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Default I thunk I might have blew it... And shin Splints, what exercises can I do

Ok, so here I am. I just had a great weekend & Wednesday that I thoroughly enjoyed my birthday!!
I had 2 birthday dinners including one at Red Lobster where I did pretty good to stay OP, I had the lobster & crab... and I DID have that baked potato. So, not THAT bad... , ok, so not great. But if I hadn't "tried" to stay on plan, I really would have had the shrimp pasta, so that makes me feel a little less guilty.
Saturday night, on the other hand, I had a family and friends birthday dinner, and oh boy!!! I think I might have blew it!!!
I had a personal pizza, and I just might drooling if I explain what kind, but it was really good. I did skip out on the appetizer and I had balsalmic dressing on my salad instead of a Caesar salad or ranch dressing, and then.... oh god, a birthday desert cookie with ice cream came to the table and 2 of my friends helped me, but I sure did eat part of that. I felt so full and god, miserable!!
So that was my weekend, and now... I am going to do slimfast and yogurt for breakfast and lunch poss with boiled egg for snack, but I have got to crack down, and we are planning on going out of town this weekend again and going up to Reno... and I know that we will be eating out... Here I come SLIMFAST!!! And the gym...
Oh and so that is another thing. On Friday, I went to the gym and I went on the treadmill and did some running intervals by going from 3.9 (fast walk) to a 8.5 (full-on sprint), but by the time I was 1/2 way done with a 30 minute interval cardio session, my left shin started KILLING me! I finished my cardio session rubbing my shin in between the intervals and by the time that I got off of the treadmill, MY SHIN WAS KILLING ME!!
So during this weekend I had my man wrap it, and later on in the day, we were messing around, he was trying to smack my butt, just messing around and I ran through the halway, and got a sharp pain in my shin!!
I ended up limping throughout the rest of the day.
So I am really needing to know what I should do for Cardio and also some exercises that might help me get back to normal, but still be able to give me a decent workout. Brian (my man) told me to do the rowing machine and the bike, since I did it on Friday and it seemed to be okay and not strain my little poor leg. What other exercises are suggested. I really want to take some classes this week from the gym, but I might just stick to 3 days bike and rowing and 2 days weights, or should it be the other way around???


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I don't mean to be an alarmist, but I think you should have your leg xrayed to make sure it's not fractured and stop all exercising until you do. That can be a very serious injury (I had that myself), and can lead to serious repercussions if you don't address this right away ...
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I would say the bike should be fine but I would stay away from the row machine in the gym it requires you to use your lower legs, you sound like you are going to a gym does your gym have the arm cardio machine? I know it is the most boring machine there is, but it will do the job, to make it less boring you can do 10 min on the arm cardio(it looks like a bike for your hands) then switch to 10 min of machines or weights upper body only and the 10 min on the bike and keep it going like that as long as you are moving you are doing good. As far as how long to heal, if you can cancel the snowboarding at the last min. leave it maybe you will feel better, if it is going to cost you money to cancel at the last min. cancle now so you don't throw money away there is no guarentee you will be better but there is not guarentee you will not either. Good luck
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ice and ibuprofin. and strengthening exercises after that/the pain is gone. i place one heel on the floor, rest one the other foot on top of that foot (The one resting on the floor) and while keeping my heel on the floor, i lift my other foot with the toes of my other foot.

um. you might need to google videos of shin strengthening exercises. but it really helps!! i get splints when i overstride on the treadmill/go too fast. i learned to take smaller steps, just as fast.. just smaller
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Thanks ladies ~ you seem to know more about these 'splints' than me: I'm assuming that you think she has sprained a muscle and/or tendon, or something like that. I just remember my doctor stressing to me that if you have sudden sharp pain, that means you have an injury of some type; and in this case, it may be a strain for sure, so he said "rest it until the pain is totally gone because your body needs time to heal". I know that my muscles/tendons still act up now and then, if I OVER-DO IT. Hope you're feeling better soon ...

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Shin splints are a warning, generally. They hurt like **** but they're not a sudden pain in the same way that hitting your fingernail with a hammer is a sudden pain, KWIM? They build.

Treatment is rest, ice, strengthening the muscle at the front of the shin, and making sure you're wearing proper shoes.
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