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Default hypothyroid and vitamin D deficiency

I was just diagnosed Friday with hypothyroid and vitamin D deficiency. Anyone else have this combo? I have started a very low does of synthroid and have a vitamin D pill to take once a month. Just wondering what to expect. I have been reading the other threads on thyroid, but haven't seen one mention the vitamin D. (Can't search for viatmin D, it says "d" isn't a word lol )

I am so happy to have finally figured out what I am fighting. I have been working so hard to lose weight. Exercising every day, twice a week with a trainer, counting calories.. and losing 3 lbs in 6 months I know there is still a lot of work a head, but at least I know I am not crazy. I am not sleepdriving to McDonalds in the middle of the night (I actually had my husband take inventory of all our food to make sure I wasn't sleep eating! ) I finally went to the doctor with all my notes typed out about my weight loss history, family history, possible symptoms, possible causes, everything I had been doing for the last couple of years. She agreed to run the blood tests. So, now I know the enemy...let the battle begin!

My doctor also gave me a referral to a specialist who will help me learn how to eat, and exercise with the hypothyroidism. I am not sure how the vitamin D ties in with all this. I won't see my regular doc again until the 21st for a full physical, and we will discuss things more then.

Thanks for letting me babble!

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Default hi

Thank god you went to the doctor! once you get the tyroid under control with the med's, if you keep up w/calorie counting and that exercise, the weight should come FLYING off! lol, im not even exercising hardly, sounds like you have been trying harder than i have, good luck, dont get discouraged, sometimes it takes a while to get your medicine just right for thyroid problems, i dont have that myself, but i have a freind that has graves diease, and she tells me about her "levels" and med's., im trying hard, but i hate exercise so for me, its harder to get on the exercise bike than it is to go hungry, geeez!
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synthroid did absolutely nothing for me. i started having really bad muscle spasms/twitches and stopped taking it about this time last year. i'm currently not taking anything else for the thryoid. i hope it works well for you though.
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Hi WC, I also have hypothyroid and take levoxyl w/out a prob. I have a Vit D deficiency. My endocrinologist always does calcium, phosphorus, and Vit D levels every six months and I have a yearly bone density study... The calcium, phos and Vitamin D all work together... you may want to ask for the bone density if you haven't had one.. (perhaps at least the baseline) don't miss out on the whole picture no matter what age you are...

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Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin - because that is how we get it. That is why we need to be doing things outside - with sunblock. It is also added to milk. I take a Calcium + D supplement.

Don't ever stop your thyroid medication without further checking to see is you need it or not. A malfunctioning thyroid can lead to a host of other problems. There are many medications available and they are all relatively cheap. Also, most doctors will now specify Synthroid as Brand Only. My doctor told me that is one of the few medications that the generic is not the same. I improved immediately when we went to brand and didn't have to have my dosage increased after all.

Please keep posting. We're here to help you.
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Thank you for the responses

The vitamin D deficiency diagnosis really shocked me. I get plenty of sunshine. I love to garden and walk, and I'm always forgetting my sunscreen, and I drink lots of milk in my diet. Actually, if you want vitamin D, you need to skip the sunblock, at least for about 15 mins. http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/538338

My doc put me on a monthly vitamin D pill. They think its malabsortion. The vitamin D is there, my body is only taking in a little bit of it. I get kidney stones, so that could be related. My kind of kidney stones are made of calcium. The hypothyroidism, vitamin D deficiency, and the kidney stones are all interelated. I am still working on how they are related...this is all pretty new to me.

Susan- What a great loss you have had! Thank you for the inspiration!
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If your hypothyroidism isn't too bad, I've read natural progesterone can increase thyroid function. Perhaps your progesterone levels are on the low side? The good thing about progesterone is that applying it leads to an upregulation of its synthesis so you can take less and less of it.

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I agree with Susan - don't let the pharmacy switch your thyroid meds to generic. You need to stay on the same type regardless - if after awhile your tsh is within range but you still have low thyroid symptoms you need to talk w/your doctor and figure out if it's the meds or something else going on - if your dr is open minded they will look into it for you and work with you to help you feel better.

I think the biggest problem is that we aren't all cookie cutter images and the disease affects us all differently with symptoms, medication, etc. I don't have the Vit D deficiency that I know of but I do have anemia and have to take a high dosage of iron. I wasn't anemia before though my dx and it is interrelated just like all the other things mentioned.

Good luck and we are here for you!
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If you google a search for "hypothyroidism + vitamin d" you will find a lot of info on the subject. A lot of people with a thyroid problem find they have a vitamin d deficiency.

You also might want to check out the thyroid info at www.stopthethyroidmadness.com

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I, too, have been recently diagnosed with Hypothyroidism (mine is Hashimoto's disease), vitamin D, Iron, & calcium deficiencies. I am taking synthroid, as well. I have had a 100% improvement in my quality of life! It is wonderful. One thing to note, though, both Iron and Vitamin D will make you severely constipated, so you might want to add a stool softener to the mix! Good luck to you!
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Default thyroid and vitamin d

I have just been told I have a vitamin D deficiency and hypothyroid, I have noticed that in the last 3 years I have put on quite of bit of weight and have not been able to lose any. I don't each much, I diet and exercise and nothing happens. I was just diagnosed this Wednesday 3-10-10.
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I'm another hypo.

I've been on Levoxyl for more than 6 years now. Thing is, if my dose isn't right, I feel all weird. Like I move through molasses. And I can do all the right things with diet and exercise and nothing will change.

Once the meds are right, then it is a more predictable calories eaten vs calories burned.

I can usually tell if I feel "off" but I try to see the endoc. a few times a year to double check.

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Has anyone gotten headaches from their thyroid meds? I am on synthroid and since then I have been getting HORRIBLE headaches that last for days at a time.
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Originally Posted by healthytoad View Post
My doctor also gave me a referral to a specialist who will help me learn how to eat, and exercise with the hypothyroidism.
That's great that you'll be able to see a specialist for such specific information. I'd love to hear what they tell you about both diet and exercise.

I started with hyperthyroid that was treated and am now hypothyroid. My doc just reduced my synthroid dosage in Jan cuz my levels where a tiny bit above the acceptable range. I hope that reduction doesn't make it harder for me to lose weight!
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I am Vitamin D deficient (levels came in at 16 back in December). I just went for blood work last Friday to check my Vitamin D levels, glucose, Cholesterol, Thyroid the works.

Off to do more research on the correlation between low Vitamin D and Hypothyroid.
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