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Wannabehealthy 03-18-2022 08:18 AM

Diabetes and Pre diabetes Chat For Spring 2022
Do you have Diabetes or Prediabetes? Join us here to chat about its effect on weight loss.

Wannabehealthy 03-18-2022 08:36 AM

Spring is only a couple days away!

I only had 5+ hours of sleep last night but I feel pretty good. Probably because of the extra sleep I've had the past few days.

Its funny, but since I've had this pain in my arm the pain I was having in my legs has let up and I'm walking much better. The arm pain gets worse when in lying down. When I'm in an upright position it lessens. It seems to be positional.

Mad, I've had the tube inserted in the nose. Uncomfortable but not painful. I do have acid reflux and I was told to not talk as much and see a speech therapist, which I did not. Maybe that's a common suggestion from them. That was several years ago when I was losing my voice often. The problem resolved itself after I retired and only DH to talk to.

If anyone is interested one of our previous posters wrote a complete review of the book Magic Foods for Better Blood Sugar. Both Trish and I have this book and have discussed it often.

Here's a link to the thread reviewing the book.


Gone Astray 03-18-2022 09:48 AM

Mad, I hope they have a plan that will help you. I have never had the scope done and I cringe thinking about it.

Carol, I too had a lousy sleep, big trouble was trying to get to sleep. I just cannot shut off my mind, I relax a bit and feel like I am drifting off them some random thought pops in and takes over. I woke up a lot more than usual and had a tough time falling back to sleep. I never nap, unless I am sick. I am afraid if I do, then I won't be able to fall asleep that night.

After my oven was all cleaned out, I realized I hadn't had dinner and I just hated to use it to cook, but I had 3 chicken breasts that I needed to cook. I had some sweet capicola in the fridge, so I pounded the chicken breasts, layered the capicola then mozzerella and made Italian Chicken Cordon Bleu. I put just a little zero carb breadcrumbs on the tops and baked. Came out really good, I love the flavor from the capicola. Now I have dinner for another 2 nights.

My daughter will be here around noon, so I hope to have her come and help me with the game cameras., I need some help to trim branches near the cameras as if it is windy it triggers the camera and I get a bunch of video or pictures of nothing.

Cleaning out fridge this am and washing all my bedding, I need to make a big salad for my lunch and plan dinners for next week. Trying to use up what is in the freezer.

I might get some yardwork done as we will be in the 60's today and should see the sun

Wannabehealthy 03-18-2022 01:02 PM

Ann, I usually fall asleep the minute my head hit the pillow but I wake up often and can't always fall back to sleep. I never napped until recently, pretty much when we got these new recliners. It rarely affects my sleep at night. But I heard yesterday that napping is an indication of Altzheimers.

This morning I asked DH to make scrambled eggs and he did. But he also made a slice of SL toast which I didn't ask for and I ate it. That's what I mean by put it in front of me and I'll eat it. 6 net carbs. Then when I went into the kitchen to clean up I saw that he had made pancakes for himself and left one on a plate. This is what I ask him not to do. If you're not going to eat it throw it away. I normally pop it in my mouth but today I was strong. I asked if he was going to eat it and was going to throw it away. But he said he will throw it out for the birds. Why not do that in the first place? I need to learn to be strong all the time. He is not going to change. He will never be supportive.

We are going to Rodney's and I will have scrod and green beans.

Gone Astray 03-18-2022 01:23 PM

Change of plans, daughter will be up late afternoon or tomorrow, I cleaned up kitchen dishes and went outside. I got 4 of my garden beds turned over and raked. Going to plant peas, carrots, radishes, swiss chard and golden beets.

Taking a break from the bending. Great exercise but the Fitbit doesn't give me any step credits. I have to remind myself my body counts every step, every movement, every bitd accurately.

Carol, I guess you have to be really specific with DH, like saying 2 eggs scrambled but no toast or any sides ??

Windows are open here, got to go back outside, still fighting off the urge to get some vodka to go with the 5 bottles of diet tonic I have in the fridge.

pattygirl63 03-18-2022 02:01 PM

I finally realized why I feel like crap this past week. Coffee. I have cut back to 2 c a day... one with breakfast and one after dinner cup. It leaves me draggy and almost headachy with foggy thinking. Glad to figure it out and that it is something that will go away in time.

Carol Sue, I just read that naps are good for you and how it makes you more alert later. It goes back to "who did the testing/research". I remember the day I told my SC doctor that I read that coffee was good for us to drink. And he asked me "Who did the testing?" I later read it all depends on who paid for the test as to how the test results come out. Makes sense though because of the way they flip flop on some things. What a shame Any way some days I need a nap and some days I don't. When I do and can, I take one. Sorry DH can't seem to get the routine right about your breakfast rules.

Mad, I think that is nice that you are able to have a little herb garden. I saw a box for sale the other day for having a small garden and thought it would be nice to have one around the outside of my patio. I could have one on each end and grow a few things. Glad you found out what the problem was with your throat and hope you will be able to correct it. Enjoy being with your DD for her birthday.

Ann, I can't get down and clean my oven like I used to so I don't use it. Since it is just DH and me, I use my small countertop toaster oven or my air-fryer to cook now. My kitchen is so small there isn't room for everything so unless I am cooking something in the big oven for a lot of people, I store my skillets Dutch oven that I use regularly in it. Since I use them a lot, I have no problem remembering they are there if I need to use the big oven.

I slept well. I have been drinking chamomile tea at night before going to bed and I fall asleep almost as soon as my head hits the pillow. I woke up ready to get up this morning and got all my exercises done. Now I am getting sleepy as my body adjusts to no more caffeine right now. Got some more reading to do y'all have a nice day.

Wannabehealthy 03-18-2022 03:43 PM

Ann, someone posted on Twitter "Just move your butt and you won't have to count steps!" And that's true. The movement you are getting, lifting, bending, etc you are doing go way beyond a few steps.

Trish, I believe that coffee has benefits but there can also be drawbacks. I believe naps can be good but when they start suddenly they can indicate a problem, or not. I agree with the doctor. Anybody can put anything on the internet or write it in a book. Doesn't make it true. We have to weigh everything.

The time I gave up coffee I didn't notice any difference good or bad, but there may have been underlying benefits that I couldn't see or feel. You are wise to cut back to protect your bones since you already know you have an issue. I'm sure you will adjust in time. You are very good at doing what's right. :hug:

pattygirl63 03-18-2022 10:20 PM

Carol Sue, I agree with you. There are a lot of good things about coffee in moderation.

Reading the book The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living, I got to the chapters explaining how eating less than 50 grams of carbs a day can get us into ketosis. I realized that this is why Dr. Berg teaches on his Youtube videos for people eating low carb to do keto by keeping their carbs under 50 grams. I don't know if this book will eventually say eat less carbs, but I've decided this is a starting place for me. So I have changed my MFP goals to line up with what I've read so far of a ration of carbs 15%, protein 30% and the rest will be fat grams so I can start this tomorrow. I have ordered the book because I want DH to read some of it because it may help him understand how his body deals with carbs as I do believe we both have Insulin Resistance.

Today has been good. I've got a protein shake planned for tonight but haven't been hungry yet so not sure I will have it or not. If I don't drink it, then today will end up being a 4 1/2 hr eating window.

I ended up with 5 days of the weight bearing/core exercises but only 2 days on the bike. I don't exercise on Sat and Sun so far. May change that later to with one day off in the middle of the week and keep my Sunday off. Just taking this one day at a time.

Gone Astray 03-19-2022 10:39 AM

Carol, I think you are so right about moving the butt. Seems that since I really started moving more- steps, up and down basement steps, moving and lifting things, gardening, the scale is also moving more. Another new low today, and as always I never quite believe it until I see it again but I do record it in the Fitbit app. It puts me at 22 lbs down, I will take it.

Patty, I did get on my bike today. DBF bugged me and said just do 10 minutes, don't keep going for 30 and burn yourself out, so I did the 10 Doesn't feel like it much but I would have to guess it was hundreds of revolutions for my knees. I think you are on the right track with the low carb. I have the old original Atkins book, and one of the newer cookbooks. There is a website you can sign up for and log food, I did that for a while as well as Fitbit because Atkins will calculate Net carbs and give me a better picture of how many I was eating. That got to be tedious so I just log in Fitbit.

It is cold and rainy here, 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. Doesn't look like I will be doing much outside or in my workshop. I got in over 5500 steps yesterday. I know those steps go a long way for my weight loss so I am going to have to get out there if we get a break. I am tempted to go to the garden store and see if they have blueberry bushes in. I put 2 into my raised beds last year and I have room for one more. I ordered elderberry plants and they should be shipped soon. I need to figure out where I am going to put them.

Wannabehealthy 03-19-2022 11:10 AM

Trish, when my friend decided to cut carbs she did it gradually. When she got down to around 50 grams per day she noticed she was losing weight. She was doing it to lower her blood sugar, not to lose weight, but the weight loss was a premium. She does very little cooking. She eats packaged foods, cottage cheese, yogurt, etc. I think the amount of carbs will be different for each individual but 50 would be a good starting point. Do you think DH will be willing to cut carbs that low?

I have been thinking about my situation with DH. I need to stop blaming him for my weight/eating issues. I need to grow a backbone and take responsibility for myself. I have an eating issue that I eat things because they are in front of me. I need to work on that. When I don't want toast I don't have to eat it just because its on my plate. Its my decision whether to put it in my mouth or not. I need to show him I'm not going to eat something unless I want it.

Yesterday I lost control. I went way over on carbs. That's one day. I'm back on track today. I can do this.

Trish that is an old book, written in 2012 I think. Some things could have changed since then but the basic information is the same. I remember when I started reading Dr Fung I read Diabetes Code first. After that I got Obesity Code and he seemed to contradict himself on some things. That's when I realized that with continuing research he realised he was wrong and changed the information in the newer book. So we should always be open to new ideas.

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring! :broc: New beginnings!

pattygirl63 03-19-2022 03:46 PM

Ann, Congratulations on the new low. You have definitely been consistent and now you are receiving your rewards. I remember a hearing of a WW dieter who was consistently on one of the WW plans years ago for one solid year before she started losing weight. I am bad about thinking that I must be doing something wrong and look for something else. I still don't know if I could do the same thing for one year with nothing happening.

Carol Sue, I don't know how much DH will be willing to change the carbs he eats. This is so frustrating for him since he doesn't have a weight problem. In fact, I'm not sure he isn't underweight. When he weighs at the doc's office, he has all his keys and junk in his pockets. So doc has no idea how little DH weighs. I joined Dr. Berg's FB page so maybe I should write him and see if he has any ideas.

So far, I have my calories under 1200 and my carbs total a little over 40 making net a little over 30. I can change that next week after we go to the store when I will get some almond milk. I've decided that I will just have to learn to like it as I read that almonds are a food good for my bones. I don't like eating almonds so I will just work at drinking almond milk. Carol Sue, when I told DH I was going to start drinking almond milk again because I'm going back on LC, he said he could drink 2% milk if that would help, so I think our DH just don't like us doing some things different from them. Of course, low fat milk has more carbs than whole... only 1 gram so I could keep it if I can keep those carbs and still lose weight and get the benefits of low carbing.

Have a nice day everybody.

Wannabehealthy 03-19-2022 04:16 PM

Trish, I remember way back when you told me about DHs low weight I thought he is not insulin resistant but LADA. But I am not a doctor and should not be making a diagnosis. I just hope his,doctor is giving him the right treatment.

I did some cleaning today and got my bills ready to pay. I can do that as soon as the electric bill comes.

DH is on his own for dinner today because I'm not hungry.

Gone Astray 03-19-2022 05:27 PM

Trish, I keep my net carbs between 20 and 40, It was easy for me to give up potatoes, pasta has been a challenge, none of the substitutes are really good enough to fool me. Low carb and keto bread options are fine. I use cauliflower rice as a sub and I like it. I keep almond and coconut flour on hand at all times. The crust for the keto pot pie uses coconut flour and those dumplings are so good. Soufle uses almond and I saw a pancake recipe that uses almond flour and ricotta cheese. I haven't tried it because if it makes a dozen and I like them, I will want to eat more than I should. So for me some things I can find acceptable substutions and others I just don't have. I do try new recipes a lot, it helps me if I keep this interesting. Oh Keto Ice cream is often an after dinner reward for a good day. I just scoop out half a cup and savor it.

I have accepted that today is going to be a hunker down day. Temps in low 40's , rainy, gloomy, foggy. I went outside to pick up dog yard and as soon as I was at the far end, the skies opened up, i was pelted with huge raindrops, I have done little except clean up kitchen after breakfast and I made a huge tossed salad so I have lunch for a few days, I was tempted to go and look for blueberry bushes, but I am not up to walking around in the rain or playing in the mud.

I took a pork chop out of the freezer for dinner but I don't think it will be thawed so I'll just have a couple of Atkins bars, I took out a package of sea scallops they should be ready to cook on Tuesday.

pattygirl63 03-19-2022 07:53 PM

Ann, What keto bread do you eat? I saw a loaf of keto bread at Sam's and looked at it and the carbs were extremely high. I used to think Sara Lee Multigrain Bread was low but they must have changed it because I noticed on MFP that it is showing it as high as that keto bread was. I used to find a good loaf at our Aldi's but the last few times I went there, they didn't have it so it isn't worth driving over there and it not be there.

I have started eating keto ice cream bars and make it my dessert each day. It is like a treat that that says that I the meal is over. Today I have a Protein shake planned later just so I can get all my protein in for the day. Calories will be less than 1400 and net carbs will be 38 grams. I am very pleased with the way things have gone today.

Thanks for sharing.

Gone Astray 03-19-2022 08:12 PM

Trish, I found Thin Slim zero carb bread on Amazon, but it was so expensive, a 2 pack was $25.00 so I found the company website and bought 5 loaves direct. I paid $7.99 a loaf. They have a lot of zero carb, these are 45 calories a slice, 7 grams carb but also 7 grams fiber are net zero carb. I also bought keto breadcrumbs and they carry all kinds of items. When first going low carb or keto these things are nice to have. I found it a little dry as just toast, but as a grilled cheese or an egg sandwich it was great, it would also be perfect for French toast. I bought 5 loaves and put 4 in the freezer.
I also get a great wrap that is keto brand is Flatout, the smaller ones are 45 calories and 2 net carbs each.

well it is still misterable, rainy and cold, went out to put veggie scraps in compost bin-when I was a kid that was my brother's job and somehow it got called 'Going out to feed grandma' I sitll call it that. I tell Otis I am going to feed grandma and he runs to the door then right out to the bin. We played a little frisbe in the cold , I got pretty much nothing done, I could have read, or started weaving the basket I bought reed for, but just wanted to cover up with a blanket on the couch and watch mindless TV. There are not a lot of shows I like but I got into North Woods Law, it is about conservation officers here in NH and in Maine, I often know the places they go and a few times I knew the people they were dealing with.

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