What Scale Do You Use?

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  • Hey everyone I'm very far away from my doctor (about a 2 hour ride on the subway) so I don't get to check my weight very often. I decided to buy myself a scale, but it seems like mine acts crazy! I have the Weight Watchers® by Conair Glass Body Analysis Scale model: WW67T, and I always seem to get different numbers... It's extremely annoying, because I don't know what numbers to trust! So, what scales does everyone here use?
  • I use the one at my gym which is a doctor's scale. You know, the kind with the sliding weights. They sometimes have them on Craigslist for about fifty bucks. I hate digital scales, they don't weigh me properly because I'm so big. :/
  • That's how I feel!! Every other person that steps on that scale, who happens to weigh like 20 pounds less than me, seems to get a set number everytime. But, when I step on, it's toying with me! Anyway, thanks for your reply

    Btw, have you lost weight or are you planning to?
  • That's why I don't do digital. I have a dial style scale I bought on amazon. I think it's retro. And it's pretty accurate, I've weighs myself just before going to the Dr and there was about a .25 lbs difference in my weight.
  • Quote: I have a dial style scale I bought on amazon. I think it's retro. And it's pretty accurate,
    Ghost, for some odd reason, everytime I buy a dial scale it ends up defective... Lol maybe scales don't like me
  • I have the same question! The digital scales I have tried are so unreliable, but having a big doctor's scale isn't going to work in my apartment either!
  • I haven't weighed myself in so long. We tried buying one and it didn't work..I am too big =/ so I am just going by my measurements
  • I use the one on my Wii Fit. I don't know how truly accurate it is...but it is very consistent. I can weigh myself several times in a row, and I get the same result (or within .2).

    As long as it's consistent, it should be fine...
  • My wii fit is very inaccurate but I have carpeting. Friends do well on theirs. I think a non-digital scale is the best. I only weigh one time per month and I go to my dr office. I can't deal with the scale moving around all the time.
  • Quote: I am just going by my measurements
    I like this idea more than using a scale, simply because I'm one of those people trying to lose weight to fit into those jeans so measurements are important to me, yet, I don't have a measuring tape -___-!
  • I have a WW scale, it seem pretty accurate to me. Since it's the only scale I use and the numbers are going down, it doesn't really matter if the numbers are a *little* off without me knowing it.. If you get me.. haha
  • i dont own a scale either!
    i just go by the grocery store scale or i go by a office close by that has a scale and i just ignore the cleaning peaople - walk in after 5 30 and weight myself - so far no one has asked me what i am doing and i have done it 4x in my so far 8 week journey!
  • I have a digital scale from Wal-Mart it's called a health o meter. I find I like weighing myself frequently ....few times. week..... I like the accountability.
  • I started thinking my Health-O-Meter digital was inaccurate so I bought a different model Health-O-Meter and it sadi the same thing so guess it is a keeper.

    Scales vary, they are just a tool but over time they are a good tool to let us know the trend in our weight.

    I also measure once a month to ensure I am not kidding myself by the fact that my clothes fit.

    The fit of clothes varies over time and that often has to do with the fact that we stretch them or the temp outside changes and the fibers relax or a zillion things. Measuring lets me know, too, if I am gaining scale weight and gives me an idea if that weight is muscle or fat because if it is muscle, I am leaner and smaller and if not, I am lighter but puffier. The fit of clothes is not a good measure of anything.
  • I have a digital scale, but I've noticed that the scale at the doctor's office has me at about 2 or 3 lbs. lower than my scale at home. I'm more concerned with seeing the number consistently go down rather than the absolute accuracy of the number itself.