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S/C/G: 165/132/125 or 115? not sure

Height: 5'4" (on a good-hair day!)


Thanks for the update. Here's to your continued recovery!
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Default I finally did it

I had varicose veins due to my weight and 2 babies. It got to the point that I had to do something. I wanted something that did not require a hospital stay and was covered by my insurance. I had the Endovenous Laser Treatment. I researched and researched and finally found a place that offered both. usa vein clinics. My procedure took about 20 minutes. The doctors were wonderful as well as the staff. All of my questions were answered. Do a google search and see if it is right for you.
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Default laser treatment in Serbia

While I had been in Belgrade in Serbia a few months ago friend of mine told me about doctor who operates varicose veins by laser very successfuly.
After examination he suggested me quick operation because of tromb threatened to clog vein.
It lasted half an hour without pain at all.Just after the procedure I got up and walked to my hotel room.
Results were awesome ! He almost saved my life.
I could recommend this doc because of affordable price considering tha he's European specialist.
His name is DR PETAR DRAGIC from Belgrade.

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Default Re:

Originally Posted by kirsteng View Post
I have terrible veins - they started when I was 18 with a ropy one on the back of one knee, and now... 25 years and 3 babies later.. well my legs are pretty darned awful. TONS of spider veins, broken capilleries, and I now have purple small veins at my ankles, and a HUGE ropy vein on my upper thigh (I looked it up - it's the biggest one, the large saphenous vein). Ugh!

So I asked my doctor yesterday what could be done, and she's gotten me an appt. with a specialist for this friday. She says he'll do surgical stripping, all the way down my leg from the groin to the ankle. Sounds terrible. And upon further research, it also sounds very old-school. Everything now seems to mention laser or radio-wave ablation. I'll go see what he says, but if I don't like it, I may wait 'til I'm back in Canada and have it done there.

Anyhow, just wondering if anyone has had experience with this surgery?
Hi, My sister had varicose vein, and she had them treated at a clinic in Canada called Vaughan Vein clinic. It was a procedure called Endovenous laser treatment (EVLT). The procedure was done in an hours time, and she is very happy with the results.
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Thumbs up Venorid specially for varicose vein

There are a number of treatments. For very small spiders, larger spiders, I prefer venorid serum, which is inexpensive, and quick. Some discomfort will be present for any treatment.
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I very much affected with varicose veins and dont know how to get rid pain. I did googling and got to know about venorid serum. I tried for few weeks and got good result.
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I need to stand more than 8 hrs a day at work and my legs get hurt and feel heavy at the end of the day, have more pain on varicose veins I have. I started applying this venorid serum on the veins within the hour my pain is gone I can sleep well and within the month some of my spider veins faded and my worse ones are not as noticed even.I recommend to my sister she loved it a lot.
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I have been using venorid serum for the past four weeks and it's great! My varicose veins are very less noticeable now.i confidently recommend it.
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I stand for eight hours at a time. I use dermalmd varicose vein serum on my veins every day and then put support stocking on over. I just rub in right on the areas that tend to have the most prominent veins, and I ignore the silly instructions about avoiding the veins. The oil smells wonderful. My veins seem less prominent and my legs are less tired at the end of the day.
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hope everything ok with you .
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I'd rather recommend you look into laser treatment for your spider veins. There is little to no discomfort, and you don't have to change your lifestyle regime. If this is something you can afford and fits your medical situation, don't hesitate to take this less invasive method.

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Very interesting article, thanks for the information.
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Not really, but thanks for your experiences.
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S/C/G: 187/141/128

Height: 5foot 5inches

Post No more bulging veins

Not sure that what i had was varicose veins. But i did have some bulging veins on my lower legs (not my thighs).
I started jogging to get in shape and they disappeared after 4 months. Has anyone else experienced this?
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