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Wannabehealthy 03-19-2021 06:30 AM

Diabetes and Prediabetes Chat Spring 2021
Have you been diagnosed with Diabetes, or told that you have Pre-Diabetes? Join us here to discuss diet and exercise to improve your health!

You can review the Winter Chat by following this link.

Diabetes and Prediabetes Chat Winter 2020/2021 - 3 Fat Chicks on a Diet Weight Loss Community

Wannabehealthy 03-19-2021 06:45 AM

It was so nice to be able to start the Spring thread! I'm more than ready to put winter behind me. That's what's nice about having 4 seasons, there's always something to look forward to.

I want to work toward getting more involved with exercise this season. I seem to put it off, but exercise is VERY important with diabetes. It helps control your blood sugar, and helps with insulin resistance in Type 2. I've been reading a lot about insulin lately and high insulin levels are the cause of many metabolic disease issues, like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, obesity and type 2 diabetes. I used to exercise more but have really gotten away from it lately. So that is my goal for Spring. Don't let me forget it!!

Do you have a goal in mind?

Wannabehealthy 03-19-2021 08:47 AM

The sewer company was here for 2 minutes and left. They looked at it, said it was perfect, took a picture and drove away. So glad that's over with. Everybody in the neighborhood had to do it except the woman next door who has a newer house. They must have done hers when the house was built.

pattygirl63 03-19-2021 01:10 PM

Carol Sue My scale was bad this morning too. I can't believe that I jumped that much over night to 191 so I'm sure it was fluid from the chipped beef and not drinking enough water plus I weigh so much earlier on Friday to go to the beauty shop. I like coming home from the beauty shop but there are just so many places to go to over in that part of town. When they move the 1st it will be right next to Target and directly across the street from $Tree. I think we will be able to go without masks pretty soon and I might want to shop on nice days.

I haven't done my exercises for a good week now so I definitely want to get back to it. I need to learn some new exercises because I think I've gotten bored with the bike all the time. Saying that, I would love to get back to at least do 30 minutes 5 days a week on the bike like I was doing in SC. My baby sister is moving back here next month. They are coming next week to look for a house to buy and wants to moved out here close to us. I think that will be good for me. She does low carb and I just might get back to it myself. It is springtime and I am getting hungry for some of the low carb meals I used to eat. It might not be bad to shake things up by eating low carb again or at least moderately low. We don't eat a lot of meat lately and I am really hungry for some beef. I like WW except I got so tired of all the fish and chicken and I tried eating ground turkey but just couldn't go it. I had breakfast with toast, eggs and bacon this morning and will try to eat a low carb lunch. I finally found me so peeps that I love around Easter and bought 2 little packages. I've eat one and might put the other one in the freezer. I may just ease into low carbing again. As much as I like IE, I just don't have time to gain weight while waiting to get my head on straight so I can stop thinking about losing weight. So I guess IE may not be for me after all. I will continue reading the book etc, but I think I may have dieted too many years to change now. Of course, my big problem is that I do Not want to gain back up over 200 lbs. I am either going to do moderately low carb or I will go back to WW. I will decide by April 1st.

I'm glad your plumbing passed inspection and that is over.

Other than feeling kind of tired, I feel like I have come through the vaccines very well. I heard from DH daughter this morning and grandson is feeling much better today. Funny thing is I felt my heart race after I got the first shot but I didn't have any of that this time. I'm glad they are getting them in PA now. I'm hearing now that by summertime this may be behind us. DH daughter said they think they have a handle on it now that more people are getting the vaccine. I pray so.

Have a good day.

Edited: Decided not to play around with this any more. I am back to counting calories using MFP. Can't allow myself to lose ground. I've lost too much weight to start gaining again. OP today.

Wannabehealthy 03-19-2021 06:03 PM

We went to my favorite restaurant again today and I had scrod, DH had salmon. They are supposed to be at 50% capacity but they are always crowded. Every seat in the dining room and the bar were taken. We had a 20 minute wait and they put us and some other people in the banquet room. We were spaced out in there which was good. I am glad that masks are still mandated here. I am not ready to go without. One man who was waiting with us said if you haven't had the virus yet you probably won't get it but why are there still over 100 positive tests per day? Its just too soon for us in PA to let our guard down.

pattygirl63 03-20-2021 01:36 AM

Well, today was what IE calls the last supper day of eating because I ate the junk food I had bought and now they are gone. Tomorrow I will go back to eating OP. I don't feel guilty because it was a planned day to eat those foods I really wanted so that I now have it out of my system. I won't buy them any more so they won't be in the house for quite some time. I am not going to say I will never eat them again, I just won't be hungry for them for a while.

I scanned through the Stress Diet book of the Heller's where they push people eating a big breakfast. I want breakfast but I really don't want a big breakfast plus I only want to eat breakfast when I am hungry for it. I don't want any more "have to" eat foods. I gues that is why diets don't necessarily work for me.

Headed to bed soon. Good night.

Wannabehealthy 03-20-2021 07:36 AM

My weight is still going up.

Trish, I've heard a lot of people talk about Last Supper Syndrome and so many times I have finished off bad food that I had in the house so I could start over, never asking myself why I bought that food in the first place. Recently I have been buying "salad stuff" with the intentions of eating a salad every day then throwing it all out when it goes bad. I know I feel so much better when I eat light so I don't know what's got into me. Yesterday I had scrod and ordered green beans with it instead of the rice pilaf I usually order. I refused the roll that usually comes with it and that was very difficult. Now I feel I should have had the things I like if I was going to gain any way. I also drank 2 bottles of water that tasted so refreshing but all I got out of that was getting up 3 times during the night. But I'm not a quitter. I'll try again today to improve my eating and get the scale going back down.

Wannabehealthy 03-20-2021 08:42 AM

I am reading the P:E Diet by Dr Ted Newman. It is high protein, low carb, and low fat. I am interested in him explaining how the body works. I don't know how I got this book. It is $20 on Amazon and I would not pay that much for it, but its on my Kindle Fire in PDF form. He is a practicing PCP. An online friend goes to him and has lost 130 lbs on this diet, but I could not follow it living with DH. But its interesting. Everyone has a different view of things. One thing he says is don't try to lose weight eating less of the same food that made you fat, which describes me.

pattygirl63 03-20-2021 11:45 AM

Well the191was real and with all the sugar it was 191.6 at one point so I guess I should count the 191.6 and make today my WI day because I need a starting point again. BP was up to 113 and I know that was the sugar too.

Back OP. I have done my calisthenics and will do approx 20 minutes (2 miles) on the bike. I don't know what DH did with my 5 lb kettle bell so I guess I will have to order another one. I don't think I should do the 10 lb one yet if ever. I definitely want to get back to the exercises.

I decided that I do best not eating breakfast plus on days like today I shouldn't eat it any way. I am making spaghetti. Mine will be mostly WWSF because I use whole grain pasta which is 0 pts. I think on SF that my Sara Lee Bread is 0 pts or 1 pt and my diet margarine is no more than 2 pts so I probably won't spend many pts. Although I will be tracking mine on MFP. Spaghetti sauce is in the crockpot. I couldn't do a strict lowcarb because of DH. So I know what you mean. That is why a semi-CAD plan always worked better for me but I can't have all my carbs at one meal because it makes me lethargic after. I don't know it would work if I just balanced it like CALP of 1/3,1/3,1/3 because I don't know how to balance in my dairy etc.

I'm completely over the soreness of my arm so I guess other than the wanting to sleep for almost 24 hrs, you might I breezed through the vaccination. I am so thankful. Even DGS is doing okay.

Mad I do so pray you are doing okay. I wonder about you when we don't hear from you for a long time. Did you get the vaccine yet? I hope you are just too busy to check in.

Pipsicle I pray your week has been better. I'm hearing more and more people are having problems right now because of the lockdowns everyone is so stressed.

Have a good day everybody.

Wannabehealthy 03-20-2021 01:26 PM

Trish, I am hoping Mad is ok too. It has been 8 days since she posted and normally it's every 3-4 days. Come check in, Mad!

Trish, if you are ok skipping breakfast then do it. We are all different. Don't force yourself to eat a meal that you dont really want. I could skip dinner more easily than breakfast but DH HAS to have dinner. He hasn't been eating many potatoes but I don't know if he's having less pain than before. He has had French fries out but not home cooked. Ill have to ask him. These potatoes are going to go bad if they don't get eaten. I told him to try buying red potatoes but he prefers russet.

Eating the way you describe your meal today sounds very much like you were doing on WW and I think that's your plan, whether you pay or do it on your own.

I wish I could remember where I got this P:E PDF. I can't put it down. I find it really hard to believe i paid $20 for it. Im too cheap to do that! I've had it for a while but never started reading it.He made me understand why Atkins requires 2 full weeks of Induction. If I was alone I would be doing this. He actually allows up to 100 GM of carb but they are not carbs as we know them and he recommends only having them at dinner. Similar to CAD.

I have no plans for today.

pattygirl63 03-20-2021 01:54 PM

Carol Sue I too could do Atkins or Keto if it was just me but it isn't going to work with DH and me. It would take me 2 weeks of Induction to stop wanting to eat starchy carbs. I cook them for him and that make me want them too.

pattygirl63 03-20-2021 06:47 PM

Carol Sue I bought the book your reading in pdf. It is so much easier to understand why Atkins worked so well for me. I was probably doing Atkins back when I was doing IE and was going so long without eating. I wrote you saying I could low carb or keto if I didn't have to cook for DH.

Now the most amazing thing of all after dinner DH told him that he wanted me to watch this guy with him. His name is Dr. Sten Ekberg who is explaining 14 Treatments for Insulin Resistance on YouTube. He is saying pretty much what we are reading in the P:E Diet book. I am so amazed because DH agrees with this guy. I don't know what DH will decide to do, but he seems to know that you can't feed the body starches and sugar and control insulin. He doesn't eat much protein but that just might change now.

I looked this guy up and he has some great videos on IF, Ketogenics and much more. I want to watch some more of them. He even talks about the coronavirus and why people probably die from it. DH is watching one now on coronavirus and our immune system. How wonderful it will be if DH decides to eat this way.

All this info shows me why Atkins worked so good for me when I was doing it and back then I really, really did not get hungry for carbs. It helps to understand how it works.

Wannabehealthy 03-20-2021 08:54 PM

Trish, I can't put this book down. I am on the part about IF. Did you pay $20 for it? I must have, but that is not like me. The information is so worth the money. A woman on the other forum told me about him. He is her PCP.

pattygirl63 03-20-2021 09:47 PM

Carol Sue Yes, I paid $20 on Amazon to get it on my kindle. I can't read it once DH wants me to watch movies with him even if I'm not all that interested in them. LOL Any way I look forward to reading more tomorrow or may read some before I go to bed if I'm not tired when he turns off the tv.

Knowing what you said earlier, I had t he carb meal when we had spaghettii. Then later this evening I had a few slices of lunch meat DH bought at Sam's along with an oz of cubed cheddar cheese. The amazing thing is that just as he says in the book, the protein satisfied me so I haven't been hungry. I don't want to buy a lot of meat/protein until I get my new freezer but I think when my BS (baby sister) gets my deep freezer and I get the new upright I want to order, I am going to think about going more keto like woe. I think understanding how it all works will make it easier to do. And if DH does decide to do it it with me that will make it even better.

I appreciate you sharing the book with me. I agree the book is worth the money. I look forward to reading more tomorrow. This has been a very productive day. Thanks.

Good night.

Wannabehealthy 03-21-2021 06:57 AM

We had pizza for dinner. My weight is down 2.4 lbs from 195.2 to 192.8. I had several bowel movements yesterday so maybe I was retaining poop! Tomorrow we will see if the loss is real.

I watched 2 videos of Sten Eckberg. The one about Caronavirus was made before the vaccine. The one about IR was the drugs and how they are NOT the right treatment. The things he said remind me of Dr Fung.

DH said no pain since he stopped eating potatoes. He usually fried them. Today we will try mashed.

In the section about IF Dr Neiman said you can eat like CAD, no carbs at breakfast and lunch but have then at your evening meal. But only certain carbs. He allows up to 100 GM per day, but he is including vegetable carbs. And he says never eat carb and fat together. I've heard that before. I could cook meat and veggies and include a carb for DH. I could make it work if I'm determined.

He also said you could do this in steps starting with a low carb/no carb breakfast. Once you can do that add lunch, then dinner, and some can keep carbs in dinner,but no sweets.

Trish, your DH does not need to lose weight but he does need to reduce blood sugar. I don't think he's insulin resistant. I wonder how this plan would effect his weight.

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