Worth trying package from TV

  • Hi all!
    I really wanted to know is there any fitness program shown on TV worth trying? I really liked the approach in fluidity..but some are too much mysterious like shapely secrets. Anyone tried anything and found it worthwhile?

  • Check and see if you have "Exercise on Demand", we have it as part of digital cable. If you do, there are loads of different workouts you can try. Even some of the "turbo" series, ours has Turbo Abs and Turbo sculpt this month.
  • Thats a good question??? i was looking into that too... sorry I can't help you...
  • Infomercial products are almost always gimmicky and probably not what they promise. I can't think of one that I'd personally recommend. I like mothermavis's suggestion of finding exercise programs on tv that you can follow along with at no cost. If you really like a particular instructor, you could purchase a DVD. As far as equipment goes, you really don't need a gizmo, and they probably can't do anything more than a stability ball and a set of inexpensive dumb bells. Check out our exercise forum for some great ideas