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Default Dry Brushing, Massage, Body Wraps?

I bought a dry brush made of vegetable bristles for around $5 + shipping and handling. I've been using it as in the morning before I shower. It takes about 1 minute, starting from the feet and upwards, moving in brushing strokes toward the heart. I've read in several different books and articles that dry brushing promotes lymph circulation and helps with the appearance of cellulite.

These are some benefits of dry skin brushing that I found on the Internet:

Benefits: The benefits of dry skin brushing include:

* tightens the skin and improves texture
* aids digestion
* helps removes cellulite
* stimulates circulation to the skin
* increases oxygenation
* increases cell renewal
* drains and cleanses the entire lymphatic system
* detoxifies the entire body
* removes dead skin layers
* strengthens the immune system
* improves exchange between cells
* reflexive stimulation of the glands
* stimulates dry skin oil production

I also plan on getting a 30 minute massage 2x a month. Again, I've read that it aids in lymphatic system circulation and releasing of toxins.

Benefits of massage, which I found off the Internet:

Release of toxic metabolic by-products from your muscle tissue into the system. Drinking plenty of water (one or two tall glasses) after a massage helps flush these waste products from your system; otherwise, they can re-accumulate causing soreness and stiffness.

I'm not sure about trying a body wrap.

Has anyone else tried these techniques and have you found them to be true to claims of promoting circulation of the lymphatic system?

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Dry brushing is excellent for exfoliation as well as improving the circulation of the skin. Any claims as to improving health, digestion or removing cellulite, I would be wary of believing.

I've seen some claims that a deep tissue massage can release toxins while other claims just indicate that it just helps relieve tension. Regular massage though I haven't seen the toxin release claim about.

Body wraps usually dehydrate the body of water and can seem to help someone lose weight quickly but it is water weight.

I think massages are great for releasing tension and helping you relax and dry brushing is great for exfoliating your skin but other than that, I wouldn't trust any other claims.
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This reminds me a bit of the myth where people think you can "sweat out toxins", when in reality, there is nothing secreted from your sweat glands except water and salt. Toxins are carried through your kidneys, not your skin.

Anyhoo, I'd take any excuse to get a massage twice a month! Even if it doesn't help cellulite, it will probably have a great effect on stress levels! I have friends that are massage therapists who do swear by the "lymphatic release" thing with the right type of massage, but I'm not really sold on it. I just like the way it feels

Oh, and I've been told that if you were having trouble just barely squeezing into a dress, let's say, and you had a big occasion to go to, that you could get a body-wrap that morning, and fit into it that night. However, the next day it's all back since it's just dehydrating you. Probably not the healthiest thing in the world, but I guess in a pinch it's like a chemical girdle.
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Instead of a body-wrap, you could get one of those *sauna-suits* made of heavy plastic and wear it while you exercise....I did this before going on a first date...(so he would think I was svelte) My waist TEMPORARILY shrunk about 3-4 inches.

Actually I've read that using the rebounder is good for your lymphatic system, but can't remember the details about it.
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I personally enjoy a massage every once in a while ~ I'm not sure about any health benefits, but I greatly relaxes my muscles & is an overall de-stressing experience.

I've seen body wraps demonstrated on the morning news, and I agree with marble - it's good for temporarily shrinking the body through dehydration & girdling it up. But I don't think it helps any for long-term weight/fat loss.
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