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Unhappy Sick with the flu

I've been sick with the flu since Christmas and was wondering how many of you girls have had to deal with this? How did it affect your metabolism? All I have wanted to do is sip watered down apple juice and eat bland starchy foods. I know I'm not even approaching getting enough calories and definitely not enough nutrients. Any thoughts?
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Hi, I was sick all throughout last quarter in college with h1n1, then a sinus infection, and finally a cold. My advice is if your not hungry don't force your body too much, but sip on soups and juice. You could also try a protein shake to make sure your getting protein and extra vitamins. My biggest mistake after catching the sicknesses is I decided to give up my diet after I was feeling better, thinking that my body must need 'normal' amount of food. I went above my starting weight come the end of the semester.

Try to get lots of rest, lots of fluids and eat lightly what you can. I hope you get better soon !
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When you get sick it is tough to stick to a diet. The Flu is rough and I know you do not want to eat but try your best to get some nutrients.

This year I have been trying to prevent the flu.There are some good flu trackers out there like Triaminic's.

My job has been doing marketing for them for about a year and they recently added a good flu tracker to their website. It tells you the rate of infection for your area so you can add a little prevention.

Once you are exposed try to keep your hands clean and vitamins to boost your defense.
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YOu need to keep your energy up but also make sure you get your vitamins in too; I agree that you should take a daily vitamin. And try to have some veggie or chicken noodle soup each day. You can also have diet or regular ginger ale and tea, which I drank a lot of during my last bad flu (my grammie's advice).

I think having a protein shake; either homemade or buy them if you are too sick to make one. You can buy them at your local drug store; and you can get those Carnation Instant breakfasts at the grocery store too. Don't forget that you can eat soft fruits like applesauce, pureed peaches or pears, and jello; I've even seen people eat baby jars of fruit when sick. Bananas and oranges to get in some potassium.

I really liked chicken noodle soup with a few whole grain soda crackers. You can get that in an instant cup-a-soup too (lipton) or the one you make in a pot. Later on, I would eat scrambled eggs for protein; and sometimes a slice of whole grain bread with peanut butter.

Hope you are feeling better soon ...

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