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My boyfriend has the Proactiv set and he never really had bad acne, just some here and there and his face is completely cleared up. It's great stuff!
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I have used Proactiv for over 5 years now (non stop) and don't know how I lived without it. It is not for everyone - It uses Benzoyl Peroxide and Glycolic acid which are more antibacterial. Murad (which my husband uses) is more salycilic acid which is more for exfoliating and some antibacterial characteristics.

They say each box lasts a month but it takes me much longer to go through it. The only thing I use a lot of is the clenser (and that is mainly due to the fact my husband will get lazy and use it instead of getting more of his Murad). You can always get the shipments spaced out further or stopped at any time to catch up or try other things. The people at the 1800 number ar so nice and keep up with what you have tried and will suggest things to you and send you a product for free to try. I am trying the night cream with retinol now. I am lucky enough to have pimples and wrinkles.

Try it...It is worth it for the toner alone. Only 3 quick steps. Just be careful around your eyelids. They will get really dry if you get any of the products on them.

My husband did Accutane and is still suffering from major side affects (vision, headaches, joint aches, hair loss, redness). I did antibiotics and got yeast infections every time. Also that can't be good for you!


And compared to a lot of nice products they are cheap. Yes compared to Sea Breeze that uses Alcohol (BAD BAD BAD) they are pricey. But use the right amount (quarter size for the clenser-quick squeeze of the toner on a cotton disk (not a cotton ball) and a pea size amount of the lotion it lasts a long time.

I suggested it to a friend before her wedding and she looked amazing in lest than 6 weeks. Like a china Doll.

If it doesn't work....Switch to the Murad system. Usually if one doesn't work the other will.
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ProActiv irritated my skin I thought maybe it was just for people who actually had acne (as opposed to a spot that emerges here and there), but then I saw it worked for some people whose faces weren't red acne balloons to begin with and I decided my skin was just... special.

My skin is very sensitive. It is usually also very clear, but when Aunt Flo comes to visit, she storms in with acne every time.

I've tried several topical acne medications in hopes to treat breakouts (sometimes being outdoors in the humid Florida summer also makes me break out) and they have all irritated my skin immensely.

Is there anything out there that won't make my skin dry, scratchy, and red but will also get rid of blemishes?

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I used Proactiv several years ago and while the results were good, the price was too high for me at the time. A couple of months ago I picked up a drugstore brand called AcneFree and it works just as well for me, and it's always on sale for less than $20, and has lasted at least 3 months.
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I wish the Acne Free brand worked for me...I tried that, and Natures Cure brands-and they both tore up my skin-worse breakouts, drying, etc.

I have to have the real stuff...
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I found Proactiv WAY to harsh. I have sensitive skin that tends toward dryness.

I've been using the DHC olive oil cleansing products and I've had great luck. The soap doesn't make your face feel tight and the moisturizer feels like an extravagant luxury.

When I know it's gonna get ugly, I use an Aveda product called "Balancing Infusion" that contains both salicylic acid and moisturizing essential oils. It's a little more expensive but that little bottle lasts forever because 2-3 drops are enough for your whole face. It spares me that nasty dry patch around the break-out that takes longer to heal than the actual acne.
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I love Proactiv! Nothing like being almost 40 and still getting acne! I have been using it for a couple years now, and almost never get a pimple anymore!

I have found that proactiv is not as harsh on my skin as the stuff in the drug stores. It does not dry out my skin or make it itchy. So, it's worth it to me. I am on the autoship, and you can alter the contents depending on what you need. Some shipments I get only toner, some I get 2 cleansers and a toner. The repairing lotion lasts forever for me, so I only get that a couple times a year.
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All the kids in my "family" from my own, to my nieces and nephew have used it with mixed results.....some very happy...some not.
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My son used it through his junior and senior years at school when he was so self conscious. It did wonders for his skin and for his self esteem
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I used it for a couple of years but then it seemed to decrease in effectiveness quite a bit, like I was building up a tolerance to it. I recently started using Philosophy's Acne kit and it seems to be helping slowly, but it's only been a week or so.
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It works, but so do most things with benzoyl peroxide!

I cant use the proactiv bp scrub because it's too irritating and I'm cheap.. so I made my own drug store version. Now, I use persagel BP gel for spot treatment and witch hazel for toner to soothe everything since BP is brutal on the skin. Same stuff... but only costs a couple bucks.
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I LOVE Proactiv the only thing is if I use it everyday it tends to dry my skin out. I only use it when I have a falir up and even then its every other day.
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I works great for my teenage brother, his dad had horrible acne as a teen and he seemed to inherit it, luckily this stuff helps a bunch for him. I'm in my early 20's and gave it a try (besides monthly hormones, I have stress related illness that makes acne pop up) and it ripped my face up. I simply have MUCH too dry skin. So I use just a basic cleanser in the shower. And since my brother doesn't use the mask stuff, he gives that to me so I can "spot treat" as needed. Seems to work well.
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I tried it for a couple of months and it worked okay, but I now use Dermalogica and haven't turned to anything since!
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