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Ashraela 07-11-2006 04:04 AM

Osteoporosis and weight loss
Hi! My name's Ashraela but just call me Ash, I suffer from osteoporosis. Its a lifetime suffering that wont ever go away. But my weight is also painful because it puts more stress on my spinal cord to stand up straight and walk. So I want to lose some weight. Im already doing some exercises because it also helps to reduce the pain, my only problem is my eating habits. But Im changing all that. Ive put myself on a diet and doing sports. I an 60 pounds overweight. I hope to lose at least 30 in about 6 months or less. According to my doctor, I should try to lose more than that because it might be harmful to my health.

KristasMom 07-13-2006 02:52 PM

Hi, Ash!
I'm an older woman, like I suspect you are, as I'm also starting to get bone issues. I lost 30 lbs in the last 6 months.

I'm assuming that you are already taking calcium with Vitamin D, and that you're on medication like fozamax or boniva.

My doctor also indicated that I needed to lose weight, and so I'm working on that. You know, we can only lose what we can - do the best you can, but don't let anyone discourage you, or tell you you haven't lost enough.
Many of us on this site find that as we get older, losing .5 to 1 lb per week is about all we can lose, but in a year, we'll have lost between 25 and 50 pounds!
I'm assuming that you know about weight-bearing exercise, and are working on that. Since I have very bad knees, I do a lot of my cardio in the water (water aerobics, and swimming), and lift weights and do light walking on land.

You may want to join some of the support groups for 50+ ers, and make friends with some of the people there, I know that my support groupers are really important in keeping me off track.

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