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  • Carol Sue I hope your DH back feels better soon. Not easy to deal with life when in pain. I think getting back into my exercise is helping with mine.
    I went back to the low carb site we both were on at one time. Is that the same one you frequent? There is a lot of information on there even about IF. I found it all very interesting and helpful. Some of those people I remember from years ago. I can't remember her name but that lady who used to attend Dr. Westman's classes on low carbing at Duke University is full of good info. I think that site will be more helpful to me than FB groups.

    When I tried to join the FB CAD group they mentioned another CAD group that does low carb with one RM and people should go there. I think the CAD group on the low carb site is the one they must have been thinking about that Eno was on. She and I started CAD at the same time and 2003 and she is at goal and stays there and here I am still struggling. How I wish I had stayed with it like she did. Any way today is a new day,

    I think I am at a place where I am just maintaining. But after reading things I read on there I honestly think IF/CAD may be the way to go for me. Although I did read that some people have found that just eating like they want along with IF works for them. I am going to go back and read the IF thread and see what they all have to say. Many low carbers who do IF don't do EF. Some do 12, 18 or 20 hr fasts with a 24 hr thrown in once in a while and do very well with weight loss. So I like reading about some of those people who have been on that site for years and how they have successfully lost weight and kept it off. Those are people I can learn from.

    My weight is bouncing between 188.2 and 187.4 and FBG was 102 this morning which means I cannot eat Atkins bars so will have to give them away or throw them out. Today after reading what I did on the low carb site, I am going back to 2MAD and eat only brunch and an 3 early dinner around 3 or 4. Don't know if I will worry about it being CAD or just try to keep the carbs moderately low. I've done 3 days of exercise this week. Will it again tomorrow and have the 4 days a week done. I heard of a man asking another man if he felt like doing something and the guy turned to him and said "What has feelings got to do with it". Don't remember what they were talking about but that phrase stayed with me. It doesn't matter whether I feel like exercising. It just matter that I do it so I will feel better as person as well as physically. As Joyce Meyer says "Just Do It". I think that applies to staying OP for both exercise and diet plan.

    Carol Sue I don't think you having your eggs for brunch and then eating what you want when you go out to eat is a bad thing. That was how Rachel Heller lost weight and kept it off before she met her DH and got into the science of it. That was how I lost weight in the beginning on CAD. The only rule I followed was eat 1 lc meal and 1 carby meal. When I married DH and moved to FL, I continued eating that way. I never ate after 3 or 4 in the afternoon. I don't guess I even owned a scale and didn't realize how much I had lost. My head was still fat but my body wasn't. I remember when he took me shopping for new clothes and thought it was crazy that I was buying size 14 clothes and they fit me. I never felt like a size 14 person. I still have those clothes and look forward to wearing them again but this time, I want to know I am a size 14 person.

    I realize today that don't have to buy clothes for a long time. DS said she gave me about 30 blouses and it looks like she gave me maybe a dozen pair of pants. However, I will give a lot of them back because I don't plan to keep wearing that size forever, but it is nice to have them as I lose weight.

    Mad I hope you get the answers you need when you go to the doctor. I think the pandemic causes us all to be a little anxious if we aren't careful. I've read so much about it and other things going on so much that I finally had to just stop reading and listening to it all because it becomes so stressful. I am in the process of trying to de-stress my life and just live in peace. There comes a place where I just had to turn it off. I don't want to bury my head in the sand either, but I have learned my limits.

    Have a nice day everybody.
  • We had another good day at the casino. It didn't look that way at first but then I got a good machine and I ended up being the winner this time. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop because its not normal to not lose. DHs back doesn't hurt at the casino, but it will hurt tonight when he goes to bed. @@

    I still go to that LC forum Trish, but I mostly read but not post. They are pretty strict low carb and I'm not. They do not allow extended fasting discussions except for IF. But there is good information there. The reason Eno did so well is because she did the balanced RM with the 1/3, 1/3, and 1/3, and the salad. She had one serving of carb, that's all. There are a few still doing CAD but I don't know them.

    I go to another LC forum but its not very busy and they don't talk much about diet anymore. Lots of general discussion, games, etc.

    I can wear a 14 pants now as long as they are elastic waist but I need bigger tops. I carry my weight in my upper body. I won't ever have to buy more clothes unless I gain weight. I have plenty of clothes that fit and smaller ones packed away. My capris from last year will be a little loose but I will still wear them. My weight hasn't changed much in the past few years.

    Tomorrow we go to get out taxes done. Its a new place and I'm not sure where to go. Our appointment is at 9 and its 15 minutes away but we will go early. I can't wait to get it over with. We got our stimulus payments this week. I want to get new chairs but DH won't let me order them online so we will go to the Lazy Boy store so we can try them.. I want to get good ones because they will be our last. Last time we bought cheap ones because we didn't have extra money. They are terrible now.

  • Carol Sue Congrats on your winnings. I went along with DH buying these recliners because he liked them but mine has never been really comfortable to me because it doesn't fit my back. They were expensive chairs and probably last the rest of our lives. I want to get rid of our old couch and love seat and get 2 new love seats for our living room so it won't be so crowded in here. But not sure when I will do that as it is time to start saving for other big bills that will be coming up in the fall.

    I only read on the LC Forum. I looked at the other one they started from the old one that is no more and I noticed that not much is going on on that one.

    I've had a really good IF day. Not very low carb or high protein but still good but I did manage a 4 hr eating window. Calories were around 1200 and I have just one more day of exercise to get my 4 days done for this week. So it has been a good week so far.

    DS called today and they are quarantined for a week. Someone at BIL job had covid and he was exposed. I thought that strange since they had their shots, but they said it could be a different strain so he can't go back to work until next Monday. They have no symptoms and DS talked to the doctor's office and they said that if she has no symptoms she can go in for her drs appoint next Tuesday.

    I hope we all have a good nights sleep.
  • Trish, I saw recliners online that I liked. They came in large and small, so DH who is close to 6 ft would have a bigger one, and I will have a smaller one. They were identical in style and color otherwise. But he wants to be able to sit in them and try them out because he doesn't want to go through returning them if he doesn't like them. I guess that's true, but I didn't want to be going out to furniture stores. The salesmen follow you around the store and that makes me feel pressured to buy. We got a good deal on the chairs we have now, but after a short time, they would not stay back in the reclining position. I don't know why. I want to buy a new sofa too but the dog sits on it and DH says he doesn't want to buy a new sofa for the dog. LOL Everywhere online it said there could be a delay if you order chairs, due to covid and it's better to go to a store and buy what they have in stock.

    I heard on the news that they decided that a person who got the vaccine CANNOT transmit the virus to another person. I don't know if that applies to the other strain, they didn't address that. Also they said that the virus cannot transmit from hard surfaces, so when they told us to wipe everything down with anti bacterial wipes it was not really necessary. They don't know everything about this virus but are learning as they go along.

    Yesterday on Dr OZ they had an "expert" on, talking about OMAD. He said it is no good to do that. I disagreed with everything he said. DH believed it all and said there's no way you can only eat once a day. Well, I can prove to him that it can be done! I do that occasionally, now. I don't think you have to do OMAD every day. I usually eat 2MAD but if we are going out for dinner, sometimes I skip brunch/lunch so I can eat a full dinner and not worry about over eating. We don't eat at the casino anymore so on the way home DH stopped at McDonalds for burgers and fries, but I didn't get anything. He asked me if I wanted anything and I said "I want to lose weight!" I had already started my fast and didn't want to break it. So I have fasted since 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon and I probably won't eat until we come home from the Tax Appointment. Just coffee.When I get a 16 hour fast it seems so short it doesn't even feel like a fast. I hope this fasting is doing something for my body. I want to lose weight, but I also want to be healthy. I am able to handle all-day hunger now most days, and if I get too hungry I just eat something. No set rules. Just take it day by day. I learned that from DR Fung.

    I want to get my paperwork together for the tax appointment. I'll post more later.
  • Great solution!
  • Carol: doing OMAD a couple of times a week is fine, its just an extended fast from the 18:6 IF. Dr. Fung explains not to do it all the time, because the body will adjust and you will just be stuck in the low calorie rut and not lose weight that way any more. Its certainly not bad for you to do from time to time. There are those who would argue that me eating only 8 meals a week is a problem. I have been doing no meals 3 days a week and eating 4 days a week with 16:8 IF, alternating fasting with eating. No issues here.

    My doc appointment was virtual. We went over my blood work. My iron stores and hemoglobin and blood counts are all normal. Sodium a little low, but I am not eating salty prepared foods, though I add salt at the table, and even some with cooking. My doctor knows about my fasting regime and is supportive, and agrees I need to get my weight down. My A1C was still good, but up from the previous round of blood work, and she thinks it will improve again with the weight loss. We discussed me continue this for some months to get well below 150 this time, to get into the "normal" weight range, instead of low overweight. Its taken 2.5 weeks to lose about 7 pound (I was below 160 today, FINALLY) so its going, not really fast, but fast enough to feel worth the hard work. I can keep doing it as long as the result stay good.
    We also went over me using the trazodone for sleep and she is happy with that, and agrees, its a vicious circle, of anxiety and depression if I can't sleep. I will keep trying to find a way to get the cognitive behavioural therapy to help with it too. I had some difficulty getting to sleep last night, so I am a bit short of sleep today, but still had almost 6 hours, so I will manage. And am happy that the things I tried did eventually help and I was able to get to sleep and slept well once there.

    Trish: you did ok on CAD before I think, because its not too high in fat, right? I think there is some, but not as much at Atkins or Keto would have you do. My Uncle Gary, who was overweight for most of his adult life, did South Beach before his heart surgery at age 60 and lost over 100 pounds, and has kept it off and is now in his 80s. But he is still a carb addict. They don't keep certain things in the house, because he can't help himself. He copes mostly by avoiding trigger foods.

    Well, more lovely weather today. Out for a walk with Buddy in a bit. Have a good day everyone
  • Mad, I'm glad your Dr appointment went well and the doctor is on board with what you're doing. I don't usually discuss weight or diet with my doctor. He isn't concerned unless there's a big change.

    I fall asleep in seconds after my head hit the pillow, but some nights I wake up often like I did last night. I think I had taxes on my mind.

    They are doing taxes different this year because of the virus. They discuss your paperwork with you then they scan the documents into the computer. Someone will prepare the tax return then we pick it up next Tuesday. I was telling the guy that we never got our refund from 2019 and he said he sent them a payment and it has never been cashed. So they are far behind.

    I ended up with a 19 hour fast overnight. And my weight is back down to 189.8. I am pleased with the fast and the weight. Naturally I want to continue down but I'm content to take it slow. It took me years to gain this weight. I am enjoying the foods I want, just less of them. I dont feel deprived. I have no timetable for my losses.
  • Mad So glad you had a good Drs. appointment. It is nice to have a doctor that goes along with what you are doing. I had that with my dr in SC and I do miss him. I like the one I have now but just different. In SC a lot of doctors did low carb, keto etc so my doc there understood it. My TX doctor doesn't like keto but has no problem with WW or low carb. I'm sure he goes by the old idea of low carb of 45 grams 3x a day with 15 gram snacks. He told me once that 1200 calorie a day was not enough food. LOL So I don't discuss my diet with him. Now that my A1c is good and weight coming down he doesn't talk much about anything. He is happy and I am too.

    I did do pretty good on CAD at one time but it is easy for me to overdo the RM. So I like to do a low carb most days and use a CAD RM when I eat some where where it is carby and not so healthy. Also I think that having a carby meal once in a while here at home with DH isn't bad either. The 2MAD seems to be key to a lot of things for me. Yesterday, I told DH that I really didn't want to cook so we had soup and instead of a salad, I had a ham sandwich. Loads of sodium and I was surprised this morning that my scale was back down to 187.2 down 1 lb from yesterday. I really think eating only 2 meals yesterday was the difference.

    Carol Sue I also remembered Dr. Fung saying not to eat OMAD all the time. I also remember reading some where not sure who said that it helps to change things up from time for the very reason he says not to do OMAD all the time and that is that our bodies adapt. I really believe that is true because I remember when I was doing IE, maybe the reason I didn't lose as quickly was that I got in a rut. I would go so long without eating sometimes and maybe my body adjusted to it. I was doing all the right things but I was in a routine.

    I'm headed to do my 2 miles on my recumbent bike before I eat brunch. Then I will have this weeks goal of exercise met. I tell you I think there is something about doing those exercises. I do about 20 minutes of core and calisthenics 3 days a week and I do 2 miles which takes longer than 20 minutes doing them like we read in the PE Diet. I feel so good today and I'm not if the exercise is what is making me feel this good or if it is the fact that I have accomplished it, but I will take it. It also makes me want to eat right.

    Have a really nice day everybody.
  • Another good day. I ended up with an 17 hr fast today because I was online here with Babysister on the phone looking up houses online from her realtor. She would look at the house on their website and I would google the address to see where it was. We found one she wanted and when she called to tell the realtor she learned it had sold. Amazon is coming building a huge warehouse here and bringing in their own people and houses are selling like hot cakes. She had another house similar and was going to call the owner and see what they could do but I haven't heard back from Babysister about it. They are driving back tonight and will call me tomorrow or text me to let me know they got back here safely. I hope they find a house soon. Of course, I would love for her to live close to me, but she needs to get what she wants.

    Anyway, I ate within a 6 hr window and stretched to get a little over 1000 calories. All my goals for this week has been met so far with one more day to go since I've made Saturday my WI day.

    Hope we all have had a good day today.

  • Just stopping by to say Hi. Very tired and I hope I sleep better tonight.

    Trish, I think you had a 17 HR fast, not a 17 HR eating window like you said in your first sentence.

    So tired I'm going to bed early.
  • Quote: Just stopping by to say Hi. Very tired and I hope I sleep better tonight.

    Trish, I think you had a 17 HR fast, not a 17 HR eating window like you said in your first sentence.

    So tired I'm going to bed early.
    Carol Sue You are right. LOL!!!
  • I really crashed last night as soon as my head hit the pillow. I was both physically and mentally drained. It was not the best sleep I ever had but it was really needed.

    Weight is down 1.2 lbs to 188.6. I am so happy that I've finally begun to lose. Its the IF that's doing it, not food choices. When I eat, I eat good, but not as often or as much as before. I don't count or track anything. I am eating like a normal eater for the first time in a long time. I pray that I can continue on with this and not fall off the wagon. Poor DH is suffering because I won't eat every 2 hours with him anymore. I really don't think my body was meant to carry 190 lbs.

    DH already told me he wants salmon for dinner today. I'm so glad he has started eating something new thats healthy. So its either Texas Roadhouse or Rodneys and I chose Rodneys. They have a couple things on their menu that I've been wanting to try. Today I will try Chicken Croquettes but I hope they allow me to choose vegetables with it instead of potatoes. Today I will have a 16 hour fast since i ate late yesterday, around 7 and will eat brunch and dinner in 5 or 6 hours.

    Trish, I hope your sister finds a house soon and its close to you. The three of you get along so well and can do things together. I heard that the price of lumber has skyrocketed so they are not building as many new home. This is causing more interest in the sale of existing homes making them harder to find.

    I want to get some cleaning done today.
  • Carol Sue It won't be long until we will be weighing the same and you just might pass me up. Weighing 2 hrs early on Friday, I have to remember that I weigh a little more on Fridays. I really shouldn't weigh on Friday but it is a habit from the CAD days. Weight is up to 188 this morning so we are kind of together now.

    I found a place on the LC Forum where I shared my experience way back then and I was sharing how I do better just eating a little more carbs than recommended and not counting micros etc. So I'm thinking about going back to that. It was interesting to go back and see what my starting weight was back when I joined there when I was 68 yrs old was 242 lbs and now I weigh 188 today. It has taken me almost 10 yrs to get here but I am here and am finding the incentive to keep going. I have one week under my belt and going by the old WW suggestion of giving yourself 2 weeks to see the results, I am looking forward to another week like this week and what the results will be.

    Carol Sue, I also do better eating this way with IF. I really don't have any rules of I can't eat any certain food but like Mad's uncle, I don't bring certain foods in the house because I know they are trigger foods. However, I have found that when I am around some of the old trigger foods that they don't call my name like they used to. I think that is progress or just the fact that as we get older our tastes change.

    I'm glad your DH is starting to like better for him foods.

    Headed to beauty shop this morning. No need to go to the store because I don't need anything and won't until Monday or Tuesday when we will need to go to Sam's and I think I need to call my Lisinipril prescription to be refilled.

    Have a good day everybody.
  • Trish, I think you are better at sticking to plan than I am so I don't think I'll be passing you up, but I think it will be good for us to be this close. We will give each other incentive to keep going. Today I want to eat everything because I'm home. I do better at fasting when were out somewhere. I have Triscuits in the pantry that I bought at a,weak moment and they are calling my name. Caaarrrooolll!

    I have an Excel worksheet for weight loss where I've posted sporadically for years. Looking back I see where I was 181 back in Jan and Feb 2019. That's when DH first came home from the hospital and I got down to 179 for a nano second. When I started it years back I was 194 so I've only gone down 5 lbs in all that time, bouncing up and down all the way. I hope I don't go back to the 190s.
  • Carol Sue I've tried to like Triscuits but I think it is the texture I don't like, but I can't buy crackers like Ritz or club and some of the others because I can sit and eat almost a box of them even the ones that are supposed to be health call my name. So I understand.

    I am blessed that my beautician eats low carb. She and I share a lot and encourage each other. I feel like it is going to be even better when Babysister gets moved here. I do so hope she finds a house soon and close by. We were always closer than DS and me and did a lot of things together. We got into healthy eating when we met the guy at the health food store when Mama found out she had cancer. We have worked at eating healthy ever since then. I think BS does what they call Dirty or Filthy Keto which means they eat some processed foods. So I guess that is what I do too.

    I realized last night when I went to bed that actually had done an 18 hr fast instead of a 17 hr and it looks like that is what I am doing today as I haven't been hungry yet. Main meal around 3 will be easy because I came home from beauty shop and threw 2 chicken breasts in the crockpot with marinara sauce and will top it off with Parmesan cheese and add a salad and veggies to it. Not sure but I might even try not to eat anything after dinner and shoot for a 23 hr fast. However doing a 6:18 IF ratio is not bad at all. So will just see how the day goes.

    I talked to my niece last night. I am not sure how all that is going to turn out. It sounds like that with Babysister and BIL having the little boys with them this week has given them time to really talk without the distractions of the children. Like I told my BS you have to walk carefully though this with them because it is a "domestic problem" and I remember that DH#2 who was a oop used to say you have to be very careful in those situations because they can be fighting and you go to defend or help her and she will turn on you. They can work things out and you can lose the relationship so I told her I didn't want to talk about what was going on although she did tell me some things but I didn't advise her like I used to. I just listened, shared a few scriptures and mine and DH experiences and told her we loved her and was praying for her. I don't think I'm supposed to do anything else. I pray for the sake of the children they can work things out, but at the same time I think it is bad to use your children expecting them to hold things together. JMO

    Carol Sue I think we are working out our own woe. I want to keep tracking on MFP another week so I can get into my new routine although I'm not sure doing IF along with how I'm eating is really necessary because I end up trying to meet certain requirements of calories etc that I might not should be worried about. So will see. I see our eating like missile headed toward a goal. I always intrigued me when I learned that it doesn't travel a straight line, but wobbles around but it always hits its target. It is my hope that the even though we don't always do our plan 100%, that as long as we keep trying that we will hit our target.