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illinichick 12-20-2006 07:48 PM

USANA Reset?
Someone from the local gym came to our office today to talk about setting health goals for 2007 and went on to talk about "Reset" by USANA. The club is selling it now and they were pushing the Reset as a five day way to get rid of cravings caused by blood sugar fluctuations. Has anyone else heard of/tried this?

Lovemylife 12-20-2006 11:21 PM

A friend of mine ordered Usana online and she loves it. She swears it has given her energy and made her feel better, but she was not using it for weight loss, etc. Just to be healthier and feel better.

nelie 12-21-2006 11:01 AM

I tried to search for information about usana reset but since it looks like it is an MLM (not 100% sure but seems that way), I can find only ads as opposed to real information. It looks like it is a 5 day meal replacement program? I'm not big on meal replacement programs although I do drink a shake every morning of my own crafting.

One thing that strikes me though is your comment about getting rid of cravings caused by blood sugar fluctuations. That is quite easy for you to do yourself. Many initial phases of dietary programs such as atkins, south beach diet, sugar busters, etc are designed to stabalize your blood sugar. It is pretty simple to do yourself. If you avoid items that contain sugar (and sugar substitutes), avoid processed foods, avoid white flour foods, eat foods that are high in fiber and focus on whole foods as well as lean proteins, you can get rid of blood sugar induced cravings. Of course if you start eating sugars and white flour products again, then the cravings will come back.

Carroll 12-21-2006 03:55 PM

Yes yes, I can tell you more about it but I have to leave for lunch right now...as soon as I get back I'll give you more details.

Carroll 12-21-2006 05:02 PM

Alright, sorry about that!! My girl-friend sells usana and you can check out their products at www.usana.com, just click on products to check them out. They have been ranked very highly w/ any of the research teams and what not. Anyway, the reset program is basically drinking the VERY yummy nutrameal shakes and eating 2 or 3 of their bars. You don't have to order the reset kit, I would just order 2 or 3 cans or the nutrameal & the fibergy and it would be cheaper. The whole concept of losing your cravings is due to the low glycemic indes of these products. I've tried so many shakes & this is hands down theeee best stuff out there...and the beauty of it is you mix the shake mix with cold water and it is so thick & creamy it's sinful. I always get the chocolate (Hey, I'm a girl...come on:^: ) nutrameal and add the almond fibergy. SOOOOO GOOD!!!! One shake keeps you full for about 3-4 hours and it saves you for when you're having a wiiild chocolate or something naughty craving. Anyway, hope this helps & sorry so long:o

nelie 12-21-2006 05:16 PM

I will agree that low glycemic foods are definitely the best at fighting sugar induced cravings. Low glycemic foods generally include protein, fiber and fat. A lot of dietary programs these days are focusing on low glycemic index foods rather than the low fat foods of the past because of the benefits of keeping you fuller longer. One thing I think is important is adding fiber to your diet because it does keep you fuller longer. I also personally recommend real food over shakes but I do drink protein shakes from time to time for the convenience factor.

Since you mention that they "have been ranked very highly w/any of the research teams", I'm wondering can you point us to some research on the products? As I said before, when I did a search, every site I found was trying to sell the products rather than trying to give an unbiased view of the products.

Carroll 12-21-2006 05:23 PM

Hi Nelie-

I will have to contact my girlfriend, Kelly, she is a whiz at the whole USANA stuff. She brought me over a bunch of information last year showing all the tests that they've done. There are also 2 doctors who do seminars in the San Diego area regarding usana. I'll contact her and maybe she even has some info. on her personal usana website, not sure??? I really need to start drinking the shakes in the morning again...I've gained 10 lbs. since I've stopped, YIKESSSSS:mad:

nelie 12-21-2006 05:32 PM

Well that is the problem with a lot of weight loss programs is that in order to keep the weight off, you need to continue using them or have some way to permanently change your habits. If you lose weight and maintain at 1400 calories, then stop eating the same things you were and eat 1600 calories, then you will gain weight. Believe it or not, losing weight is the easier part, maintaining is the hard part.

Carroll 12-21-2006 05:35 PM

EXACTLY!! It is so frustrating, especially since I am really careful of what goes into my body. Good grief, it's a never ending battle!!!!:devil:

Mel 12-21-2006 10:34 PM

I never used the USANA meal replacement products because I felt they were nutritionally inferior to real, whole food, and teach you nothing about eating. They are horrendously overpriced. USANA is a MLM, and one that makes it's top sellers quite a bit of money. I used to use their vitamins and minerals, and other supplements. After doing my own research, I came to the conclusion that I was paying about 1/3 more for the same quality product that I could purchase elsewhere. As long as you are buying "Pharmaceutical Grade", you can be assured that what is on the label is in the capsule.

They are probably being sold at your gym/health club because either a member has talked the management into letting him or her sell there for a cut of the profits, or the gym owners themselves are USANA distributors.

One of my neighbors is a high income USANA distributor. I think the products in general are good, but you can get the same thing at far lower prices. They also have a huge skincare line called Sense- again, good product at twice the price you can buy elsewhere. My neighbor also sells through one of the largest most expensive "country club" health clubs in this area. He does a booming business and people think that because it's being presented to them at the health club- it's better. Noooo, the club gets a chunk of the profit!

Their whole weight loss and maintenence program is very similar to the slim fast low carb version. This is NOT a sustainable way to lose or maintain your weight!


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