• Any thoughts on CLA? My understanding is its not meant to help you lose weight it just assits your body in distributing weight? On the bottle is says " maintaining a healthy body composition" any one have any insight?? I could search the net but I dont really know of any reliable sources.
  • Previous studies have shown that it can help to keep fat off, but doesn't help to lose it, though one study showed an increase of 0.8 lb per month. However, recent studies have shown potentially serious side effects. Every one I know that was taking it has stopped.

    According to an article in the NY Times
    Researchers have found that it can increase blood levels of C-reactive protein, lipoprotein and leptin — all of which can heighten the risk of heart disease. There is also some evidence that taking C.L.A. daily increases insulin resistance, a sign of impending Type 2 diabetes.
  • eck.. thats not good hmm.. now that you mention it thats the reason why I wanted to use it because something about helping keep weight off, like it does something with your fat cells. Turns them off or something. I cant be sure. My memory is bad these days. Because you know how they say that once you have been heavy you really have to watch it because fat cells only shrink, they dont go away, and they have memory or something along those lines.