GNC total lean

  • Has anyone tried this? Doing Ideal Protein now and looking for something cheaper.
  • I have tried the Swiss Chocolate and Vanilla Bean. I mix them with milk instead of water. They get nice and thick even without a blender. I have a friend who has tried all the flavors and loves them. I have not really followed the plan in the past, just used them as an occasional meal replacement. Yesterday I actually started the plan of replacing 2 meals a day and 2 snacks with 1 lean meal. It is pretty doable since the shakes are nice and thick, they keep me full. Thats huge for me as every meal replacement I do leaves me starving an hour later.
  • I use spire-tein to replace two meals and a morning snack. It great because it is only 99 cals 0 fat 14 protein and low on carbs. It's also loaded with tons of vitamins compared to other drinks and its not loaded with tons of sugar like those other drinks. I actually did a side by side comparison of spiru-tein and that lean drink and spiru-tein wins hands down. Its under $20. But you have to have a blender for it. It doesn't hand mix as well as it claims. I have a portable blender cup so I can take it with me