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Default Wii Fit...

I'm not sure if this is exactly where I post this kind of topic....
Anyways i'm thinking about buying a wii fit. I understand that just this alone will not make me lose weight but i'm curious if anyone has had good results with it? Being someone who is completely inactive I was wondering if this is worth buying? Thanks
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I have a wii fit. Right now (since it's winter in Minnesota outside and since I'm not quite ready for a gym yet), this is how I do most of my exercise. I've found it to be a really good way to start getting active and start slowly building up my fitness level. You'll find you'll like some of the activities better than others (some of the yoga poses, for example, are way too advanced for me right now!) but it's fun to experiement with it.

It's also a good way to track your weight/bmi and see your progress on a graph. The wii fit plus (newest version) tells you how many (esitmated) calories you've burned after each activity.

I do wii fit about 40 minutes a day, 5-6 days a week (usually a combo of yoga, aerobics and strength training activities). I don't know how much of a factor it's been in my weight loss (I've lost about 17 pounds since January 5th), but this along with my calorie counting plan must be doing something!

To be honest, I'm very much looking forward to nicer weather when I can get outside and do something different, but there's been enough variety for me to have stuck with it so far. I think I would have burned out by now if I had only had my elliptical machine to work with for the past 5+ weeks.

In my opinion, it was worth it for me. MUCH better than doing nothing!!

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If you search for WiiFit, you'll find many threads already on this topic.

I've hardly used my WiiFit... I feel like it's too time consuming to wait between the exercises and I don't feel like I'm challenging myself enough. Sure, it's fun, but it takes 45 minutes to do only 30 minutes of actual movement. Don't rely on just the Wii in my opinion but I also agree that it's better than doing nothing. Good luck though!!

And btw, NorthernExposure -- I'm from MN too, and I CAN'T WAIT to get outside to nicer weather!!!
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Do a few searches and there is some great info.

I own Wii Fit and EA Sports Active: More Workouts.

Wii Fit is a good transition for someone with basically 0 fitness. For someone who has been working out for even a month or so, most of the activities don't get your heart going enough to substitute for a workout.

So I think the Wii Fit fits into the space as a transition to a more normal workout, and also as a supplement to a real workout it is fun and a better thing to do than watch TV for an hour.

If you want a Wii game that gets you going more I love EA sports Active: More Workouts
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I've had mine for 11 or 12 days now and I'm having a ball with it. You can program your workout in the plus, so there's no wait time between exercises. I do wish I could save more than one program, but it's quick and easy to program my line up for the next day when I'm drinking my water and walking in place to cool down. I do the island run twice, once before and once after a 28 min strength routine one day and the island run twice and a yoga/balance games routine on alternate days.

Right now, because it's brand new and I'm still excited, I also spend a lot of time playing the other games and trying things out, so I'm spending a lot more time on it than I'd be spending on my treadmill. (FWIW, I'm 52, but pretty active. I walk/treadmill regularly and have been getting out on my snowshoes or cross country skis as often as possible this winter.)

I love to be outdoors in nice weather so I'm not sure how much I'll use my wii fit plus once spring/summer gets here but winter will be back soon enough. lol Anyway, I'm loving mine and I have no trouble breaking a sweat while using it.
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My mom has one and I've been able to use it at her house, but decided from the first time I tried it it wasn't something I'd spend the money on to add to our wii. I had FUN with it, but I didn't feel like I was getting a workout at all. I think largely, it's going to depend on both your fitness level and how much you like to push yourself. For someone with no fitness whatsoever, it would probably work for a while -- or for someone who is moderately fit but doesn't like to push the envelope. I like the sweat to pour when I'm working out so I found it just isn't for me.
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For the price... I'd go with EA Sports Active any day! (I own both.) Active gives a really good workout, but also makes it fun to do. I hate exercising... but I don't have to FORCE myself to play! I actually look forward to it!

If WiiFit wasn't $100, I'd say go for it, but because it IS so pricey, I highly recommend getting EA Sports Active. (I haven't tried it's predecessor, EA Sports Active: More Workouts, but I've heard good things, so you should shoot for that one!)
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I think it's a great way for someone currently inactive to ease into a routine. That was my case too - I expect that at some point, I will want something more challenging but the balance board (the expensive part of it) can be used for other games, so it's not that you won't get to use it any more.

And it's fun - even when I've moved on to other, more intense activities for work out purposes, I expect to continue playing lots of the Wii Fit games just because I enjoy them.

Also, one thing I really love is that you can do a free run (although you can still walk in place or around your living room, you don't have to actually RUN) or you can do a free step program (using the balance board) and you can turn the tv to another channel while the program keeps track of your steps. So you can watch regular tv while still getting in a work out. I did 3000+ steps in 30 minutes while watching the Olympics last night!
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I do more of a "workout" in the morning. But I like to play around with the Wii Fit at night to give me a little something more to do. It beats just watching tv all night. Plus it gets my kids active too. So sometimes I don't get much time on it. Between switching off with them. It can be a lot of family fun.
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When I first started exercising I used my Wii Fit and I found it very motivativng. It was fun and it provided me with a good workout at the time. I enjoyed charting my weight loss too. My only caveats with Wii Fit is that over time it became too easy and admittedly a little boring. It just doesn't have enough variation in my opinion. So I then bought EA Active which is also fun and definitely a step up from Wii Fit in both intensity of the workouts and variety. I still find it challenging. I really prefer working out outdoors, but on cold rainy days I enjoy using my EA Active. Wii Fit I will still sometimes play but more for fun ( especially the balance games and yoga) than for a planned workout.
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