Clean Eating Magazine

  • Does anyone else read this magazine?

    I am not usually a magazine fan but I really struggle to keep out of a cooking rut with healthy recipies then I get bored. I really appreciate have fresh ideas (although the recipies on 3FC's recipie threads are also really helping me out!)
  • What plan are you on?
  • This has been my favourite magazine for years. I have all my back issues and the cookbook compiling recipes from the mag.

    They definitely come up with some great stuff. Their Windy City Pie(pizza) is fantastic, as is their version of sweet and sour chicken. My husband begs for me to make that recipe sometimes. I love the fact that they aren't afraid to have foods a bit out of the norm in there. I'm adventurous with cooking, and love to be able to use the weirder ingredients in my kitchen.

    My only personal gripe is that they have been posting too many seafood recipes lately(I loathe seafood). I would also like to see more vegetarian recipes. I'm not a vegetarian, but many of my meals are - probably 75% of them. I just prefer to eat that way(makes my body feel best).

    I have brought the issue to them before(as have others), and I know they're working on that, though.
  • Quote: What plan are you on?
    I am a calorie counter but I stay away from wheat/gluten as well as any processed foods.
  • Right now we do lots on the bbq. Grilled zucchini, eggplants, corn, bell peppers, asparagus etc. Meats include chicken breast, lean pork and steaks.

    One of my favorite quick dishes is pan-fried chicken breasts in tomato sauce (fresh or canned) and black olives.

    One casserole I like to do is with ground beef and sauerkraut, layered with potatoes and a bit of cheese on top.

    I also do a greek potato dish. I peel and dice potatoes and cook them until they are almost done. I add them to a hot pan with a bit of oil and add veggies like: onion, bell peppers, olives, corn, cherry tomatoes, zucchini and some greek spices, oh and some feta just before serving. Sometimes I also add some ground beef or italian sausage meat (only a little bit).

    We do eat a lot of pasta though. So I guess that won't work for you!?
  • I absolutely LOVE this magazine, and so does my husband. I've never had a bad recipe from them -- some more blah than others, but never outright bad. And some are AMAZING! Glad to see it mentioned here.
  • YES! I LOVE THIS MAGAZINE! I subscribe to this and Oxygen. They are sister magazines. They seriously have changed my perspective about how I fuel my body. I traded in my other fitness mag subscriptions for just these two.
  • I've done the same. the other mags just have too much fluff. Clean Eating and OXygen stay on topic - fitness, recipes, nutrition, health. That's all I want.

    I do get a few other magazines for free(shape, fitness, etc), but I would never pay for them. Once you get used to Oxygen and Clean Eating, the others just don't compare.
  • I like it because it is REAL food and the recipies are just as big on taste as they are on nutrition. No cabbage soup for me please!
  • Wow, I didn't even know this magazine existed. Thanks for sharing!
  • It is a really good mag, so is Vegetarian Times. I also get Cooking Light but I substitute meats for boco, morning star or tofu products. Hungry Girl cookbooks are pretty awesome too.