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Beverlyjoy 02-06-2009 07:19 AM

Living with chronic foot/ankle problem and limited mobility.
Hi - I have been living with a chronic foot/ankle problem for almost three years. It's now at a point where I'll need to use a wheel chair for long distance walking. I had been able to get down to 192 last summer. But, after reinjuring my foot in September - frustration and pain has seemed to take over my once once pretty secure plan for weight loss.

I am feeling so frustrated and out of control. I do have an appointment with a therapist next week to help me.

I learned a while ago that when people say "How are you?"...they really don't want to know. (except best friends and very close family).

Someone over at the 100 pound forum suggested I post here. That you folks would understand. I though this forum was for things like diabetes, thyroid, etc - not physical challenges. But, I was told I could post here.

I am allergic to narcotic pain meds - so I must rely on tylenol, nsaids, and ice. I've had lots of pt. There is a surgery for this problem with a 50 % chance of success.

I am struggling with coping with facing using a wheelchair. I understand it will be a process.

I use my recumbant bike, stability ball and non weight baring exercises.

The last six months I have been 'coping' with this problem by using food. All it got me was 30 pounds back and feeling like food sanity was a thing of the past. But, for today, I will NOT go out for ice cream and junk food no matter what my pain or frustration feels.

Thanks so much for listening.

bindersbee 02-06-2009 08:26 AM

I am so sorry! I am dealing with Plantar Fasciitis. It's an overuse injury of the tendons that run through the heels. Two kinds of people get this injury- fat people and runners. I wish I had gotten it because I'm a runner! I also can't walk long distances because of it. It's so frustrating!

I don't know what your specific injury is but I at least have a little understanding of the pain and limitations created by a foot injury (I have PF in BOTH feet). I have found that my problem is lessening as I lose weight. I'm hopeful that in another 20 lbs. or so I will have kicked it but who knows. I just wanted to say that I understand your frustration to some extent- though clearly your problem is more severe than the one I'm dealing with.

Do not let it stop you. You caught yourself before you regained all the weight so take a moment to pat yourself on the back for that.

meowee 02-06-2009 08:36 AM

You are definitely not alone, BEVERLEYJOY . . . there are many, many who fully understand. We have a regular monthly thread jup in the Sticky area . . . hope you'll become one of our regulars. :hug:

ronni62 02-06-2009 09:08 AM

We do understand. And, many of us understand how easy it is to turn to food, so you're not alone. I've had some foot pain issues over the years, but my recent diagnosis is MS, which causes me to shy away from many exercises, as it makes my symptoms worse, which doesn't help speed my weight loss and can make me frustrated. So, even though we don't all have the same challenges, we do have similar struggles and feelings and we are here to support each other! Join in wherever you feel you fit in or just post when you need an extra boost. :hug::hug::hug:

Justwant2Bhealthy 02-06-2009 05:43 PM

:hug:BEVERLYJOY ~ yes, there are many people who do know how you are feeling. We have a thread in this forum called PHYSICAL CHALLENGES ~ February Thread and it is near the top of this page with a red sticky in front of it to draw attention to it. Sometimes, it take a while before people notice it. As the OP (opening post) states, our thread is for ANYONE with ANY KIND of PHYSICAL CHALLENGE regardless of the source ... we would love to have you join us anytime!

I was born with SPINA BIFIDA, but that is only part of my physical challenges; as I fell down a huge flight of stairs and dislocated my right knee which gave me so many problems. Then about 10 years ago, I slipped on some gravel (of all things) and fractured my left calf and ended up with a blood clot in it and ended up in the hospital for a month. Both these injuries cause undue pain and troubles for me; just trying to do everyday stuff and I gained a huge amount of weight during recovery times. I also broke both my right ankle and my right foot quite badly (in two different accidents).

Now I am better, but I still get residue pain and I must watch myself so much. I cannot walk like others; and I cannot run. I'm a snail with a cane. :lol: But hey, I'm not giving up; I am working at get healthy again and trying to slowly but surely (using other means) to get some of this weight back off permanently. I know it is a challenge: but heck, my goal is just too important; and the alternative is too nasty. ;)

Anyhow, we would love to have you join us in the Physical Challenges monthly thread where we can give each other support and some tips on how to cope each day. Come on by ... :hug:ROSEBUD:hug:

Beverlyjoy 02-07-2009 06:27 PM

Thanks to you all for the nice welcome! I appreciate it.

I have chronic posterior tibia tendonitis - it's been almost three years. I reinjured it last fall. There is a surgery - but, not always successful. So, I guess I am waiting until I just can't stand it anymore before I try it.

It's hard for me lately to stay on my plan - frustration, pain and more. But, I'll try to push forward.

Thanks again.

Justwant2Bhealthy 02-07-2009 07:54 PM

You know, I was thinking about your post and realized a couple of things: firstly, you can still lose weight without being able to do lots of exercise by just eating healthier, it will just be a bit slower.

Secondly, you can do upper body aerobics while sitting in a chair; use your recumbent bike; do hand weights; and do leg and tummy exercises while laying in bed or on a couch. I do 30 minutes each morning of tummy tucks, crunches, leg lifts, and leg butterflies while laying on my bed. That way I don't have to put any weight on my bad knees. I also do hand weights and chair aerobics later in the day. If you combined all these over the day, you could reach up to 45-60 minutes a day quite easily.

I know what you mean about people not wanting to hear about our pain issues; I think that's because it's makes them feel uncomfortable and a bit helpless. That's why I like our thread and hanging around this forum so much because everyone here has some challenges and we all understand each other's pain.

Also, try not to be too hard on yourself; this isn't a sprint, it's more like a marathon, so you have lots of time. One thing that really helped me was when I realized that I don't have to think about tomorrow or down the road, but I only have to make it through the next second of the next minute, of the next hour of this day. I focus on one-day-at-a time; and it really does make a difference ... :hug:

Beverlyjoy 02-08-2009 09:08 AM

Thanks justwant2bhealthy!

Yes, non weight baring exercises are all I can do. I have a stability ball to help with core. (hey, when did core become so important * giggle *) I do want to get some hand weights.

Thanks again!

kodama 02-11-2009 02:29 PM

Do you have a pool nearby that you can use? Water aerobics is great for people with foot/feet problems. I have a history of foot fractures and this has worked great for me. My doctors will often let me do it while a fracture is healing.

I just got out of a wheelchair after six weeks. Being in the chair wasn't as bad as I thought but recovering from the effects was miserable. My back muscles were weakened and I've had increased back problems, My legs atrophied and walking again was exhausting for a week. I would suggest that if you do have to use a wheelchair to use it as little as possible and to do some exercises to strengthen your legs and lower back.

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