Dieting with Obstacles Those with special health concerns such as diabetes, fibromyalgia, pregnancy, etc can post here for extra support and help.

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Cool Quite A Different "Obstacle" Altogether. (Job Related)

I have recently started working in a grocery store. Which it has come to my attention that it is, in fact, THE worst place for a morbidly obese woman who is trying to lose weight, to work.

Since working there, I've been snacking a lot, eating all the wrong foods, and I even started drinking soda again...after being so proud of my accomplishments!

I doubt I've lost any weight, but I am sure that some of it has at least distributed, because I went down a pants size. (woohoo! No more 18's! 17's, yay! lol)

Anyway. I will be moving out soon, and I will be able to buy all the groceries in the house and now I can afford a gym membership, so I'm really stoked about that.

I just need to learn some self-discipline. To gain some willpower. Just because I'm standing around doing next to nothing and staring down aisle after aisle of nommy food, doesn't mean I have to eat it!

Oh, ladies. Help?
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Oh, wow, that would be really tough for me too! REALLY TOUGH! I don't think I have any definitive answers for you, because we're all motivated to change or make choices for different reasons. But I can ask a lot of questions that you can think about.

Do you pack food from home to bring with you for your mealtimes while at the store? I'm a real sucker for the drive-thru, and I'm on the road a lot. If I don't plan ahead and bring things along, I will get sucked into the fast-food vortex again and again. I have to plan ahead to stop at the right fast-food spots to make the best choices, and I have to plan to stop before I get too hungry and my blood sugar drops. Because when that happens, you might as well get me drunk and put me in front of a buffet! I won't make good choices.

Instead of freaking out about everything that's going wrong, can you see if you can gain control over just one thing? I've learned that when I look at the weight loss battle as a black and white thing, and if I screw up one little thing, then everything feels like a failure to me. Break the issues up and attack them one at a time. Think about why you've gone back to drinking the sodas. If you can get power over that one, that would be a great achievement!

In my opinion, people with super willpower are weird! Doing something just through sheer willpower is not normal. However, finding a goal that you believe in for yourself, with your whole heart, that's motivating! If it's your intent to live with purpose, then you will make choices for yourself accordingly, everyday.

So ask yourself what it is you really want. What is it you are hoping to achieve for your body? Do you just want to be skinny? Are you shooting for a rockin' hot bod? What do you want to be able to do with your body? When you can picture yourself, in your mind, being that person, and you believe in yourself, then you'll breeze past those sodas without even having to engage your willpower. And you'll probably be doing that with some attitude too, girlfriend!

I used to be a caterer. OMG!!! I was "tasting" everything all day long. But I was on my feet the whole time too. As long as I kept moving, I was burning calories. Still it wasn't enough. Fortunately I sucked at running a business!

Hang tough, sister!

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I think Georgia said it all, and quite eloquently, may I add.
I know If I don't plan ahead, I'm doomed. In this society it's just too easy to satisfy every craving whenever we want. Between McDonald's, Burger King, Taco Bell, Dunkin' Donuts, Friendly's, Dairy Queen, Pizza name it, you've got it.
The one thing I've learned too, is that maintenance is just as difficult as losing. You can never let your guard down and think that a little cheat here and there won't derail you, it does. I can pack on 5 lbs in a weekend if I'm not careful.
Just try to make wise choices and stay on track. Good luck, you can do it!!
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I worked in retail from the time I was in my early teens; and that is exactly how I first started to gain weight (in a confectionary store). I finally learned to CHEW SUGARLESS GUM and drink Water or DIET sodas to help me not eat the junk. My doctor and I had a good talk and we agreed that the solution was cut out the junk, and I lost 25 lbs without dieting. I just ate three regular meals (NO SECONDS ALLOWED) and I could have 1-2 healthy snacks if I wanted them (fruit for example).

I have worked in both confectionary stores and grocery stores (and loved it, BTW) so I know that they also have water, juices, 2% milk, and diet sodas in those coolers; so you have to CHOOSE them over the sugary stuff; and with an entire store full of yogurt & fruit cups, cheese strings, granola bars & 100-calorie snack packs; plus deli salads & fruit, you have lots of good stuff to choose from, right?

I really found the SUGARFREE CINNAMON GUM really helped me; and in my spare time, I would read a book or magazine, or line the shelves (pull the stuff to the front and organize them), or dust things off or tidy up or sweep the floor or check the produce for old stuff, or put up stock, etc. For your health's sake, don't stand there idle ... find something to do!

I really hope these tips help you; I know they did me; and all that walking helped me to lose weight. Now that I'm not working, it is much harder for me, but when I go shopping, I purposely go around the outside aisles of the store to walk more ...

Oh, and PS ~ I stay out of those JUNKIE FOOD AILSES, altogether now ...

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Thank you so much, ladies.

I love all the advice and encouragement this forum offers. <3

Keep it coming!
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I would really try to reframe it. My first thought when you said you worked in a grocery store? "Wow! What a great job for someone trying to lose weight!" Allow me to explain.

1, and this was the biggest one that popped into my head, you NEVER have an excuse for eating poorly because you didn't plan ahead and pack a lunch. You have an entire grocery store, literally, of options you can purchase on a lunch break, including fresh fruits, veggies, and a wide selection of lean protein. Forget to bring yourself a healthy snack? You're covered.

2, there are so many opportunities to "volunteer" for extra exercise, not only getting more movement in, but also making yourself stand out as a great employee. Unless you're working in the back or in an office, you'll be on your feet, and can volunteer to do physical stuff...getting carts, walking people to their cars, etc. Get a pedometer and challenge yourself to hit a certain number of steps a day.

3, if you get a discount, you can widen your food variety a bit beyond what your budget would typically allow. Not only that, but because you're in the store, you'll be more likely to be aware of cool new products that come in with good nutritionals. You'll probably become very aware of the diversity of products out there and get to try some new things.

Sure, there are challenges, but every work place has those. I work from home. I'm surrounded by foods I like, with no one to watch me eat them, all day long. Others face cookies in the breakroom, or like you, from the bakery. But you have so many helpers on getting healthy, too.

Put some limits in place for yourself about chewing gum, not eating free food, etc and start working all of the perks you DO have.
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I feel for you. That would be difficult for me as well. But Mandalinn82 has brought up some good points. My points are much more simplistic but they may also help you:

1 - lipgloss, the "sticky" kind. Try eating something "crumbly" while wearing that stuff (I'm thinking Lancome or Clinique). It's impossible. And when you spend $20 on a tube of lip gloss, you don't want to have to keep reapplying!

2 - sugarfree gum

3 - water

4 - try to spend more time around the "attractive" employees. Are you really going to binge around Sally Slim or That Hot College Dude? I wouldn't. I'd be too embarrassed!

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Here is my 2cents..
I would just make sure I had planety of good foods with me, for lunch..
and for every piece of junk food in that store.. there is somthing good for you too.. So maybe you even have an advantage working there. you have to look at it that way!

try to pack your lunch, and dont bring any extra money..

I hope it works out for ya! You can do it!
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