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Default "I can make you thin"

Has anybody had any success using Dr. Paul Mckenna's hypnosis stuff to help change bad eating habits? I just saw it on Dr. Oz today and thought that it was interesting.
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I haven't exactly tired his diet methods, but I did watch the show he had a few years ago. He mainly talked about portion control, slowing down when eating, and listening to your body. He suggested eating with your eyes closed a few times to really feel what hungry and fullness feels like, and not eating the amount that is left on your plate just because it is there. He talked a lot about how your body will tell you what foods to eat. And, I remember him also saying to put your fork down after every bite to slow help slow down your eating.

I did not know that he did hypnosis stuff.

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We'll go with that!
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I tried it. I didn't have much success with it, but I was really having issues listening to the CD. At first, his voice really made me giggle. After I got over that, I had issues with falling asleep within the first 5 mins. And then there is the ear buds that never stay in my ears, and always hurt....Ugh.. at that moment, it just wasn't right for me.

I have been doing subliminal/binarual stuff while I sleep though. It doesn't hurt. I downloaded a bunch of stuff off of amazon (lots are like .99) Haven't gotten to the hypnosis stuff yet, but after the subliminal stuff, I have been more mindful of what I eat.

Good luck!

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I have a few of the hypnosis things and I think they really could work a weekish ago i listened to an exercise one before i went to bed, and in the morning, for what was probably the first time ever, when i woke up, i wasn't just 'awake', I was 'Awaaaaaaaakeee!!!!11 ', and while i just wanted to snuggle back into the sheets for a little while, my legs really just wanted to exercise. It wasn't like some superhero miracle or anything; i still got puffed and achey after the usual amount of time, but the motivation to exercise was oh so there.

I only listened to it the once (I'm trying the food/weight loss related ones at the mo), and haven't had that reaction again. I havent really had the same kind of reaction with the food type ones, but its a little hard to be SUPER MOTIVATED not to eat , so we'll see after a few weeks if they're helping, but i feel like they are. I'm not really sure if its actually working, or if its working because i think 'the hypnosis is supposed to make me not want to eat that!'. But, well, either way, I'm not eating that, so i guess it's working

I think the biggest problem I had was gettting over the 'hypnosis is the biggest load of crap evah' mentality. I still kind feel a bit like its all a lot of mumbo-jumbo, spoken by the most perviest guy in the world, but I just have to get over his skeevy voice and go with the flow

I hope if you try it, that it works for you!
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