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Wink "I can make you thin" Paul McKenna

Had anyone read this book? I saw a series of programs on TV with Paul McKenna, and have heard him on hayhouseradio.com, as well. I like his theory. Anyone familiar with him?

I'm going to order it and check it out...I'm a believer in mind over matter, though I do know that action is required as well. I'm just starting out on my weight loss goal-again. But I dont really believe in "dieting". Just wanted to know if anyone has been successful without a particular diet. The first time I lost a significant amount of weight, I did so by waking up at the crack of dawn to exercise and moderating my eating habits. I did make protein shakes with cod liver oil, fresh fruit, etc. Ate Lean cuisines and fruit/small bag of chips for lunch. Then dinner. When I started to exercise on the elliptical I could only go for 5 mins. By the end I was at 30 mins.

I went from about 230 to 188.

However, after 2 years of absolute chaos in my world. I am back up to 220. I mainly attribute that to the fact that I havent consistenly exercised in 2 years, and a whole lotta stress eating!!

Just wanted to know if anyone had alternative theories to weight loss than just calorie counting and "diets".
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I've read it years ago. And no, I did not lose any weight from reading it.

I also believe strongly in mind over matter, but here the trick is to *want* to eat less and exercise more, so from just reading the book but still refusing to change eating patterns and habits, nothing happens.

But then what you did in the past sounds great, so the book might help you. At least it won't harm you. Good luck!
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Default Thanks for responding..

I totally get what you are saying. I know that you cant just sit around eating chocolate, and expect to lose weight!!

I guess my question is -how much of weight loss is mental-?

I know that my overeating, comfort eating is an emotional thing.
I know that everyone here who has managed to lose weight, got to a point where they got up and said "I cant take it anymore"!!!

I personally, have been on a long journey for many, many years. I had a substance abuse problem, and after I recovered from that, I just gained and gained...I still carry a lot of guilt around.

I just know, that the first time I was sucessful in weight loss(I know I didnt maintain, but it was huge for me) it started-really with self-love. I just realized that I had been mentally telling myself for years "When I lose weight then...I will be sucessful, I will have better self-esteem-etc. etc.

I just got to a point where I decided to accept myself as I was, and to stop critizing myself for my imperfections and mistakes. I guess the events of the last two years really just took its toll on me, and I took a huge blow to my self esteem-and I revered to my old bad habits.

I dont know if that makes any sense or not! Just throwing it out there!!
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I tried it too and it didn't help me either. Shame really, as the idea of it seemed plausible...
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Default I Can Make You Thin by Paul McKenna

Hi Ladies! I'm new to this forum but needed to share "my" experience with this program. I actually loved it. It "worked" for me. The key I think is the CD. Not sure if anyone actually listened to the CD as well as reading the book, but after I started listenting to it faithfully every night before I went to bed something clicked. The book is good, but the accompanying Hypnosis CD is key I think. Anyway, it really worked for me. I was desperately trying to lose 20 lbs before my cruise which I just returned from, last week . I started this program early April - think it was April 5th, my Mom's birthday. Anyway, I didn't change anything I was currently doing. And for some reason, with the help of the cd, my eating habits changed a "LOT". I can't tell you exactly when the change happened, it just did. I DID lose 18 lbs by d-day, and still want to lose another 12 lbs to reach my goal, and I think now I can do it. I do work out with weights 3 times a week (20 minutes total and no more), and I walk my dog every day about a mile to a mile and half (total). That's it. Not sure why this program worked for me, but it did, and I'm soooo very happy. I've tried every diet out there including diet pills, which only gave me migrains. A friend of mine told me about Paul McKenna's program and I thought I would give it a chance since nothing else seemed to work. Apparently I needed my BRAIN to change LOL!! Hope this gives some new insight to this system. Just as an FYI, I downloaded the CD that came with my book, to my I-POD which made it soooo much easier to listen to on a daily basis. Thanks for listening ladies. Good luck with your weight loss goals. Hugs....
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I was told about the book by a lady in my kickboxing class and she dropped 75lbs with the book. She ordered the DVD's and listen to the CD every night, so I bought the book and read it. It does make sense and I find myself thinking about the image I want all the time. I also put the CD on my ipod and I listen to it every night. I have lost about 13lbs now and I think the book/CD has had something to do with it and I have really slowed down my eating which he explains.
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Weightloss is 100% mental for me

I do have the cd somewhere: I did use it once before and found it very relaxing and de-stressing. Also, some of his principles about always leaving a bit on your plate, I found very helpful too. Think I'll dig the cd out again.

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I've heard of him, and I know someone who sees a therapist who does the Meridian points like he does. She's had good success with that. In fact, I'm seeing that same person Sunday for weight loss hypnosis.
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