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  • That's how I feel about masks, Trish. Even though I haven't received the vaccine I will wear a mask anywhere they request it. I never knew if they helped or not but I don't think I got the virus or if I did it was mild and short lived.

    I ate a pretty big dinner. 1 hour from 1-2 then started a new fast. Every day I succeed at this is one day closer to it being a lifestyle. We had turkey, stuffing and broccoli. I wrapped some up for leftovers, picked meat off the bones for Rusty and put the carcass out for the critters. We even gave them an apple strudel that no one wanted so they have dessert.
  • Carol Sue Right now I am easing into my eating plan. I'm not sure how it will go, but I'm not eating breakfast unless I really have a taste for breakfast. I seem to be able to go longer without breakfast than I can without evening meals. In fact, I was going to eat breakfast today but the morning just got away from me. My mornings go that way. So now if I can just get the evening eating under better control so I can have longer fasts, that will be great.

    DH liked the Creamed spinach. I think it had too much cream cheese and not enough flavor. I need to watch the video again because I think I was supposed to have added some parmesan cheese in it and I forgot. I watched more than one and didn't write it down so I guess that is why I didn't remember the parmesan. He said it just needed salt and it was fine after he added salt.

    We changed plans for the weekend. Not sure if Babysister and BIL are spending the night Friday night or not. But we made plans to eat early Friday so DS and her Hubby can go out to eat with us. We will eat on this side of town so we will be close to DBIL job. This clears us all up to attend my little great nephew's and baby sister's grandson's birthday party Saturday afternoon.

    I have heard so many different stories about why I should have and should not have had the vaccine. I am so tired of all the hype about it. I've had mine and I'm not too interested in all the news because you never know what is true or what isn't. I'm tired of hearing all of it.

  • Trish, it seems when I eat my first meal it starts me eating all day. It was never like that before. It used to be that if I ate eggs for my first meal I was sated for hours. OMAD seems to be working but if I get too hungry, shaky hungry, then I have to eat something small to hold me over. I don't even know if I like eggs anymore.

    I can guarantee that DH would not eat creamed spinach. I used to serve canned spinach and the kids loved it but DH said it looked like seaweed and wouldn't try it. We also used to make spinach dip with frozen spinach and he would not eat that either. But it's good that you and your DH both like it. It makes it easier to plan meals.

    It sounds like you and your family have a busy fun weekend planned. I hope you all enjoy it.

    Don't pay attention to what people say about the vaccine. You are happy with the choice you made. That's what's important. I will try to shut up about it. LOL

  • Weight is up .6 but I'm not surprised and I'm ok with it. I ate a really big meal yesterday. We don't eat meat on Good Friday so we will try to go out for fish. I say try because this are has a primarily Catholic population and I guess no one likes to cook fish at home. It gets very crowded everywhere. Even places that don't normally sell fish have it during lent and everyone has their favorite.

    I didn't sleep good last night. I have a lot on my mind. Nothing really important but to me. So I will be tired today. I will make beet horseradish today. Its easy because I cheat. I use canned beets and jarred horseradish. DHs mother used fresh beets and horseradish root. Not only was it hard grinding everything but it was hard to regulate how hot it would turn out. One can of beets mashed with one jar of horseradish makes it the way we like it. I like to eat it on Easter Cheese and on ham. Its funny, I could make this all year round but I don't. Just for Easter.

    Tomorrow is Easter Cheese and prep for potato salad. I told DH we are going to try organic potatoes next time. I feel bad that he can't eat his favorite food.

    Just a heads up to everyone. They said on the news that the cost of paper products is going to skyrocket for some reason so people might be stocking up again, toilet tissue, paper towels and facial tissue.
  • Hi everyone: weight is just below 162. I wound up doing OMAD last night. we got our electricity bill for the cottage and it looks like we may have a squatter. We usually turn off the power into the place, but even if DH left it on and left a heater on, (really can't see him being so careless) when he was last there, (after we had "closed" up and taken out the water lines etc, he went back up for a weekend on his own) it would not explain such a high bill.
    He has promised to be careful and not confront the person if anyone seems to be there, and to call police if it looks like there is someone there.
    But I am worried. Because of the isolation its not really ok to ask someone else who lives there to check it for us. The other cottages who would be near us don't stay open in winter either.

    So after figuring out last night that he would be leaving today, we ate the cod fish the I had thawing for Good Friday supper. That was fine. It was rather late when we ate, about 8 pm. So to be under 162 after eating is fine. I will fast today instead. and maybe do OMAD Saturday when he returns and the eat normally on Sunday, including the Easter dinner he wants. Trish, it may sound fancy to you, but its going to be pretty plain. Just Ham, potatoes, and broccoli, and maybe a salad, which is pretty normal fare. I will make a small dessert of GF Tiramisu so that will be the fancy part.

    Today I go and dye eggs with the little girls. It will be very safe, we are doing it outside in their back yard, (also a good idea to prevent spilling dye all over) and they have been quarantined for 2 weeks because of the outbreak at their school. Their whole family was just tested on Monday and all are negative too, so we are good. I dropped off groceries for them when they were in quarantine, so did see them on their porch during that time briefly.

    Hope you all have a good and safe holiday weekend. I am going to walk my Buddy
  • Mad, if it turns out that you don't have a visible squatter, I would check with the electric company regarding the bill. See if they can give you an explanation,. Something might be malfinctioning, or they may be able to give you dates when the usage occurred. When DH's family had an isolated cabin, they used to remove the circuit breaker when they left. This causes the dilemma that they had to remember to take it with them when they went there again. I hope you can get this resolved.

    This morning I am starving. I know it's because I ate a bigger meal than usual and now my stomach wants it to continue, also, I ate a good serving of carbs, stuffing. So now I need to suffer through for a few more hours. I'm not ruining the progress I have made even though it is just a few pounds. I am so close to 189. I am just a bit shaky, and have a slight headache, but it will not kill me. If coffee doesn't help, I will eat a small lunch to get me through.

  • Well our plans for today have been cancelled. Babysister is looking at a bunch of houses across this county and the one where her older boys live. Not sure if we will go to the little great nephews birthday party or not even if they do have it. The parents got into a physical brawl yesterday and I told Babysister that I didn't want to go if her son and his wife were acting crazy. They lived together for 10 yrs and were fighting all the time. Then about a year ago they decided to get married and I still don't understand why they married. I told Babysister that it is time for them to make peace for the sake of those little boys and get a divorce and move on with their lives.

    My weight was up to 189 today. I think it is the switching to low carb high fat. I have no idea how to count what was in the creamed spinach. Either it was high calorie or it was combination of so much sodium this week. My FBG is beautiful on this plan so I am hoping that this is just the process of switching from lowfat diet to low carb high fat. Although I don't really eat high fat, I wasn't eating much fat at all on WW.

    Carol Sue I am like you. If I eat an early breakfast, I want to eat all day long. I wonder if that is because we didn't eat it when we were kids and teens etc. Because we did it for so many years, it is just how our bodies like to do and function better. I plan to add some OMAD eating next week. I really think the keto/low carb woe will help with that because of the fat.

    Mad I know you wouldn't want to think of your DH leaving the electricity on but I hope it isn't caused by a squatter. I pray for his safety. You are doing so well with the OMAD and IF woe. It is my hope that I can work some of that into my plan too. One thing I am learning is that this woe is extremely good for my FBG. Your Easter meal sounds good although I have no idea what GF Tiramisu is. I will have to look that one up on line.

    Babysister decided that she will get the stuff tomorrow and make us a keto dinner and we will all stay here and eat. I told her that I have plenty of food... chicken breasts, tenders and chicken wings etc so she needs to come see what I have before she goes to the store to buy anything. I also want to try the crustless pizza for one meal while she and BIL are here. She wanted to know if I had anything sweet and I told her I had not got that far into it and only had Atkins bars that I had bought today so she said she was going o get the stuff to make Fat Bombs. I hope BS gets close enough that we can cook low carb/keto together. She and her DH and I used to have a lot of fun cooking not so healthy together so it would be nice to do healthy together.

    I love watching this girl on YouTube. She is Low Carb Yum and even has a 5 ingredient cookbook for sale on Amazon that I haven't decided to buy yet. Right now I am getting some of her really great recipes on YouTube. I am a visual person and like to watch her as she makes the recipes.I watched the creamed spinach recipe again and sure enough there was supposed to be parmesan cheese in it which I forgot to add. She makes a lot of things with a cream cheese, butter and parmesan cheese sauce.

    Well, I don't know if I'm having company tonight or tomorrow so I'm going to take a nap since I got up so early this morning. I always have to get up earlier on Friday to go to the beauty shop but the temporary place is further away than where the old & new shop will be when the new one is ready.

    Hope everyone has a great Easter weekend.

  • Trish, I'm sorry to hear your nephew and wife are having such problems. I don't know what the answer is but I hate to see a family break up when there are kids involved. I will pray for them.

    I'm sorry to hear your weight is up but glad your FBG is so good. I don't really know how to eat high fat. I know they use a lot of cream cheese, butter, etc, and I can't get into that. I tend to eat plain foods. Meat grilled or roasted without sauces or gravies, veggies with a little butter and salt. High fat seems to effect my hiatal hernia and give me reflux. I don't avoid fat but don't add much either. I always thought you didn't have to count anything on low carb except carbs.

    I am still being affected by the big meal I had yesterday. I could not hold off eating so I ate a late breakfast at 10:30. Then we ate dinner around 2 -3 pm. I fasted 20 hours overnight and started this fast around 3:30 but I think I'm still eating too much. If my weight goes up again tomorrow then I ate roo much.

    I think its great that you and your sisters are going to get to spend time together.

  • Well, turns out that Babysister's DIL called the cops last night and the cops called CPS and they took the children away from her son and DIL and put Babysister and BIL over the care of the grandbabies for 45 days. Her DIL should have known they could lose the children and now she is afraid they will lose the boys. So DBS and BIL's plans have changed. They have to take the children with them to get their stuff and bring it back. Not sure how or when that will be done. Their DIL and Son have to get the house cleaned up and their act together in 45 days. So I told BS & BIL they should to tell them to get the house cleaned up because they are going to stay their with the children while looking for a house to buy. Carol Sue thank you for your prayers. DH and I are not going to the birthday party for little great nephew tomorrow. I will give him his BD money when I see him. I'm pretty ticked at his parents right now. All this could have been avoided.

    Eating has been good. Carol Sue I really don't add much fat to my food because I'm not fond of it. I am just eating normal food like avocadoes, a little butter in some veggies but not all. I didn't eat until 3 and had a protein snack at around 8 pm. So not having a difficult time keeping my eating window around 4 or 5 hrs. Most days I keep my calories around 1200 or less except when I had the cream cheese. Hoping weight will be a little less tomorrow. I will give this time for the weight to come back down, but after a couple of weeks if it doesn't I'll have to rethink the fat.

    The good thing about this day is that my house is clean for company that didn't come. I hope to be able to keep it this way. It has been a long day so will try to go to bed soon.
  • Trish,, I know you are upset about the situation with your nephew and his family, but I'm thinking this was what they needed to get a wake up call. Now they see how easily they can lose their children if they don't get themselves under control. I still pray that they can work things out, but if they can't, maybe they need a separation until they both cool down. If not, it seems that divorce is the only answer, unfortunately.

    I need a wake up call too because I broke my fast last night and weight is up to 191.2. Up .6. This is how it works for me. One big meal and I fall off the wagon. I can't seem to just get back on plan with the next meal like we're told to do. But I will do my best to get it under control today. I'm not going to lose my momentum.

    Monday I plan on getting back to exercising. As many days as I can. I tend not to do it on weekends but I will push myself. I read an interesting article that Pipsicle posted on her journal. That article referenced a couple more articles. The main point I got from them was that fitness and weight loss are both important but weight loss is more important. Another point that stuck out was that exercise leads you to healthier eating. I don't know why that is. Maybe doing the exercise makes us think "Why ruin it with junk food?". Or maybe the exercise causes changes in our body and our body craves nutrients. I, and a lot of other people, used to think it didn't matter what I eat as long as I don't gain weight. I wish I had known earlier on how important it is to give your body nutrients.

    Last night we went to Texas Roadhouse for salmon. I am really excited at DH eating salmon. He said he always looks forward to steak at TX Roadhouse but now he will have a hard time choosing. We also get salmon at Rodneys and he likes them both. This is so good for him. He is also eating more veggies, but he still needs his cake and sweets for dessert. He thinks its the Aldi's potatoes that are bothering him because that's where his brother bought his potatoes, too. He thinks its from something they are using to spray the potatoes. But I'm glad he isn't eating as many.

    I have to check to see when my doctors appointment is. I have to get my lab work done before then. I think its closer to the end of the month, and I want to be in the 180s by then. He never cares about my weight but I do.
  • Carol Sue I agree with you about my nephew and his family. I don't think she (a social worker) really stopped to think how bad this could get. Funny too because even my nephew noticed that she analyzes everything he does. I remember DH telling her that would ruin her marriage if it didn't stop. He told her that he was engaged to a young girl in college when he was taking a psychology class and he was always analyzing his and her relationship until she got tired of it and broke off the engagement. I would love to see them both get counseling and save their marriage but at this point, I am thinking they probably won't. I am unhappy with both of them for acting like spoiled brats and hurting to sweet little boys. So I will stay away for now and just pray for them. I don't think I am the person who can do anything to help them at this point. I am more concerned for my Babysister who is turns 67 next month and her Hubby maybe having to raise 2 little boys. I'm sure God has a plan in all this and will get them through it. Thanks again for your prayers.

    Well, the one good thing about MFP is that I track weight and although my weight is 188.4, it is 1.4 lb loss this week according to last weeks WI. That is good, but I was lower. My FBG is now in the 90s so that is a good sign that low carb is good for my blood sugar.

    Carol Sue Sounds like your DH might be inching towards some healthier eating. Maybe he will realize more and more at our age (I think he is my age) that we have to if we want any resemblance of a normal lifestyle.

    I've decided that I won't go back to a fat free diet, but I might lower it some. This week, I'm trying to eat just healthy fats. I cooked my veggies etc for my breakfast in EVOO sprayed pan. It was still moist enough to fry my eggs and mix it all together like an omelet except the eggs were pan fried. DH and I will half a chicken breast cooked in French onion soup topped with baby swiss cheese. I will finish off my Dannon Greek yogurt today and then start eating my homemade yogurt again. I think I also do better to keep my meals simple rather than a lot of high fat keto recipes. I think I will look up more lowcarb recipes without such high fat. I think doing low carb will work better for me and try to keep the calories fairly low as well. I started back on some of my exercises today. I too have a tendency not to exercise on weekends especially Sundays. I don't think I'm going to set any rules as to how often I will exercise either although I would like to do at least 3 days. I

    I was watching a recorded message of Joyce Meyer from last week and she has written a book on how to age. She is the same age as me and she still works out with a trainer. She talks about how she used to do 20 lb weights but had to come down to 10 lbs. She was upset about it, but her trainer told her instead of being upset about what she used to could do but can't do now that she should be thankful for what she can still do. He told her that women half her age can't do half of what she does. She was talking about how we need to keep moving so we can keep moving because if we don't keep moving we will get to the place we can't move. I think this is so true. This is what I realized a while back when I thought of the people in the nursing home with my Daddy. One day I learned that the man in a wheel chair across the hall from Daddy was younger than me. His legs were swelled so big I wondered how he could stand it. He moved around very little and seemed to be a recluse. He was a Vietnam vet. I saw a woman who stayed in bed most of the time and she was my age.

    The article Pipsicle shared makes since to me. I think it is probably true that you will eat healthier if you exercise because I know it affects me when I exercise like I should. In fact, I not only feel better but I actually feel good about myself even proud of myself when I exercise and I think it does make me want to keep eating healthy.

  • Trish, I don't think DH is intentionally trying to eat healthier. He thinks he already eats healthy! LOL. He doesn't know a carb from a protein. They grew up eating tons of sweets. He went off to school with donuts and coffee with a lot of sugar. Their mother just wanted them to eat and didn't care what they ate just so they weren't hungry. He just recently found out he likes broccoli and Brussels sprouts. The only other vegetable he likes is corn, and he likes asparagus if I grill it. I have no idea why he started eating salmon. That is a shock to me because before the only fish he would eat was deep fried with batter or breading. He doesn't like to try new things but I think if he would he would find more things he likes. I don't pay attention to my macros. I just try to have everything I eat contain nutrients and recently I'm trying to keep portions small and my eating window short. I want 189 solo bad!

    I took a nap again today, 2 1/2 hours. I don't understand why I'm napping lately and I don't know if its good or bad. Often like today I wake up early and can't fall back to sleep. Then I get sleepy mid day.

    I don't have a strict plan for my exercise but I want to get into a habit of doing it regularly. I usually do it for a few days then miss a day. Then it becomes 2 days missed, then I'm not doing it at all. I feel so much better when I do it but before I do it I hate the thought of doing it. Does that make sense? I remember several years back I was exercising regularly 5 days a week. My A1c and other lab work was the best ever. I know my lab work now is going to be bad. I call it my pandemic blood work. But I would like to exercise and get great lab work next time in a few months.

    I have everything ready for tomorrow. The potatoes are cooked for potato salad, celery and onion are chopped. I will bake our little ham in the morning then get ready to go to step sons at 2 pm. I hope its warm.
  • Carol Sue I always dread getting started exercising but once I get in a routine, I actually almost crave it. I would like to feel that way about it again.

    I am sure your DH would be surprised at what he would like if he would try them. His Mother sounds like DH#2's grandmother. When I married him, he and the children lived with his grandparents and she took care of the children while he worked. When we married, his oldest son was very chubby. She sent his lunch with him and the food she sent him would have fed 2 grown men including fruit, and at least 2 desserts. When we moved into our own home, I sent him a normal healthy lunch and he slimmed down. I didn't put him on a diet, I just fed him normally. I cooked sweets for the children because that was what Mama's did back then but he didn't pig out on them. Our other son, didn't eat and would sit at the table log enough to for us to pray and as soon as it was over he was out side playing. DH didn't like that so we made a rule, you don't have to eat but you will sit at the table until we are finished. Family meal. He started eating and says to this day that was when he found out he actually liked the food and I don't think there is much he won't eat today.

    My eating was good today. I ate more calories but the protein, fat and carb ratios were good and I did it all within 7 hr window. So I consider that good. We will see what the scale says tomorrow. I won't be exercising tomorrow because I always like Sundays to be an off day when it comes to exercise.

    Enjoy your Easter dinner with y'all family and have a blessed Easter celebration.
  • HI gang. 160 this am. I fasted on Friday, and did OMAD last night. Today I plan 2MAD. I am making the Tiramisu. Trish; when I use the GF, it means gluten free, as that is my life now. I make a nut and egg based cake and use that for cake like things. Normally tiramisu is made with lady fingers dipped in sweet cold coffee or expresso. I made the decaf coffee last night and put splenda in it, that seems to dissolve into better when its hot. I made the cake a while ago and froze it. I have the mascarpone cheese warming now.
    If you have never had tiramisu, I don't recommend starting. Its sweet and delicious and highly caloric.
    Trish: did I read right that you were doing high fat and low carb? That does not seem to work for you. Its very hard to stick to and you personally don't seem to tolerate it well. It works well for me now, but I don't eat bread or pastas. I miss real bread from time to time, but GF bread is NOT the same at all. So its much easier for me to live without. you seem to do best with overall lower calorie, but low fat doesn't suit you either. the WW seemed good for you. I hope your sister does ok with the children and their parents get their act together. No matter what issues DH and I had to work through in our years together, we were always able to put our kids first. This couple are like many others who seem to have trouble dealing with problems, but they have had good examples in their family and they need to follow that!
    Carol: I admire your determination. You are about to get under 190 again. I am so happy you are finding your way, I so didn't want you to leave One-derland. You got this.
    Pipsicle, hope we hear from you today. I understand the long term frustration of your weight issues. I hope things are going ok.

    Happy Easter everyone. Watched the sunrise from my chair by the front window today. It going to be a lovely day here.

  • I am down .6 this AM to 190.4. Yes, Mad, I am determined. I could very easily lose my determination as I have in the past but I'm trying to recognize my weaknesses, things that cause me to fail. Right now, the things that call to me are not in the house. I can overeat on the Easter cheese but that is fairly low carb. I am cooking a ham but not making the sides.

    People used to rave about taramaisu so I tried it once at a buffet but didn't like it. I don't like things that are sweet. At the casino buffet I always went thru the line for seconds while DH went to the dessert bar. When I entertain at home I always forget dessert. Luckily DIL likes to bring dessert. So not liking sweets works in my favor. Chocolate and ice cream are the exception. LOL. Nobody's perfect!

    My grandson is a very good eater. They eat healthy at their house, although they all love chocolate. When John was 4 years old his mother decided he was going to eat the family meals. No more chicken nuggets, hot dogs, mac and cheese. They grill most of their meat so he eats pork chops, ribs, steaks, chicken legs, most vegetables. And since Mom is always dieting they don't even buy potatoes, pasta or rice. He loves to go to Mexican restaurants and even eats sushi. He likes everything. ,

    Wishing all a Happy Easter!