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chubbs_2 10-17-2021 03:31 PM

Obesity stigma and discrimination
Does anyone else feel like I do?

I feel like I suffer discrimination but maybe it's just me being self conscious. I used to not always be overweight and now I feel invisible everywhere I go. I feel like people treat overweight people different.

help me understand why I feel like this please...

is this normal?

amelbeabk 08-05-2022 08:52 AM

I was a healthy very active child. I played softball, was on the swim team, and did gymnastics. I also started putting on weight in my early teens. I didn't always have the best eating habits, but we had healthy meals at home. And I didn't eat any differently than my siblings or my peers. And yet, I kept getting chubbier and chubbier. My dad started calling me names and shaming me, my Mom started putting me on diets and food policing me. I started trying to be MORE active and eat less, but I didn't lose weight.

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