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Regarding the SF Anorex...

Basically it's an overpriced GCA stack (now that ephedra is becoming increasingly scarce - most supplement manufacturers are using Garcinia Camboga instead of Ma Huang/Ephedra in their products.) Garcinia Camboga is actually the active ingredient in Anorex SF (yup, I know their website PURPOSELY doesn't list the ingredients but if you go to somewhere like, you can get them there).

That's my main issue with the company...really, what they are selling for $150 bucks is basically the same as the other 'stimulant free' 'fat burners' on the market that are selling for MUCH cheaper prices - but of course they need to pay for all that marketing...all those infomercials and the fancy-schmancy website I guess...

Just for the record here's what's in Anorex SF...

Ingredients for Anorex-SF™ (Leptoprin-SF™), A proprietary blend of the following: Calcium Phosphate, Commiphora mukul extract, Garcinia cambogia (HCA 125mg), L-Tyrosine, Acetylsalicyclic acid - 162.5mg, Dipotassium phosphate, Sodium phosphate, Disodium phosphate, Phosphatidyl choline, Scutellaria (root), Bupleurum (root), Epimedium (herb).

And here's what Supplement Watch has to say about Garcinia...

Supplement Garcinia

Description Hydroxycitric acid (HCA), is the active ingredient extracted from the rind of a little pumpkin-like fruit, Garcinia cambogia, from India and Southeast Asia. Dietary supplements and a wide variety of weight loss formulas, contain Garcinia extract to inhibit fat production and suppress appetite. A number of products include extracts (about 50% HCA) under the brand names Citrin (Sabinsa) and CitriMax (InterHealth) and a new one called Regulator is a 98% pure potassium HCA from a small Irish supplement company.

Claims Promotes weight loss
Suppresses appetite
Reduces blood lipids
Increases fat oxidation/mobilization
Promotes glycogen synthesis
Increases energy levels

Theory HCA can inhibit an enzyme in cells, citrate lyase, which is needed for the conversion of carbohydrates into fat. In the cell, carbohydrates are broken down into citrate compounds, which are then converted (by citrate lyase) into another compound; acetyl coenzyme A (acetyl CoA) – the metabolic building block for fat synthesis. By blocking the conversion of citrate into acetyl-CoA, HCA can suppress fat synthesis. Acetyl CoA is further converted into malonyl CoA, a compound which may block the actions of carnitine acyltransferase in shuttling fatty acids into the mitochondria to be burned

It is important to note, however, that the citrate lyase enzyme, is only significantly active under conditions of carbohydrate overconsumption. In others words, unless you’re eating a lot of carbohydrate-type foods (bagels, pasta, potatoes), and overloading your carbohydrate storage capacity (muscle and liver glycogen stores) there is no significant conversion of carbohydrates into fatty acids anyway (and HCA may not work for you). If, however, you’re chowing down on low-fat high-carb foods at every meal, then your glycogen stores will be over-flowing and your citrate lyase enzymes are going to be working over time converting those excess carbs to fat.

OK, so now that you’ve blocked the fat production, you have to do something with those excess carbs. They can’t be stored as glycogen because those stores in liver and muscle are already full, so it is thought that the body disposes of them by increasing carbohydrate oxidation (burning them). As a result of these fully loaded glycogen stores, some researchers have suggested that a "side effect" of HCA supplementation may be a suppression of appetite – which would reduce food intake and promote weight loss.

Scientific Support Animal studies have shown that hydroxycitrate decreases weight gain – primarily by suppressing appetite and reducing food intake. At least one rat study has also shown a loss of body weight and reduced fat mass due to an 11% increase in daily energy expenditure. HCA appears to be effective in both lean and obese rats, where it can reduce food intake, body weight, body fat accumulation, fat cell size, and serum triglycerides

Studies of HCA supplementation in humans have been equivocal. In some studies, 1000-2400mg of HCA per day led to a doubling or tripling of weight loss compared to placebo groups. Just last year, however, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published a study showing no effect of Garcinia cambogia on weight loss in overweight men and women. In the study, a commercially available product and weight loss plan was used (Thermogenic Ultra Lean – Herbal weight loss plan with Garcinia cambogia – from Great American Nutrition, Salt Lake City, Utah). A total dose of 1500mg of HCA per day for 12 weeks did not augment weight loss compared to the placebo group.

The JAMA study has been criticized by pro-HCA camps on a number of criteria including the restrictive nature of the diet (low energy – 1210 kcal per day), the high fiber content (which decreases absorption of HCA) and the failure to assess HCA absorption (to see if it actually got into the cells where it becomes active). In defense of the study, however, is the authors’ assertion that they wanted to test the compound under conditions in which people might normally try to lose weight (like a low calorie diet) – not exactly a bad idea. They also noted that the possibility for HCA to be effective in blocking fat synthesis may be more evident when people "fall-off" their diets or relapse and start consuming lots of high carbohydrate foods.

The authors of the JAMA study concluded that their results do not support a role for Garcinia cambogia in facilitating weight loss beyond the effects observed with a low calorie high fiber diet. Evidence from animal studies and human trials of high carbohydrate diets, however, suggest otherwise – and support the use of HCA for inhibiting fat synthesis and reducing body weight. Additionally, in those individuals consuming a normal diet, HCA may provide some measure of appetite suppression – an effect which may be expected to curtail food cravings and help to support weight maintenance. For example, one small study indicated that subjects taking HCA were better able to adhere to a weight loss diet than subjects taking a placebo. An unpublished study from the makers of the “Regulator” brand of HCA showed an effect on suppressing appetite and reducing body weight (4-12 lbs. greater than placebo). The study looked at 50 subjects who consumed 1.5-6 grams of the HCA supplement daily for one month.

Another study used a double blind, placebo controlled, randomized, crossover study design to investigate whether 3 days of HCA supplementation (3 grams/day) had any influence on metabolic parameters with or without moderately intense exercise (40-60% VO2max). The study examined 10 sedentary men across 4 lab visits (consuming a 30-35% fat diet) and found no significant differences for measures of fat/carbohydrate oxidation (respiratory quotient) or other aspects of metabolism.

SafetyThere are no serious adverse side effects associated with intake of Garcinia cambogia or hydroxycitric acid supplements aside form some minor gastrointestinal distress induced by high doses.

Value For weight loss, regular intake of Garcinia cambogia and HCA is supported by animal studies (and high carbohydrate diets), where it reduces food intake and body fat accumulation. Some data from human trials support the effectiveness of HCA for weight control in humans, but here the data is not particularly strong. And much more research is needed to confirm the degree of weight loss that can be expected from regular HCA supplementation

Given the apparent safety profile of Garcinia/HCA supplements and the clear difficulty associated with maintaining a reduced body weight following weight loss, HCA may be most effective as an aid to preventing weight re-gain – rather than as an approach to stimulating significant fat loss (which is best achieved by lifestyle modifications in diet, behavior and exercise patterns). Those individuals who have succeeded in losing body weight and fat mass (not an easy task) may be better able to adhere to their new diet and maintain their new lower body weight more effectively with the help of HCA dietary supplements.

Dosage Typical doses associated with suppression of appetite and reductions in body weight are 750-1500 mg of Garcinia cambogia, (standardized for at least 50% HCA) taken in 2-3 divided doses about 30-60 minutes before eating. Because of the variation in hydroxycitric acid content between various brands of Garcinia cambogia extract, it is recommended to choose a brand which is standardized to a high level of HCA.
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