• Hello all.
    I never really considered this an obstacle to my weight loss, but I have Hypothryoidism. I take my synthroid every day, and my levels are balanced, but could health issue - even if it's balanced - have an adverse affect on my efforts? Is there anything I can do/eat/drink or not do/eat/drink to promote good thyroid health?
  • How long have you been on medication? I've been on synthroid for over 10 years. As long as your levels are good there should be no reason that you cannot lose, as least that's what my Dr says.

    I have noticed, and this may be just me, but when I do lose weight (I've done it before) that it takes a concerted effort (eating right and exercise) for at least 2 months before I notice any results. I think that it takes my body alot longer than others to even start losing. But once I start losing, I'm like everybody else. I don't know if it's a thyroid thing or not.

    I have also heard that soy products can interfere with thyroid function or your thyroid medication so it may be best to avoid it for awhile and see how it goes.

    Best of luck--it looks like you're doing great!
  • Thanks so much, losermom!
    I've been on my meds since I was 16, so 8 years, or so. And my levels haven't been a big concern (once I got upped to the 150mcg level, everything seemed to be fine). I lost a lot of weight when I first started this crusade, but for the past three weeks I've hit this wall that I can't seem to break through. I started exercising more, and I even started eating more (a few people on the board and a friend of mine who recently lost a lot of weight told me that I wasn't eating enough, so I've upped my intake). I don't expect to drop ten pounds over night, but I'm almost desperate to see that scale move! I was wondering if my thyroid could have something to do with my plateau, but my levels are normal, so I'll hope that it is not a concern.