meanwhile I must wear the $150 shoes, and that is a lot for me.
  • Hey Dagny...my parents and grandma have arthritis and they swore by their SAS shoes. A bit pricey but very comfortable. Theyre also supposed to be good for diabetics

    I definitely wouldnt buy them a pair of the Shape Ups though. Theyve been getting a lot of lawsuits lately and people are reporting that theyre falling/getting hurt a lot. Apparently they cause injuries. From what i've seen on the news it seems to be mostly older people who have the fall injuries. Try SAS! I think your mom will love them