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Sassy_Chick 06-10-2007 10:34 PM

Kimkins plan?
I read about this in the June 12, 07 Women's World. Anybody ever heard of this? It says it is supposed to be "Better than Gastric Bypass"?

I read the article and I dunno. It is like Atkins in overdrive. Basically you limit yourself to only to 20 grams of carbs, the same induction as Atkins, only she says to not eat "the high calorie, low carb foods, like oil, nuts and fatty meats" and she says to not even eat anything with sugar alcohols in it. She says the sugar alcohols slow down weight loss?

She says she lost 200 lbs in only 11 months? and that on average most people will lost about 16 pounds a WEEK? Is this healthy to lose so fast??????? I know that people who have had Gastric Bypass lose quickly too, but they are closely monitored by a dr and also I think have to be on supplements and vitamins too??

I dunno about this one. She has a website too: www.*******.com

Please let me know what you all think??



Suzanne 3FC 06-10-2007 11:25 PM

There was a thread in our low carb forum about this recently. I found some old posts by kim on the net from when she was starting out with her plan. Basically it's the same thing as the original Atkins induction, before the Atkins company and everyone else under the sun starting marketing low carb candy and other processed foods. If you are interested, just go by Atkins and eat real food, choose leaner protein sources, and no junk.

I hope that helps :)

2muchbackend 06-11-2007 07:55 PM

It's also very low calorie the way she did it she only ate about 500 cals a day the one in Women's world is more calories I looked at her fitday and it was really low.

bargoo 06-11-2007 08:24 PM

Isn't ******* just an Atkins wannabe?

Mel 06-11-2007 09:00 PM

Or it sounds like the SouthBeach Phase One, forever. 20 grams of carbs is really low- even just salad and fibrous vegies will get you close to or above that. I've done days that low, but I've gotten pretty spacey by the end of the day.


Sassy_Chick 06-12-2007 04:30 AM

TY all for your advice. I figured as much, but just wanted to put it out there since it was in a magazine. I am tempted to take it to my dr and show him, just to see his reaction. I'm sure he would not like it. I think its like Mel said its like being on phase one forever and that just isn't healthy.


betsysunqueen 06-12-2007 07:37 AM

On South Beach P1 you can have nuts and oils . . . and you don't have to worry about carbs from vegetables (unless the veggie is a potato).

Suzanne 3FC 06-12-2007 11:05 AM


Originally Posted by Sassy_Chick (Post 1729327)
TY all for your advice. I figured as much, but just wanted to put it out there since it was in a magazine.

The magazine that it was in has a horrible reputation regarding diet advice. They email us frequently to ask what's the latest craziest diet fad we've heard about. They grab anything crazy they find on the net and publish it as the latest diet miracle. Some of their advice has been quite frightening and potentially dangerous.

Unfortunately, too many people get that sense of confidence for the same reason you did - because it was in a magazine. My own mother used to call me all the time with "tips" she found in that magazine, and I had to have a long talk with her :lol:

One of our moderators was interviewed by them (or their sister magazine, First) a few years ago. She described her dedicated plan of a strict calorie controlled diet and exercise program. She put a lot of work into her new body. They totally rewrote it, left out what she really did, and titled it "She lost xx pounds eating cookies!"

Sassy_Chick 06-12-2007 11:32 PM

Oh I figured as much, but guess as desperate as I am to lose weight I "Fell" for it when I read the cover. I guess "live and learn" as they say.

Amazing what they do to sell their magazine. Question though:

Has 3FC ever considered having a magazine? I think it would be a hit for sure! It would be great to have a legitimate health and fitness magazine with GOOD weightloss advice and support!!

Only a thought. ;)


TurboLeda 06-19-2007 08:31 PM

only 500 cals a day?? seems EXTREMELY dangerous for your body!!!


Originally Posted by 2muchbackend (Post 1728922)
It's also very low calorie the way she did it she only ate about 500 cals a day the one in Women's world is more calories I looked at her fitday and it was really low.

RitzyFritz 06-21-2007 06:50 AM

I am so glad to find the above comments! My mom mentioned ******* to me yesterday (I had never heard of it before) and so I went to her web site. I am TOTALLY skeptical of *******, as I have never ever been a fan of Atkins. I, too, felt like it was just a revision of Atkins but I knew right where to come - 3FC!! I just don't see ******* or Atkins as healthy at all. In fact, there was an Atkins craze that went through our church a few years ago. Sure, they were dropping the pounds, but 3 years after the fact, all of them have totally abandoned the unreasonable plan, and one lady even lost a LOT of hair. BTW, they have ALL regained the weight lost and then some. I know any plan requires maintenance; however, if it cannot be done for a lifetime, then why invest time, money, and energy in a plan that you will eventually walk away from - usually worse than when you started it?

Thanks for the above input. It helped confirm my suspicions.

Have a blessed day! :)

JerseyGyrl 06-21-2007 08:28 AM

Unfortunately, plans like "*******" give Atkins a bad name. People associate the 2 and just assume they are identical. They are NOT!! I have been on Atkins over 3 years now and have lost over 100 lbs. I eat healthy foods everyday...plenty of veggies & salads...chicken, fish, healthy fats, nuts, low carb/low sugar yogurt...I've eliminated sugar & caffeine...I drink plenty of water everyday. For me, Atkins is a lifetime plan, if it weren't, I would never have put the effort into it to begin with. Successful, permanant weight loss requires changing your eating habits for the rest of your life...I've done that and will continue to do so:carrot:

RitzyFritz 06-21-2007 08:33 AM

Kim: I truly am happy about your loss. I am always happy to hear about people being successful. I have just heard (and seen first hand) the "bad" and so haven't been a fan. However, that is not to say that it isn't for everyone. For sure, we all have to find out what works for US individually. I apologize if I seemed to come on too strong. That wasn't my intent.

I wish you continued success! :hug: We are all in this together, no matter which path we choose for ourselves.

Have a blessed day!

JerseyGyrl 06-22-2007 11:35 AM

:)Awwww, thank you RitzyFritz...no offense taken:hug: Its just that Atkins often gets a bad rap because people have the misconception it is all about eating pounds of meat, bacon & butter all day long and that is NOT what Atkins is all about. Most people don't realize that the Induction phase of Atkins, which is 20 carbs per day, means 12-15 of those 20 carbs are to be coming from veggies & salads.

As far as people gaining all the weight back because they "totally abandoned the unreasonable plan"....First, let me say when a person loses weight on ANY plan & then abandons that plan and goes back to their old ways...it ultimately fails. That being said, I do not view Atkins as being an "unreasonable plan". I've learned to eliminate bad carbs, sugar & caffeine from my daily diet, in the process, I've lost over 100 lbs and today I am a much happier, healthier person. For me, this is a lifetime lifestyle:)

Its all about finding what works for you long term. Continued success to you!!

nelie 06-22-2007 12:04 PM

I agree wholeheartedly that once you lose the weight, you need to figure out how to maintain it.

My weight loss hasn't been by following one single plan, it has been by evolving my eating habits as I go. Right now, I'm restricted my carbs somewhat, eating low fat, watching my portions, eating plenty of veggies, etc.

Once I get to goal, I don't envision completely eating how I'm eating now but I do imagine it will not too far off. Limited sugars, limited fat, portion control, whole foods, etc. I'm pretty strict with myself right now though. No bread at all and I really love bread. Even when I wasn't limiting my carbs though, I still only ate bread a couple times per week at most.

Anyway, my point really is that you can follow a plan and get to your goal but unless you have a plan to follow once you get there, you can and most likely will gain the weight back. You could follow atkins, get to goal and then switch to some other plan that would help you maintain that weight loss. It really isn't the plans fault for your weight gain but rather the return of the former eating habits is to blame for the weight gain.

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