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  • hey littlebits. when if first started i had some trouble with my back being sore, but i think it was because of the second set of exercises where you pull your arms back. that made my back sore, but after a few more days, it was much better. and also, i realized that if i do these exercises right before bed, that i am more stiff in the morning than if i do them during the day. but it is working for me so far, so i'm gonna stick with it. they aren't really that hard to do for me, so i hope i've been putting my all into them. i am into my third week, and i will post my third-week results. best wishes to you!
  • here are my results afte one week:

    inches lost

    arm: .25
    waist:2 inches
    hips: 2 inches
    thighs: .25

    I hope everone else is doing well
  • I was going to read a book while doing the eliptical but the print was too small so I though I'd break out the SS DVD that I'd been saving for winter. I did the total body workout with the abodonda breathing. Boy am I whipped? Wonder what tomorrow will bring!!! I do body flex every day.
  • Yay it does work
    Okay I admit I thought this was a scam but after a week Ive lost 1 inch from every spot I measured!!!!!! I thought this wasnt working because I didnt get too tired like most of you posted and stopped after a week. Well I went out and tried on a pair of pants that well are too tight and guess what they fit comfy now! I am definitely sticking to it now and cant wait to loose more. also jump started my weightloss yay! I know i still got a lot to lose but this just made my week
  • ok week # 2 measurements

    Start today

    arm 13in 13in(gain?)
    thigh 27in 25.75
    waist 44in 41.25in
    hips 44in 41in

    that is 7inches lost. I keep forgetting to weigh myself, but if i am toning that works for me. though my waist fluctuates during the week the end results is what counts. I also didn,t workout twice this week. leaving for my cruise this weekend. don't fit into those pants i want but feel better.
  • You sound like me. My waist is my problem. I'm 58 and I had a woman ask me the other day if I was pg. UGH! But the exercise seems to be helping and we'll see how it goes after a few weeks. This is my first week. I only have the Abdonda dvds... 3 of them so no book or other advice. Does she give much other advice? She had and actual meal plan in her last bf deal. Anything like that with the SS package?
  • carol3639 there is no meal plan. just eat well drink lots of water.fiber is a good thing. try benefiber, it takes away the bloating(just found that out) and carol a compliment-you must look young enough to be pregnant!
    how are the abdonda dvds? if you are looking at ss, it works but the buy off of ebay. the company is bad. good luck working out
  • Littlebits, I have been faithful to do bodyflex and the 3 abdonda DVDs all week but I am so whipped when I finish. Will this ever get easier? The back arm extension and the but lift (squat) are the hardest for me. I feel better but this always happens when I first start something. Sure hope it works. Do you mean ebay is bad? I've used it a few times.
  • Well my SS just arrived in the post today. I just did my first am I tired! I am really excited about this and look forward to one weeks time!
    You are all doing so great I can't help but be motivated!
  • Hi, everyone!

    Was wondering if I could do the old Body Flex routine while breathing regular, as you guys have described Shapely secrets is.

    I wonder if that would work too?

    TIA - Kim
  • just got back from vacation. i had all intension on doing the exercises, but was so wiped out from the day that i couldn't. well i hope after i measure that it will be all good
  • Quote: Hi, everyone!

    Was wondering if I could do the old Body Flex routine while breathing regular, as you guys have described Shapely secrets is.

    I wonder if that would work too?

    TIA - Kim
    I think the key to bodyflex IS the breathing. Its what elevates the heart rate and utilizes more oxygen.
  • This is my first post here but I felt that you should know. I did try the Shapely Secrets for two weeks with no results. However, that is not why I am posting. I just wanted to warn anyone who is trying to return the SS for the 30 day money back guarantee to be very careful. They start their "30 days" immediately upon their shipment of the product to you - mine took 1 1/2 weeks to get to my home (and was shipped out July 16). I used it for 2 weeks and then sent it back. When I received no refund to my credit card from them, I called customer service where they told me that they had received my package and request for refund on August 25th. Luckily I had sent it with postal delivery confirmation and had looked up the exact date they had received the package - which was August 15th, exactly 30 days after they had shipped the SS to me. They have refunded my credit card at the time of this writing. I would suggest that IF you return the item, make sure it is send delivery confirmation through the post office and also know that they count the money back guarantee time from the day the package is supposedly sent out.
  • The skinny on Shapely Secrets
    Hello all,
    I read the posts that were here regarding Shapely Secrets before I ordered it. It seemed no one had really tried it at the time -- so I bought it. I had also ordered Greer Childers' Gymbar -- which I liked pretty well for toning my arms especially. HOWEVER, I must say, Shapely Secrets is not only a "waist" of money -- but a real joke. On the Shapely Secrets website people talked about how their abs burned after one workout --- well let me just say --- NO WAY! One of the arm movements --- maybe a little, but as far the the abs, butt or thighs -- nope - nada -- nothing. So, ladies, I'd say keep that $55 (including shipping) in your pocket!
  • Can you do ss more than once a day?