Diabetes and Prediabetes Chat Spring 2021

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  • Trish, to me, the word snack seems like something bad. Snack food gives it a bad rap, since its mostly salty snacks. So many dieticians say that diabetics should have 3 meals and 2 snacks, figuring that eating small meals a few hours apart keeps blood sugar from spiking. I think that's what South Beach is aiming for. I can't say how I feel about that. I guess I would have to know more about the diet plan.

    Mad, I am surprised that your restaurants are outdoor dining only. Ours had that several months ago but have been gradually increasing and are now at 100% inside. As of the 28th all restrictions will be lifted, vaccinated or not. There are still cases of the virus and some hospitalizations. You still see some people with masks. Most employees everywhere are still wearing them. I am uncomfortable without it and I like that people can't tell who I am.
  • Well, I was hungrier today and I had calories in the 1400s. I know you aren't supposed to or have to count calories on SBD so it will be interesting to see how I did with that. I ate a half a swai fillet instead of 1 and I think it just didn't satisfy me. Any way I did stay within the 8 hrs so I can't complain.

    Some people still wear masks and I would assume those are people who didn't get he vaccine. I'm hearing that a lot of young people are not getting it. DS had to go to the hospital to have tests done and they have to wear them at the hospital and the lady who was being trained checking her in had not had the vaccine and wasn't going to. It has finally become optional in our local store.
  • Trish, our governor still has a mask mandate for anyone who is not fully vaccinated and that ends June 28. Most stores require than anyone not vaccinated wear a mask, but no one is asking for proof. So in Wal-Mart for example there are always some with masks and I'm assuming that will stop on the 28th. At the doctors they are required and at the blood lab. I don't think they can make the vaccine mandatory if all hospital personnel don't have it. They are no longer checking temperatures at the casino and they opened all the machines and removed the plexiglass between them. So far, the buffets are still closed and also the self serve free beverages. I think they are gone for good. That saves them tons of money. I don't know if the buffet will be back. Restaurants are opened to full capacity but they can't get employees. Some big company fired 200 employees for not getting the vaccine and they are suing. Oh, I just read that it was a Houston hospital, Trish.

    Another bad eating day yesterday and bad scale day today. Each day I will try to improve. That's all I can say. Every time I say that weight is down, it goes up.

    I don't understand how a diet plan can not count something. Are carbs limited to a certain number? An 8 hour window is good. That gives you a fasting period. Back in the day we didn't eat after dinner until the next day but didn't consider it fasting. We just didn't eat between meals. Somehow that changed in the American society. I think television changed that. DH usually eats from morning til night. Its hard not to follow in his footsteps. I think he might be dieting because he's not buying cakes or donuts and is skipping breakfast or lunch. He never mentions it but I start to notice. Every morning when I weigh I say what I weigh. He NEVER says what he weighs.
  • Carol Sue I noticed when we were going to Cheddarís that Golden Corral was open. Of course, I donít know if it is self-serve buffet or not since the last time I went to one was in San Angelo when DS and her kids and us went to GC there and they served us. I will say with them serving us instead of us serving ourselves, I did eat less except that DS and I decided to splurge and have desserts and over did that. So I donít know how they serve here. Looks like things might eventually get back to some resemblance of normal here. One can only hope.

    I plan to do a 4th of July family gathering here at my house and Iím sure there will be some of the younger ones who havenít had the vaccine, but we have so not worried about it. I have new GGS and great nephews I havenít seen so looking forward to it.

    When we went out to eat and they brought out those honey buttered crescent rolls, DH took one to cut in half to share with me and said ďYou can have this with no problem, I canítĒ. I know he is thankful I have my bs under control but he still canít believe he canít get it lower. He eats a lot of diet ice cream and doesnít seem to realize that too much sugar alcohol can act like real sugar in our body. Come to think of it, I donít think he knows that. I havenít told him so he may not.

    Weight down another .6 lbs to 181.6 lbs. FBG was up though. Not sure except that I do have to be careful what I eat in that final meal. May have to give it up and just do 2 meals. Will see how it goes. I got my new Keto friendly SBD book so anxious to read it and see what he does different and where he has changed his mind on some things. I love that he seems to keep up with the science of things. That makes him a good doctor.

    Iím cooking lean hamburger pattie for dinner and breaking mine up and heat up some asparagus tips and throw them into my salad so that I have a one bowl meal. I used to do that a lot on SBD years ago. I will cook DH pattie in a jar of brown gravy.

    Have a nice day.
  • Trish, I am so excited that you are down to 181! 179, here you come! You have worked hard for this and you deserve every drop.

    i would like to try Golden Corral but it is in a neighborhood DH won't go to. It would be nice if they built one out our way. All we have here are Italian restaurants and pizza shops. I don't understand why, its not an Italian neighborhood. Its mixed.

    I hope your 4th of July get together goes well. It will be great to see all the little ones. We will be home alone. Probably have the same menu we had for Memorial day and then watch the fireworks from our porch. Its hard to believe its coming up so fast. I always consider summer to be over after 4th of July. It goes by so fast.


    We just had a fierce storm go through. Hard rain and strong wind. We though 2 trees were going to blow over in the back but they didn't. It didn't last long. Wires are down up at the corner but they didn't effect us. Our lights flickered once. No rain for the next few days.
  • Oh my Carol Sue. So glad you are okay and still have power. I hate storms like that. Glad the rain is over for you for a while. Our wires are underground but in town a lot of wires are still up. All the rain we got recently and they are getting north of us has caused flooding of the lake not far from us because I noticed there is a sign by the road we turn on says the road we turn off of is closed ahead. The place where it curves to go toward the high school has to be blocked off sometimes because the lake rises up over the road. We live just far enough away not to get any flooding.
  • I spoke too soon, Trish. Right after I finished cooking dinner our power went out and didn't come back on for 2 1/2 hours. Luckily it was still daylight and not real hot so we didn't need the air condition. I think it went off because they were repairing the downed wires up the street. I made beef ravioli with Brussels sprouts. . It was really good because I was hungry. Now I will try very hard to not eat til tomorrow!

    Some doctor I can't remember said to drink potato starch in water before bed to improve gut health. I remember, Dr Marc Hyman. I'm going to start tonight and see what happens.
  • Carol Sue Sorry your power went off but glad it was just for them to make repairs sounds like it was just a transformer. We had that happen when we first moved here because they were building houses faster than they could keep up.

    I have read the first 2 chapters of Dr. Agatston's new keto book. I actually think I could do it. He does allow some things he didn't allow before. He talks about the things that science has learned that has changed his mind on things and says that is why things change so and will continue to change. When he is on vacation he spends time catching up on medical science changes etc that he doesn't have time to read when working. He had an experience where he had found that his sugar addiction was just as bad even after being on his on SBD diet for years.

    He read The Hacking of the American Mind by Dr. Robert H. Lustig. When he began to work at making the SBD Keto friendly, he evidently learned more things from Dr. Phinney and Dr. Fun plus others we have heard of in many low carb and keto plans. He does allow whole fat dairy now instead of low fat because of satiety. He gives a guideline with 12 rules to set as your goals. The basics seems to be the original SBD with the whole fat added plus you can practice Intermittent Fasting with it. Since One Size Doesn't Fit All, he says says you can take the principles and make them accommodate your own needs.

    He does give a ration of carbs, proteins and fat of 10 to 20 g carbs (net 50 g), 25 to 30 g protein and the rest is fat. You can stay on Phase 1 as long as you want. I haven't read much about Phase 2 so don't have much on it yet. He says he felt so good on Phase 1 he stayed there at least at the point where I'm reading. The interesting thing is that he says you don't have to go into ketosis to lose weight so that doesn't seem to be a goal. I will probably move in to it slowly. I have my low fat dairy right now, not fat free and when I run out of it, I will switch to full fat again, but I don't think I need to eat too much fat.

    I didn't eat supper today. Since reading the first 2 chapters, I feel comfortable eating only 2 meals today. So I am very happy learning what I have read so far.
  • Trish, that book does sound interesting. I hope it works out well for you.

    I slept much better last night, finally. Weight is still up, but it will come back down once I get back to my shorter eating window. I forgot to drink the potato starch again. I have to figure out a way to remember. He says to drink it at bedtime when your stomach is empty and it helps repopulate the good gut bacteria. Once I get in bed I don't want to get back up.

    I still can't figure out why I get so sleepy mid day. I only drink coffee early in the morning or a cup later on might help. I bought some electrolyte powder to put in my water and it contains caffeine so I'll try that. If that doesn't help I will just have to nap.
  • Doing OK 162 this am. I ate early today though. I had a small ham and cheese sandwich on a Keto bun. I thought I would and could eat two, I was really hungry, but was full with one.
    Have not decided what to eat for supper. Did not sleep long enough last night. Plan is to do my errands this am and get a nap in this afternoon. I have been able to manage short naps lately after short nights. Otherwise things are quiet here.
    I think mask mandates won't go away for a while here. There is no way to tell who has been vaccinated of course, its an honour system. I may continue to wear masks in public for a long time. With the variants being so much more contagious, I am not ready to give up my mask, even with vaccination. If I were to travel to the USA, with so many anti-vaxxers, I would likely wear a mask and only dine outside.
    Even with what we are "allowed" I don't always agree. Its summer, and restaurants can all do outdoor patios, I don't think we should do indoor dining. One can't mask and eat/drink that way. I don't trust the ventilation systems. We will see how things go as the summer goes on. For now, will stay close to home and not travel. Having kids in school in the fall is number one in my books.

    Looks like everyone is well, and staying safe. Will check in soon friends.
  • fatmad Do you make your keto buns or can you buy them. Glad you are able to get back to your plan. Sorry your are sleeping long enough. I wake up early with the beautiful sunshine we are getting now. I hope if I can get this SBD Keto to work for me that I will be able to get the energy and good sleep and other benefits he says I will get with it. I sleep but need the energy to go with it.

    Carol Sue I have never heard of the potato starch thing. But I don't think I could have it on my low carb plan since I'm trying to learn how to keep the net carbs around 50 grams.

    Weight was back to 182.2 this morning but it isn't unusual for me to bounce like that when trying to follow a low carb plan. I'm not sure what it will do as I ease into keto. One the best things I've learned from Dr. Agatston is to take his book and make the KSBD my own plan. I won't be adding a lot of keto foods I wouldn't use any way but I can keep butter in my diet plan instead of using diet margarine that I don't think is healthy for me. Plus I can have the whole milk which I figure it won't hurt since usually the carbs in milk is usually a little lower in whole milk any way. I can have just enough fat to keep me from being hungry but not a whole lot. He doesn't recommend more than 55% where most keto says 75% or more. So I think it is a good plan for me. I am looking forward to doing this because I do so love the benefits of keto which I still get. I will also be able to do it along with Intermittent Fasting. I will just do a 6 to 8 hr fast depending on hunger.

    Have a good day everybody.
  • Trish, the potato starch is a powder that come ones in a bag. Bobs Red Mills. It is resistant starch. You mix it is cold water. It has a slight bland taste of raw potato and is said to feed your good gut bacteria. I think I need that. I tried it one other time but didn't follow through with it so I'm going to try again.

    I found a used copy of the SBK book and ordered it. I know I won't follow the plan but I like to read and get the perspective of different doctors.
  • Carol Sue I think you will really enjoy reading the SBK book. I am still reading Chapter 3 which has loads of science info about how we got where we are. I am learning a lot and hoping I can get DH to read the medical science info. I am playing on his medical side as he loves to take his medical books and read so I hope he will feel that way about this book.
  • I just woke up from my nap. I was starting to doze while watching my soaps and by the time they were over I had to lie down. DH had to cook his own dinner.

    Trish, I like to read about the medical stuff, too,,even though I don't always understand it. I often have to stop to Google some things so I can understand. Our bodies are amazing machines, the way they work at fixing things when we screw up. Anytime I buy a used book I have never received one in bad condition. I like to get Kindle but this was even less than Kindle, but not as good as Goodwill prices.
  • I have had another good eating day although the calories are up, but I had plenty of protein for a change. I am not feeling really great this evening. I assume it is switching to the KSB plan, but for some reason I am absolutely exhausted. I hope that means I will get a good nights sleep. DH wants to go to the bank and get some gasoline for the mower so we will go to the store at the same time. I wanted to make the keto ice cream but need more vanilla flavoring so I can make it.

    Hope you can sleep after your nap Carol Sue. I hope I will be able to sleep good tonight and wake up with energy in the morning. Goodnight.