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Smile Losing Weight with Fibromyalgia and Lupus

I manage my issues with neurontin (nerve blocker) and flexeril (muscle relaxer). I'm still in pain, but without them it would be worse. I try to prep and prepare breakfast and lunch for the work week, but I end up hungry all day. I'm sure part of it is me compensating for being so tired. If I eat something (especially sugary) I will get a burst of energy, and I get to enjoy something, since it feels like I don't get to enjoy things I used to.

I used to go to the gym 5 days a week. I used to go to back to back spin and yoga classes. I used to do boot camp classes. I used to be almost 100 lbs lighter. I recently had reduction surgery and quit smoking, in preparation for the procedure. I gained about 20 lbs from quitting the 20+ year habit.

I'm wanting to get more focused on weight loss. I know that nutrition and exercise need to get nailed down. I try to do yoga style stretching, and need to be more consistent. I looked into seeing a nutritionist. My insurance covers them, but only for certain reasons. When I asked them to explain how I can verify if it will be covered or not, I was told that I had to go see a nutritionist, and would not find out until after I incurred the cost, whether it would be covered. Gotta love US insurance.

Looking for any tips and advice. Just thought I would put this out there, to see if I might get some good ideas for how I can get myself going in the right direction. I really want to get this weight off. I know my pain levels will go down, if I do.

Thank you.
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I've got fibro, ME/CFS, and am waiting to see rheumatology because we suspect Sjögren's and lupus. I know it's rubbish not being able to do what we used to, but these conditions do limit us, and we have to be gentle with ourselves.

I'm going for a small calorie deficit, I think between 100-250 cal (haven't quite worked out what I currently burn yet), and concentrating on getting good nutrition. I have to make sure I don't get low blood sugar too, so there's lots of strategic use of wholegrains, plus sufficient protein and fat to keep me satiated. I'm happier than I expected doing this, because goodness knows any way of feeling in control of your body is a relief when you're this ill.

I can't exercise to the point of burning extra calories, I am doing it to help with pain instead. The physio got me doing smaller amounts, more often.
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I don't have the same issues, but did have a lot of body pain a few months ago. I also had some bowel issues, and tried something called a "low FODMAP" diet. This is not for weight loss, but rather an elimination diet to see what foods one reacts too. You do this diet for a couple of weeks, then start adding foods back. Turns out I am severely gluten intolerant. It was not until I had a gluten exposure after a few months off of it that I realized gluten really affected me and my pain. I did have times when the pain was better for a while. (probably when i was doing low carb and able to stick to plan well) and I had been having a time with low pain, until that exposure. Then it was pretty painful for a couple of weeks. Since then I have heard from a few other people who did this elimination diet who have found that certain foods really affect their pain.
I have been doing Dr Fung's obesity plan diet since that time, doing well with weight loss and and also with pain.
Hope you will find a path that helps both issues for you.
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I recently read this article, and I think it's important in understanding how much we can control our metabolism (not as much as I thought).

vox (dot) com /2018 /9/ 4/ 17486110 / metabolism-diet-fast-weight-loss

I have seen a lot on the low foodmap diet. I may have to try that out some day.
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Here's the FM stickie, in case you can't see it on your device, I'm most often on my desktop for this forum. (makes it waaaay easier to find stuff.)
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good luck on your goals!
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fibromyalgia, lupus, weightloss

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