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  • Here's the new thread ... knock yourselves out.

    I'm already about out. Only had less than 4 hr. sleep a night for the past 2 nights ... no naps and no rest periods. Its already 12 and I still have to take a shower yet. Have to be at the doctor's at 8:45 in the morning so I'm not going to get much tonight. Then I have a customer coming at noon to pick up a trailer so It'll be late before I can take a nap ... if I get one at all. I'm dead on my feet ... so I'm headed for the shower.
  • Will sure be interested to see what the doc says, Meme. Candice, you definitel need to go to urologist. You don't see the blood in the urine , it is microscopic.
    Tammy-perhaps you can get one of the older children in the school to help you correct-or make a key for one two of your smarter students. Kids just love to help. Make sure they don't write any coments!! Kids love to help. You have to take good care after yor surgery. Then you only have to correct the important papers. Or get the kids to self- correct. No pencils with erasers allowed . Or switch papers. Just a few suggestions from an old lady who taught 34 years.
    Brad went to the surgeon yesterday and he doesn't have to go back to him. He stills goes to the cardiologist. He can try driving-practice first. He had better do good!!! He also can walk to 2 miles a day-not today, it's pouring. Thank God-don't know what Cassidy will do. Bye for now, Mima
  • Hey There
    Mima- It only sprinkled here yesterday. We are hoping for some real rain!Glad Brad is coming along nicely..take care of yourself.
    Tammy- My daughter wishes she had someone to grade for her too. She teaches 1st grade after 20 years teaching 2nd. There is no teachers aides anymore. From everything I have heard and read it is difficult being a teacher in Fl. these days. They are very over worked. Too many chiefs and not enough indians.She is piled high with work every night and weekend. The summers are not much different. They line up their teachers with all kinds of workshops. This year my daughter and her hubby have a planned trip out west in their RV. I wonder what the chiefs will have to say..
    Meme- I hope you get some rest this weekend. 12 midnight. I would just cancell the shower till AM. Just wash my face and possible.
    Hello everybody..Have a Great Weekend...Joanne
  • Walked almost 2 miles today! Probably going to be sore tomorrow, but it was fun because I did it with a friend.

    Other than that, just looking forward to the weekend with my sons, DH has to work.
  • Well .... I took my sugar readings for the last 3 weeks to my doctor. Almost all of them were in the low 80s ... a few in 70s, a couple in the low 90s and that one of 45 ... never broke a hundred the whole 3 weeks. And almost all were in the afternoon or evening after I had eaten a couple of times. He said they looked 'normal' to him. Said my body was doing what it was supposed to. He gave me an order to go to the hospital and have a glucose tolarance test done - but I don't think I'm going to go. He didn't seem at all concerned. He gave me an exam while I was there. He said, "You've lost quite a bit of weight, haven't you." I told him I've lost 40 pounds. He laughed and said, "That's hard work, isn't it ... dieting is always hard?" I was soooo aggravated. I have told him at least 4 times in the last year that I was losing weight without really trying and was concerned. I just said - kind-of mad-like, "No doctor, it wasn't at all hard ... I didn't do anything at all ... it just fell right off me with absolutely no effort on my part." He didn't say one word ... just went right on with the exam like I hadn't even spoken. I'm like Candice ... sometimes I wonder why I even go to the doctor. At least he refilled my prescriptions for the next YEAR ... guess he doesn't want to see me again for awhile!
  • That blood test shows your level from the last 3 months-might be worth it, Meme. Brad's sugar is under control again. Just an extra half pill. But then we went to Dairy Queen last night and met Mike etc and he had an ice cream cone. So did I-after we ate dinner of course. We are having a hard time finding places to eat because it's so crowded this time of year. And I don't eat meat on Friday.It's not much of a sacrafice because I love fish. I have been awake since 3 am. I need a nap before breakfast.
    This is so funny. Brad got a call yesterday from his cousin Sandy WHO IS STAYING DOWN THE STREET FROM US IN THE SAME PARK!! They stopped in to visit. They were here in Jan but we never saw them but they were reading the newsletter and saw our names-knowing that we were in Ft Myers. Too funny. They live in Wells ME but she and Brad grew up together.
    How is the Zelnorm, Candice. I wouldn't dare take any new pills ut I have often thought about that med. Metamucil every night is my med and it works most of the time. And lactaid when I have a milk product.
    Meme-maybe you should see a new doctor. Brad's doc at home is not very aggressive when it comes to his treatment but the one down here is. He's the one that had him stay in the hospital-they were going to send him home. And he's the one that sent me to a urologist. Although, the one I have at home is good. We have had to pay some medical bills but I got a letter from the insurance that said they would cover the 83, 500 dollar bill for the hospital. Thank God!!! Bye for now Mima
  • Just lost my post! ?Arghhhhh!

    Here is a link to a pictue of my son and another med student......

    Mima..that Zelnorm is wicked!!!!!!!! Bad bad headache and anxiety, like taking speed or effedra and made my indegestion really bad too! I'm not going to take it anymore! should have told the doc you were not trying...they are supposed to ask you that!

    Who is Eulac????????

    Joanne..that is why I am not teaching any more!
  • I DID tell him I'm not trying ... FOUR or FIVE times now. He just doesn't get it ... or doesn't care one! As for the test ... I realize it tells the sugar count for 3 months. I know what kind of test it is. I'm tired of all the tests. He seems to think the readings for the last 3 weeks have been normal and I don't really care anymore. I'm about ready to just give up ... on doctors, on tests, on medicine ... on all of it. I am what I am and I have what I have and that's that!
  • P.S. Your son and that girl look so much alike they could be brother and sister.
  • Mima, I do have a high school student that does quite a bit for me. It's many the cursive writing part that I have to grade on my own. That is too funny about Brad's cousin being right there!!!

    Joanne, it's amazing what the administration expects teachers to do on their own time. It is definitely not an 8-3 job! I'm always at school by 7:15, and I rarely leave before 4:00. When I do leave school, I'm still not finished. I have paperwork every night to work on. We are in the process of developing a new grade card. The one that all of the teachers like is 1 page, there is a section for each subject, a place for a grade and a checklist for skills taught in that subject. The principal likes one that is 3 pages long and includes the state standards. Who has to do these things? The teacher or the principal? We showed the samples to some parents and they all groaned when they saw the 3 page one. One mother said that with having 4 children, she doesn't have time to look through all of that. The principal will probably get his way. He is the boss you know. Just ask him!

    Mime, I think I'd be thinking about changing doctors. He should have remembered that you hadn't been trying to lose all of the weight. I think I would go ahead and get the glucose test done if I were you. It can give you quite a bit of information.
  • Hey There
    Tammy- And to top it off my daughter is grade team leader. She asked a teacher for some assist this week. She said that the grade leader always did everything before. My daughter emailed her the definition of team to her.. She says she has enough to do and with all the added work she plans to try not do this next year.The other teachers in her group just put in their 8 hrs and go home. My daughter is usually there around 7 am and never leaves till 5 pm or so.This is just a small part of the problems in this school. My daughter would transfer but she lives in a rural area and she would have many more miles to travel. And there is no telling if another school would be any better. She has been here 20 years. There was a big shakeup there last year and a new adminstration came in. It was bad before. It is not any better this year.I told her to hit the lotto and then thumb her nose to them.
    It has been a real quiet weekend in this house. Boring really..My son and his new wife are coming for lunch tomorrow. I will cook a greek soup(chicken egg lemon)for them. Salad and whatever to go with it..It is supposed to be raining and cool. so I guess that might be a good choise..
    Bye and hello everybody...Joanne
  • Joanne, tell your daughter that I'm thinking of her! We all need to stick together. With that many years in, she would have problems getting a job elsewhere unless she can coach. That's the way it is around here, anyway. I can't wait till I am out of there. I still love the kids, but the other crap that goes on is so stressful.

    Have fun with the newlyweds tomorrow!!! Call me, and I'll sing for them since I didn't get to sing at the wedding.
  • LOL, I'm going to jump in here, ladies! I looked at this thread because of the Fibromyalgia ya'll have it? I do too, and with your talk of how tough it is for school teachers, I'm fearful! In 2 years, the last of my 4 children will start school. I was thinking that being a teacher was a good job for me to do and still be able to be with my children. With too much work, I wonder if my fibro will withstand the stress!
  • Merci..teaching is not a profession for the person with fibro..IMHO I used to teach and had to give it up due to the fibro....I am a perfectionest (then and still a little) and it was a a never ending job for me, even when school was not in session I was always doing something for my classroom!

    Meme...put your saying on your tombstone and then say I told you I was sick! I thought they looked alike too! I was trying to imagine their children! Ha!
  • Good morning-glad I didn't try the Zelnorm!!!I feel crappy-been eating stuff I am allergic to and we are supposed to got to church this am.
    When I left teaching in MA, I had 26 students and 10 had IEPs and and they were so awful. I couldn't take the stress. But that was the end of the story. MA has these very strict standards and if your school doesn't do well, the principal could get fired. It was nuts and it still is. teaching wasn't fun any more. I came down with IBS when I taught the 4th grad that had the big test-pressure all the time. Then I moved to 5th-I was an excellent teacher, always got a good review, but it wasn't worth it. Maybe for someone young-I was glad when my daughter changed her mind-she had no patience. But now I tutor when I ma home and I love that.
    We got some news yesterday-the couple that is suppposed to come help us drive home is dealing with their own health issue. She is having a stress test Tues and I think they see something to question. about her heart. WE'll see-I hope for her sake that it is something that can be fixed easily and I hope for our sake, that we can make it home-not for 2 months. WE can always ship the car home. No problem next year-one vehicle, no camper. Brad said I could drive one home. In your dreams!!! I would have IBS before I left Ft Myers. And my own stress issues.
    Boy, is it raining. Thunderstorms coming-the dog will go nuts. Bye Mima ps-Candice, Eulac is Erica and she has that cute baby. Hi Erica!!!