Alli? Thoughts on the only "FDA approved" weight loss product

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  • I have been eating somewhat right for about a year and half. Exercising 5 times a week. I am off for the summer and might give this a try. I wish their were more reveiws on it.
  • For those of you that did pick it up and try it PLEASE POST UP im "very" curious to see if the side effects are as bad as i think?
    Thanks Michelle
  • alright, Im on day far nothing other than having to go extra. 3x instead of just once in the morning. But nothing out of the ordinary in all other aspects ....its hard describing that tactfully

    I also take a fibre supplement...maybe this has something to do about it. I'll post if anything else happens in the next couple days.

    Something else I noticed today.....I wasnt hungry. Anyone else experience this?
  • I picked it up today at costcos. I am glad I did not get it at CVS, it was a lot cheaper. I will start tomorrow and try to keep everyone posted.
  • Amy and everyone, thanks for the info. I don't know if I should invest the money in this as I have about ten or so pounds to lose. May just stick with a healthy diet (I'm doing the Best Life Diet) and more exercise as I already have some stomach problems and don't need any more! I went to CVS and they just had the book displayed. The news said a lot of stores were sold out already. I think I'll wait for more input on actual people before I buy if I ever do.
  • I bought a 90 pill starter pack on Thursday and haven't noticed any side effects yet. Since I have been eating a low fat diet for the past month and working out pretty much every day this seemed like a good addition to my plan. It takes about 48 hours for any side effect to show up so this weekend should tell me if there will be any "treatment effects". I'll let you guys know!
  • I started it... thoughts
    I started the diet a week ago when the books came out, then started the pills yesterday. I was TERRIFIED of gaining weight because the diet is 400-600 cals/day more that I got on LA weightloss. I have pleateaued there for over a month now.. they keep taking away more and more food, and it seems that my body went into starvation mode. So I started this higher calorie diet... stayed the same all week long, then I took the pills and lost a poundfor the 1st time in over a MONTH!

    The thing with the side effects is that is why it works... you will avoid those high fat meals in order to avoid the side effects. It is pretty simple. It is like when you are a child and you learn not to touch the stove because it is hot. I think it retrains you to think differently about food.

    Just my experience .. who knows what I will say in a week!



    Alli, claiming to be the "only FDA approved over-the-counter weight loss product" will be up for grabs on June 15th. There are already people pre-ordering on Amazon and Walgreens online.

    Any thoughts on this? I'm not even sure what is IN it, the website doesn't seem to make it clear... at least it emphasizes that it is only beneficial when combined with exercise and healthy eating choices.

  • Well day 3 complete.

    It doesnt take 48 hrs for effects to show up. It took by my 3rd pill to start showing signs.

    My best description......if you take a fish oil supplement, and maybe take 2 or 3 caplets, and take a fibre supplement......thats about how it feels.

    Like everything is lubed right up and slides right out But not uncontrollable (so far) I also tend to get a bit gassy right before...which isnt normal for me. So I take it as a warning....another bm is on the way and fairly soon.

    Has anyone else noticed a difference in their hunger? Ive never ever eaten low fat, and not been hungry all the time. I actually had to force myself to eat lunch today. (it was 3pm....I hadnt been hungry at all)

    Thats about it.
  • started 2 days ago
    ok i started the pills 2 days ago but i really haven"t noticed anything bad yet ,i also have noticed that i don't seem as hungry ,it could all be in our mind or maybe there is something to control your hunger in the pills , guess we will find out soon huh . I lost alot of weight a few years back on low fat diet ,{ABOUT 6O LBS)but I have regained most of it due to going back to my old habits so i am hoping this will give me a nuge to get back on the right track , good luck to you all i know we all need it lol especially me !!!!!
  • I went to walgreens today they had all size packs the 120 pill pack was only 69 dollars. I wont waste my money on the starter pack I know how it works and dont want to pay extra money to get some help online. This is way cheaper then xenical a 30 day supply of that is 100 dollars a month and ya gotta pay to see the doctor and time etc. I know its not as strong as xenical but worth being able to just go to the corner store when ya run out and ya dont have to prove your fat like my doctor she didnt even want to give it to me cause I was just on the borderline back then. Also one more thing I know it says only take if overweight but im gonna take it when im at my goal to maintain my weight!
  • Quote: ,i also have noticed that i don't seem as hungry ,it could all be in our mind or maybe there is something to control your hunger in the pills , guess we will find out soon huh .
    thats what I keep wondering, is it all in my head? Or is there really something in the pills to help with the hunger. Im glad to hear Im not the only one
  • I am on day 3 of being on Alli. I have been also doing the Jenny Craig program and am on the third day of that too. I haven't noticed any side effects at all really except for a little tummy gurggling last So far so good! I will keep posting! Good luck all!


  • I'm Giving it a Try
    I started Alli today and don't have anything to report yet. But I will keep everyone posted - the good and the bad (if there is any). It sounds like most people on his post so far are doing OK with this.
  • I am on my second day of Alli... I haven't had any real effects other than some gargling in my stomach. But I am being obsessive compulsive about writing down everything that I eat. My lunch was really close to breakfast this morning... I was a little bit concerned because combined they are 25 grams of fat... but so far so good.

    Nothing unusual to report. But someone said it takes three days for the "treatment affects" to kick in. So I will reserve judgement until then!

    Three of us at work went in on a 150 pack from costco. It was $66 for 150 pills... pretty affordable. So I have 50 pills to decide if I am going to go this route or not.

    Good Luck!
  • ....still not hungry, and Im one week before my cycle. So WOW! Is it still in my head??? Oh, who knows

    Ive noticed a headache since I started Alli. Not bad, and not bad enough to take anything, but just an irritation. I had orginally thought it was caused from the cortislim I was taking and then stopped once I started Alli. But its been a bit too long now for that.

    This past week (being the second week of my diet) but only 4 days on Alli, I had lost 9lbs. I guess I'll better be able to judge next week after a full week, and 3 weeks on eating plan.

    But its 9lbs gone one week before my cycle.....which is usually a water logged week!!! So Im very pleased so far.