Liver Damage need diet help!

  • Ok I'm 26 and I just founf out I have liver damage, the doctors are still trying to figure it out, but the ongoinging theroy is it was damaged during pregnancy.
    SO because of this my liver can't handle much right now at all no red meat or pork, no complex carbs, nothing sweet, not even some fruits. I am dying here! What the heck can I eat??? Anyone have any suggestions?
  • Sounds like the doctor should send you to see a nutritionist. Did he or she give you any idea how serious this is? The one wonderful thing about the liver is that it is the only organ in the body capable of regenerating itself so you may recover a lot from this. Hopefully you don't drink much alcohol and stay away from Tylenol and products that contain tylenol.
  • There are some supplements out there that have shown some evidence of helping to repair liver damage. The most well-known one is milkthistle. You can find it at any healthfood store or buy it online. You should discuss it with your doctor, but I think it's considered pretty safe. Another one is kudzu/kuzu, which comes from the common plant and is used as a thickener/starch in Japan, but also as a liver tonic. The vegetarian store where I shop sometimes sells it as a food or cooking ingredient, but you can also find it in capsules.

    As for food, the French swear by dandelion leaves as a liver protectant. I kind of like them, but I'm partial to somewhat bitter vegetables. You can eat them raw or sautee them like spinach.
  • I just found out that my liver numbers (AST and ALT) are high - next I have an ultrasound on my liver and see what comes next. I have not been told anything about what foods to eat and which to stay away maybe that is next???
  • Found out I have to have my Gall Bladder removed. Hope my liver numbers go down.