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Default My schedule leaves me starving

Hi so I have been gaining weight on my new shift. It sucks. I work 945 am to 1015 pm (somtimes later) So I eat a normal breakfast and lunch is sometime between 3 and 530. Then I'm starving when I get off work and I eat everything in sight when I get home. I've tried bringing two meals, but sometimes I get so busy at work (I'm a ER nurse in a level 1 trauma center). I blink and it's been 5 hours since I peed or ate anything. There was one day I didn't get to eat until 8 1/2 hours into my shift. I know keeping things in my pocket can help, but I get tired of eating nuts and sometimes, there just really isn't time. I frequently come home dehydrated, but if I drink a lot of water after my shift, than I pee half the night. Anyone else who struggles with this issue? It's frustrating, by my 5th 12 straight, there is no meal prepping, and I just eat anything. I used to have willpower, anyone seen it?
I guess this is more a vent than anything, but I know other people do it and make it work. I'd like to hear from them!
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Sorry I think I posted in the wrong thread oops!
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Maybe try to find things for your pockets other than nuts? How do you feel about protein bars? There are a few out there that don't taste like crap. Maybe dried fruit? That's kind of pocket friendly though I don't know if you like to avoid sugars for your snacks.

The work place can be tough - hope you find a solution and get a few more bathroom/water breaks!
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I work night shifts although not 12's, mine are 9's. I actually lose weight on those shifts because I find it hard to fit in enough quality calories during my day. Protein bars (not 'energy' bars which are no different calorically and macros same as chocolate bars), sturdy veggies prepped and in a baggie in your pocket ie baby carrots, celery, cauliflower/broccoli florets, jicama sticks, lo fat/sodium jerky or salami sticks in a baggie, low fat cheese cut into sticks or premeasured wedges ie Laughing Cow or Babybel, HB eggs kept in their shells in a baggie until you need them. If you have a spot at your station, try a shaker bottle and a packet or measure of protein smoothie powder in a baggie. Takes a moment to mix & shake up, then you can drink it down, or leave it at your station and take a swig every time you check in there. Also at your station you could bring single serving Greek yogourt for protein and an apple, cut up orange wedges, fresh berries, etc. All of the above are fine without refrigeration for your full shift. The eggs must stay in the shells til you use them though.

Good luck.

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Are you drinking enough water? A lot of the time our bodies are dehydrated and it comes a crossed as we are hungry when in reality we are just needing more water. Try drinking more water and see if that helps
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Every time you get the opportunity to sit down (or pause in the nurse's station) to chart, grab a disposable cup of water and chug. That, or snag your water bottle (but I know that's hard bouncing all over a busy ED.)

Kind bars are good to stuff in a pocket. Beef jerky is what our trauma team survives on sometimes. If you're starving and need something with staying power, get a complex carb and a chunk of fat and protein if you can... easier to scarf and then keep running.

Good luck!

Don't go for the greasy stuff when you get to run to the cafeteria. I almost always get fresh veggies from the salad bar, one of the soups, hard boiled eggs, baked chips, string cheese or cheddar cheese etc. It's OK to go for the burger and onion rings special some days... but try to go for the healthier stuff more often than not.
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I'm wondering if you have refrigeration handy or could use an insulated bag with an ice pack. If so, you could take a meal replacement shake that would be more filling than some type of snack, more like a meal, and would contain nutrients.
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