• Does any one else have IBS It really makes dieting hard one day I'm 175 the next day I'm 178 exercise seems to help but the bloating makes it hard
  • I have IBS among other issues, and it's a pain! Literally! If you want to pm me, feel free.
  • It makes it hard to know if you have lost weight or if you are bloated some days I'm 2 pounds lighter then other days I'm 5 pounds heavier.It does put a damper on weight loss lol and makes it hard .
  • I also have it but am quite lucky in that I seem to know my triggers now -

    Spicy food

    There are some alternatives out there. I can drink regular milk but if I have too much switch to rice milk for a while. I avoid cream, yogurt etc I know if I have a curry I will suffer . . . . .

    Taking a teaspoon of aloa vera in some juice on a morning and a Acidophilus tablet (digestive aid from most health stores) really helped calm my belly down somewhat and help with the bloating.

    Feel free to PM too
  • I have had ibs for years and it has been particularly bad in the past 2 years. i read everything I can and now my latest treatments include probiotics esp with bifidium, digestive enzymes. peppermint capsules when needed, and I just bought seratonin. Not sure how much to take. I don't eat dairy or wheat. I have severe diverticulitis so I also don't eat seeds or mostly anything raw. I also have acupuncture. I guess I spend a lot of my time treating it. Most bloating is gone. But I range between constipation and diarrhes so I make sure I take something for that.
    I am at my goal weight so I don't diet.
    Best to you. Mima
  • You should only weigh once a week anyway, not every day if you have trouble handling the fluctuations. Even people who don't have IBS have these.
  • I have a tape measurer and body fat calipers. In the morning, I use these to determine how bloated I am that day. If it's especially bad, I can tell myself that the scale is higher than it should be. It helps keep me in the mindset that I am still in control.

    The good news is that even though the fluctuations will always happen, your real weight will continue to drop. I prefer to look at things over the long term rather than a few days, because that's where you see the real trend.

    And yep, even those lucky folks without IBS to contend with still see these fluctuations. Bodies are funny things.
  • IBS sabotaged my successful weight loss using Atkins weight loss program. I have spent many years trying to get my IBS under control. My is an ordinary type (no bleeding) with mostly constipation and dull pain commonly around my left hip. What has enabled me to retrun to the Atkins life style is a combination of eliminating trigger foods like coffee, spinach, cantaloupe, chocolate, all sweeteners except liquid sweet-n-low and most added coloring and preservatives. I have added 3 Table spoons of acacia tummy fiber (found on the internet at Heathers tummy fiber) a day blended in a bullet with 4 oz. unsweetened soymilk and 6 oz. water every morning and 500 mgs of magnesium a day. My dairy consumption consists of organic heavy whipping cream and around 2 oz. hard cheese a day. I treat myself to one diet A and W root beer with 2 T heavy whipping cream. I eat around the same amount of protein as most other weight loss diets spread over the day when I am hungry. I eat a small amount of sald. No beans of any kind. Coffee in the morning is the only thing I really miss. Holding my breath and extending my stomach out as far as I can and holding it for as long as I can will stimulate my digestive tract often freeing gas and propelling the contents of my digestive system along its way out. That’s what I have learned about my IBS. I hope this information will help you. It took me years to figure out.