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Does it Work? Unsure if the latest product or service lives up to it's claims? From popular products to the latest scams, discuss it here before you buy!

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I actually have these shoes they were a great starting point and made my calfs. Burn ...but do not rely on these for your main source of excerise.. I would walk in mine every day until I was ready to go to the gym .... So now they sit there collecting dust ...

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I ordered a pair off of the web in pink about 4'ish months ago. Glad I read the reviews that mentioned to order them 1/2 to a full size bigger, it was the truth. I have worn them twice recently on a couple neighborhood walks. At first, they felt weird-funky wobbly because of the poofy-curve on the bottom and I felt like I was walking with a buzz as I got used to them. Overall, comfy and I like them.
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I have not worn them personally but several of my co workers have them and love them, we are Rns and are on our feet 10 hours a day.

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my other half is talking about these and im dubious. the idea of a shoe is to support and cushion your foot. if as it descrived earlier these make you walk inefficiently then isn't there the possibility of long term damage to the muscular skeletal make up of the lower body?

Has anyone used them for more than 3 months and if so have you noticed any problems with them? calf pain? shin splints? tightness or hamstrings/lack of flexability etc i'd love to hear about it.
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I love my shape ups. I have 2 pairs. No pains but they do correct your posture when you walk.

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Walmart has sneakers similar to this for $20. Very curvy.

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Default Avia-motion at costco

I went to costco yesterday and they were selling the avia-motion at $49.,they had them in two colors. I am from Canada, so I am not sure if they sell the same items in the US, but at that price you might feel less hesitant in trying these shoes.
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Default Love them!!

I was skeptical at first about getting my Shape up sneakers...but they are awesome!!! The first couple walks i could really feel it in my shins and it hurt....but man they make you work and its a total body work out!! There are also different exercises you can do while your walking to work different areas of your bod....I have only had them a week, but can see a noticeable difference!! LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!!!
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I own a pair of these things and love them... but they do come with some bad things too.

*They are super comfortable. Even if I didn't get any sort of "weight loss" with them, they are great if you are on your feet all day.
*They really do work your legs. Now, I'm not saying that they give the exact same workout as going to the gym, but you do feel a nice little tingly sensation, especially for the first month that you own them.
*They give you an extra 2-3 inches in height, a great thing if you're short like me!

*I work in a junior high school, and I have more than once been told by my "fashion savvy" girls that they look like old people shoes. Now I guess the reason the girls say this is because the sole is so thick and they would resemble special orthopedic shoes.
*They give you charlie horses in the first few days of getting them! I went through one or two bouts of that because I worked my calf so differently than I was used to.
*If you aren't careful, you can very easily lose your balance, especially when getting up from sitting (and yes, my kids enjoyed watching this too! ).

Would I buy them again? In a heartbeat.

I am a firm believer that your shouldn't buy this product to "lose weight" because I really don't think you will with these. They are, however, the most comfortable pair of sneakers I have ever owned. I may check out the dress shoes that they have eventually too if they ever come down in price!

Hope this helps!

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Wanted to update everyone on these shoes. It seems they are SOOO popular that everyone is making them now. We have the Curves from Avon then the Danskins at Walmart,Dr Scholls and many others are now on the market. I still LOVE my Therashoes they are going strong and I am a major walker 8 to 10 miles per day recently had to cut back to 5 but boy are my shoes holding up.These are still the most comfortable shoes I have EVER worn. I think it has to do with the design as the Danskins and Therashoes are equal in comfort to me. One note of caution these are NOT jogging shoes. I have seen people running in these. It's too easy to twist your ankle that way. Also for all you shorties out there like me these make us 3 inches taller and that means the pants that we are forever tripping over will now fit better VBG.
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As a person just getting out of 60 days in a cast from a fall that shattered my arm and required two surgeries, it is my opinion that manufacturers who deliberately create and market unstable footwear are asking for major lawsuits ... totally my opinion but it is crazy.
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You know I have wondered the about the same thing. As a matter of fact genius me was standing on top of something and almost fell over backwards yikes.
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Yeah, and what about those crazy things with two wheels and pedals?! And sometimes they even put motors on them! Talk about unstable
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just wanted to comment on the sketchers shoes. i don't know about fitness but i work in a factory sewing standing up and the others i work with swear by them. there feet kill them with any other shoes but they say if you just try them on you will buy them.
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FYI, Therashoes are on sale at Kmart for $20 until June 5, 2010. Also, a Buy One, Get One 1/2 Off is in effect. That's two pairs for $30!
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