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  • I used it too and it worked for me... but the nutragena products seem to work just as well and are a lot cheaper
  • Quote: It does work however they did a report on the news that said that its an overpriced version of what you can find at the drugstore.
    Quote: My sister swears by proactiv so I decided to borrow it and see if it works on my skin. I don't really have many blemishes besides the occasional pms ones but I get dry skin during the winter months and decided if its gentle it should work well. Well was I wrong. It made my face break out and it was those painful pimples. I was so mad that something so commercialized made my skin worse. I haven't had acne that bad since I was in middle school. I normally use clean and clear and follow up with a moisturizer. That works just fine and I will continue to use that product.
    I have been a Proactiv user for almost a decade, and it changed my life!!! I had severe acne, and couldn't (wouldn't) go to the mailbox without heavy foundation and powder on. I went through a container of foundation and concealer a month. I didnt' swim, because my makeup would come off. I tried Clean & Clear, Neutrogena, Oxy, you name it. I went to the dermatologist, and tried prescription medications-NOTHING worked. The over the counter dried and burned my skin-as did the prescription medications.

    Proactiv was the only thing that worked. I tried the "drugstore" knockoffs of Proactiv-and they are absolutely not the same-even though they are marketed as "just like Proactiv" they dried my skin, too.

    As far as Proactiv making your skin worse-if you read the manuals that come with Proactiv, it says that in the first week or two you may experience MORE acne-as in, it gets worse before it gets better. This is because of the way that it is formulated. The 3 steps all do different things, because they go after the different reasons that people get acne.

    My face when I first started using it, broke out for a few days-basically it was like my skin was being "purged" of everything that was still under the surface all at once. After the first few days-there was a dramatic improvement. I now only wear foundation/base when I am performing. My skin is about perfect! Well worth the $20 a month I spend on it...because I was spending that in base/foundation to cover up my face, and on skincare that didn't work.
  • I didn't use the whole regime, just the cleanser normally, but I LOVED IT. I would love to be able to afford it again. It's the only thing that has ever really cleared me up.
  • It took a while, but my skin has never looked this good. I didnt however like the fact they charged my credit card without my permission though, but they send me alot of free stuff because of it.
  • I know that when I was younger, when I started using ProActiv my skin cleared up a lot, and my acne was pretty darn bad.. and I made it worse by picking at it (OCD thing, I pick at any scabs, blemishes, etc.). However, at around the same time, I started using BC pills which can cause your skin to clear up as well. So I really don't know what caused my skin to clear up. Now, however, I find that my skin responds best to a very gentle cleanser, like Aveeno (I use the skin brightening daily scrub), that's not even made for "skin clearing" or acne.. basically no medication in it. I don't know if my acne went away or if the less harsh products are better for me, so I guess I'm not a lot of help. I know that when I used the harsh products with high amounts of benzoyl peroxide (like Oxy pads), that my skin was way worse... dry, irritated, and just as pimpley.

    The information I can offer is that if you don't want to use all of the steps of the ProActiv system because you find that one doesn't work for you, you don't have to. I used only the cleanser and toner because the lotion made my skin too dry and itchy, and I was always running out of toner before everything else. My mom called them and asked if she could switch the lotion for another bottle of toner on the auto delivery we had, and they did it, no problem. Also, I only used it once a day when I would take a shower, so my mother and brother also use the same stuff because we had created a huge backlog of unused cleanser because it took me way longer than a month to finish it off. So if a couple of people in your family have acne, it might be possible to share a subscription, depending on how much you use and how often.

    Okay, I'm going to stop rambling now.

  • I've suffered from cystic acne (with some blackheads) for about 10 years, and I've taken Roaccutane (which, funnily enough, is Accutane in the States ) which worked beautifully. Years after that, the acne started to return so last December I ordered Pro Activ. I didn't even finish the first set!! My skin burned like crazy after using it, then it started peeling off, which I could've lived with had the acne actually cleared! Instead, I got larger, more infected cysts in places I never got them before (like my cheeks and forehead). To this day my pores are more congested than before, with comedones and blackheads where before there were none.

    By the way, I've used Revlon Colorstay foundation for more than a decade now, and strangers tell me I have beautiful skin. I stil have cysts, but they're very well hidden So if you're feeling self conscious it may be worth trying. I also love mineral powder. Awesome coverage with no talc or filler!
  • There is another line of skincare products called Dermalogica. Wow. That stuff is amazing. It's very pricey, I am a very frugal woman, but I received one of their products as a gift. I have since bought many more LOL.

    Another good product, from the drugstore, is a cleanser called SpectroJel. It doesn't have any sodium in it, which can irritate the skin. I use it all the time.
  • My DD's best friend has used it forever and swears by it, but my niece of the same age says it did nothing for her.
  • I just started using Loreal's Intensive Adult Acne Peel about a month ago and the results have been great. I went through most of my acne problems VERY young (we're talking 8 or 9) but I recently had a few flare ups that were getting on my last nerve. You use this system about 2-3 times per week and it has definitely worked for me. They also have a daily system for those with more chronic symptoms. It feels very spa-like and since its available at drug stores, its easy to find. I also like that it has helped my acne scars to heal/disappear much more quickly as well. My skin is very particular and I think its the best.

    Just another suggestions for those wanting to give something else a try!
  • This is kind of related.

    Have many people tried Accutane? I'm hoping to get my hands on it by September. Any input?
  • Hi RisskyBusiness,

    I went on Accutane (it's called Roaccutane here in Australia) several years ago and had fantastic results. The side effects include severe dryness and peeling of the face, but I didn't have that problem, aside from very chapped lips, nothing that a bit of Blistex couldn't help! Even my dermatologist said my results were remarkable. My skin cleared right up and calmed right down. Several years on though, my acne has flared up quite a bit. I'm looking at going back to the dermatologist. I wonder if he'll let me go back on the medication...
  • Diana-I am sorry this is off topic, but I am CRACKING UP at your avatar!!!

    "I said the 12 pack, not the 24 pack! You're just going to have to mix and match!"

    Okay...I'm done!
  • Thanks aphil! I had a really hard time finding something, but Napoleon Dynamite makes me so happy! Also, I have a tendency to imagine I'm floating in the ocean, and I'm surrounded by tiny seahorses...
  • I used Proactiv for one year with wonderful results---but suddenly one day it STOPPED working and my skin literally blew up with pimples! it was devastating! however, it's been 3 years and i randomly began using the Cleanser again (I found it in a cupboard) and it works again!!!
  • It does work well, I've had quite a few customers on it. But it is not for everyone. If you have dry skin you will find it too drying & if you have any form of rosacea you should stay away from it.
    If you really want to find something geared to your skin type exactly I always tell people to read "The Skin Type Solution" by Leslie Baumann