another crazy diet pill advertised

  • Another crazy diet pill on the market.

    (I wasn't sure were to put this commment. I figure the mod's will move it if it's in the wrong area.)

    So I saw this add on tv the other day-eat all you want and still lose weight. I went to the website just to see if they had an ingredient list or anything-they don't. Just a pretty, very thin woman in a skimpy bathing suit...with the words..."we couldn't say it in print if it wasn't true"

    And the fine print says "Note: While the published clinical trial using the active Akävar-20/50 compound resulted in significant weight loss WITHOUT diet and exercise, adding a sensible diet and exercise program to your weight-loss regimen should only enhance Akävar-20/50’s incredible weight-loss power."

    They don't mention what journal the data was published in, where the clinical trials were performed or how many people in the trial. And people are probably flocking to buy this product because it sounds easy. It's only $39.99 a bottle. I wonder how many bottles they've sold?

    Sarah in MD
  • The lovely woman stretched out full length in her bikini with a red backdrop, has been telling everyone that reads TV Guide about Akavar for 3 weeks......geeze, I prefer the medifast ads......
  • This is the same one advertised on TV with the insane line "we couldn't say it on TV if it wasn't true." I have to wonder who is buying their product . . .
  • I wonder who actually believes that line "we couldn't say it if it wasn't true" ? Well, I hate to admit this but my dm is one who believes everything written or on television. At least I've convinced her to check with me before she buys anything online or from the TV. If it's available at Walmart she still probably buy it...because "Walmart wouldn't sell anything bad."

    Sarah in MD
  • whew, thanks for the laugh this morning!

    It says on their website that their sample was 24 people - so scientific!

    Also, if you scroll through a few pages they invite you to stop by their corportate office in salt lake city if you are ever in town and see what they are working on for the future!

    yippee! I wonder if they have oompah-loompahs making and packing up their diet pills and singing little songs?

  • well I have to say, that I saw an ad for akavar on the net, and I'm one of those types to research, and I found on diet neutral sites, such as yahoo answers, opinions on google, business journals, etc that people are having success with it. So I went out and bought a bottle and have been taking it for a couple of days. I've lost 4 pounds in those 2 days, so until that stops I'm going to keep taking it, cause it's working for me. Which is very different from other pills and fads I've tried. I've continued to lose weight, just got caught up in moving so I haven't updated anything yet here, but it's faster now. Basically how it works is, it makes you not hungry. I don't feel jittery or out of sorts either, I just take two pills a few minutes before a meal (about 30 to an hour, even though the bottle says 15 minutes) and it works. If anyone here would like me to, I can continue to keep you updated on how it's going. Thanks!!!!
  • This pill is loaded with caffeine. This is the latest thing. I have to be careful as if I drink too much diet coke pepsi tea etc I get the shakes really bad.It has caffine listed on the label several different ways.
  • I'd also be careful of opinions posted on the internet of people you don't already know. There is a lot of viral marketing out there where people pretend they are normal people but instead they are paid to say that such and such works.

    I agree that it is just a super caffeine pill and really nothing different than any other pill. Personally, I think I do a lot better when I'm completely off caffeine.
  • well as they say, what works for one might not work for the other. I know I got really shaky when I tried metabolife and similar products, and I did notice the caffeine but it doesn't make me shake or anything. Except for the fullness I really don't notice anything else. Ah well I will continue to keep posted on my progress