Any one try BYETTA for weight loss????

  • Hey,
    So i heard that you can also take byetta to help with weight loss???? Any thoughts on that?
  • how will you get a doctor to prescribe it for you?

    my dad takes it for his diabetes so he does not have to take insulin.
  • I took it for pcos and insulin resistance. It works WONDERS for reducing appetite. I lost my good insurance plan and i cant afford it without the medicine insurance plan ($250 a month retail for the med...OUCH). I am having to go without it. But i miss it. It was GREAT to just give me no interest in food whatsoever. I had really reduced cravings too. I dont know if you can get it for just weight loss yet, although i think they are trying to get it approved for that. I guess it depends on your doc. I am supposed to go on Metformin for the pcos/insulin resistance next month and it is supposed to curb appetite as well, i sure hope it works as well as byetta.
    The only thing to watch out for with byetta is that it makes A LOT of folks really sick, nauseated and vomiting sick. So be sure not to over eat if you take it. It was kind of annoying to have to take two injections a day too. The first injection was fine, i was at home and took it before breakfast. For the second dose, i was not always home, so that was tough, its not like a little pill bottle you can throw in your purse, it is kind of involved. But over all, i give it a thumbs up for appetite suppression.
  • I'm taking it for my insulin resistance and it helped my appetite at first but I'm starting to seem to be getting used to it. I had to get samples from the Dr. because my insurance only covers for diabetic not insulin resistance.
    I don't think a Dr. would prescribe it without being diabetic or insulin resistant.
  • A friend of mine just returned from a vacation in Paris. Her husband takes Byetta, and over there they have it in pill form. He looked into getting some...but it was too expensive. They only use it for weight loss there. He is thin, so the pharmacist was curious as to why he was taking it, and was surprised to hear it is used for blood sugar control here.

    I use it for diabetes. It does wonders for my blood glucose levels, but the weight loss stopped after the first month. There is a bit of appetite control still, but if I were not using it for the bg control, I sure would not spend the money on it for weight loss.