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  • Trish, I would not like triple digits. Do you get humidity? We get awful humidity but most days in the 80s with a few 90s here and there.

    I prefer canned mushrooms in recipes like that and only like the fresh ones sauteed with scrambled eggs. The ones at Texas Roadhouse are good but so heavily seasoned.

    We went to step son's this afternoon to take some things we had for them. We didn't stay long. DGS wasn't there. He had spent the night with his other grandparents. There's so much for him to do there. They live on a lake where he can swim, boat and fish. He has his own kayak. Its fun for him.
  • Carol Sue It gets a little humid sometimes but not as bad as it was when we lived on the coast in FL.

    I had a really good 2 meal day. I did want something earlier, but I talked myself out of eating it. I told myself that I can have it tomorrow. I liked the theory of the book about delaying. I can't remember the name of it right now. I need to remember that I don't have to deny myself any food, but I can delay having it. Then if I really want it tomorrow, I can. I ended up with a 3 hr eating window. I really do better fasting till 3ish but I do like having breakfast.

    Good night.

  • I didn't go to bed until Midnight so I didn't get as much sleep but it was deeper sleep and I'm down 2 of the 2.8 bump up I had, so it was fluid. And my blood sugar is back down, too!

    That book was Delay Don't Deny, Trish. I didn't read it but the idea is the same. You can always eat it tomorrow or with your next meal.

    I stopped at Wal-Mart on the way to step sons yesterday but didn't get everything I wanted because DH was in a hurry. I got a couple HBA things I needed now. No perishables because I didn't want them to sit in the car. So I will have to go back today or locally. I had a dream about lettuce last night so I guess I need lettuce. Ha ha. I was hungry for a salad. Last night I was reading about the lady who lost 100+ lbs eating a big salad every day and that made me dream about it. Strange. I might get some chia seeds plus I want to get some flax to try the microwave mug muffins. I hope I like them because I need the fiber.

    I also ordered some supplements to help heal my gut and they will come in a couple days.

    I also like breakfast and I eat it as late as I can. Eggs are a good food for me to eat but it does shorten my fast.


    We went to Bob Evans,fro breakfast. It was crowded for a Monday. Then to Wal-Mart, Goodwill and Big Lots. I got the flax but not the chia seeds. The package was too big. If I didn't like them it was too much to waste. I wanted a smaller package to try. Now I'm tired.

    I also got the spinach and kale at Wal-Mart. It was a bigger bag than I thought so I might not eat it all before it goes bad.
  • Carol Sue I have the same problem buying greens. I finally tried argula and I love it. I had to throw out the last of the bag because it was turning pale. Not sure what that meant since most greens I buy wilts and has a bad odor to it. That is another reason I hate to spend the money for the organic baby kale but so far it has held up pretty good.

    Don't know what happened but weight bounced up to 185.6 today. I know I had extra sodium but I thought I drank plenty of water + other fluids. Oh well. I will go back to eating a late brunch and then main meal around 3ish. Today will be about 6 hr eating window. I am able to shorten my eating window by 2 hrs since I wait until after 11ish since I don't like to eat until I get back from the beauty shop on Fridays and most of those days I go to local store.

    I had a good fiber breakfast of multigrain cereal with chia seeds and cinnamon and blueberries. It was very good. Today I will cut an Aldi multigrain flatbread in half and make DH and me pizza for our main meal along with a salad. Then I will end the 6 hrs with a Premier shake.

    Carol Sue Dr. Berg's diet plan "keto" is to eat huge salads for every meal. I might could do that if it was just me but I still could not eat as much of it as he suggests because it caused me to have a lot of pain around my gallbladder. I read on a keto group yesterday who were talking about that because someone was asking if they could do keto after removing the gallbladder as she was having hers removed. This other person said that she would not have had hers removed if she had known that her body was detoxing and it would have cleared up without her having had hers removed. Any way, I had to take meds for spastic colon when I was in my 30s and over did the greens so while I still have a big salad for main meal like I did on CAD, I am very careful about eating more than that. I guess it goes back to being an individual thing.

    It is raining here today thunderstorms coming through all across the middle of the country from Canada down through TX. Glad DH decided to go to the stores tomorrow as it should be hot but nice.

    Hope everybody has a nice day.
  • Trish, I don't know how long my eating window will be today. We ate at 10 AM this morning and I haven't been hungry since. I told DH long ago when we used to go out for breakfast often, that if I go out for a big breakfast I probably won't be hungry for a long time. I could probably eat a little bit but restaurants sell big breakfasts. I paid for it, it tasted good so I ate it. OMAD. So he made French fries for himself, his old stand by. I have burgers or steaks that I could cook for him or chicken. He wanted potatoes. On MFP my breakfast was over 1000 calories so no wonder I didn't get hungry! I'm a little hungry now at 8 pm but will not eat.

    He found the package of chia seeds I bough before. They were from Aldi's. They are out of date but look fine so I will try them.

    My greens seem to get slimey once they are open. We'll see. I can saute them as well as eat them in a salad. I mix them with iceberg lettuce.
  • Calories were higher than usual but within my limit and also within 6 hr eating window. Not sure how it will go. I need to go to bed at earlier tonight because I stayed up so late last night that I didn't get enough sleep. I've been tired and sleepy all day. We will be going to Sam's tomorrow and either Walmart of the local store.

    Carol Sue you will have a really long fast so that is great for you. I would love to not eat till we get takeout tomorrow but not sure if I will. I get pretty shaky when I go too long but no big problem when I'm at home. So will see how it goes.

    Hope we get good sleep tonight. Good night.
  • Trish, I don't understand why I didn't get hungry or shaky yesterday. Most of the time I don't eat due to hunger as I don't often get hungry, its just appetite. I think its my blood sugar. When blood sugar drops you get hungry and my blood sugar is always a little elevated compared to others. Then sometimes I get what I call sick hunger and that's when I get shaky and nauseated and I have to eat something. I got a nice drop. 1.4 lbs down to 188.6. I think I'm dehydrated so I might not hold that drop. I think I can consider myself to be in the 180s but I still get a little fluid bump up to 190.

    I hope I get to stay home today as its supposed to be rainy. Rain is predicted for the next 6 days. I have a lot to get done around the house, cleaning and decluttering.

    Trish it says online that fat in the diet can irritate the gall bladder so that might be why a Keto diet causes gall bladder problems. Also, rapid weight loss causes gall bladder issues. It says salad doesn't do it unless the salad dressing is high fat. But that doesn't mean you're wrong about how it affected you. Its a one size fits all thing. My brother in law has that issue but I think he introduced all that fiber to his digestive tract too suddenly.
  • Quick flyby as we are going to be going to Sam's as soon as DH gets up. Weight up .2 lb to 185.8 today. I think DH is getting KFC today we don't want to get tired of tacos.

    Carol Sue I think you are probably right about the fiber and the fat causing potty issues. Can you believe we are both in 180s at the same time? I hope we can get to 170s sometime this year. I know we will give it a good shot.

    We had rain this morning and yesterday. Hopefully it is gone for us for a few days but I think it is in the forecast for the weekend.

  • DH killed a black snake in our yard! He has seen them in the past and just picked them up with a rake handle and tossed them up on the wooded hillside but this one almost got under our deck and he didn't want it to nest under there. One neighbor sees them when she's cutting grass and another one had one get into his house. Yikes!

    I would like to get to 179 by Labor Day but that would take diligence with no bump ups.

    I am getting sleepy but DH just lectured me about taking naps. So no nap for me today!
  • Carol Sue We never liked to mess with the black snakes in SC because they eat rats but we had to kill one when it was trying to get into garage. Our neighbor had to kill one too. We had a lot of them in SC. I don't like any kind of snake. It was probably wise for your DH to kill it.

    I think I'm going to go back to eating every 5 hrs and not worry to much about short eating windows for a while. I would really love to be able to get my FBG under 100 again. I've only been keeping my calories below 1500 lately. I am doing well to just stay in the 180s right now.
  • I didn't take a nap yesterday even though I was sleepy and I still slept poorly last night. So now I'll be tired again today. It feels hot in here to me but DH controls the thermostat, and everything else!

    We usually leave the wildlife alone here and we get a lot because of the wooded hillside behind our house. But if they get too close to the house then they can cause problems, plus we have to protect our dog. He has only killed 3 things in the 40 years we've lined here, the snake, A ground hog and a raccoon which both appeared to be sick. He has trapped and relocated 3 raccoons which is preferable to killing.

    I ended up with a 12 hour eating window so I won't get on the scale. That might have interfered with my sleep. I remember that eating 5 hours apart worked well for you Trish but I have to admit that the shorter fasting windows work for me. Having food in my stomach overnight really messes me up. I have to have lower blood sugar to get restful sleep. Its hard to stick to sometimes but ill keep working at it.

    I don't know if he will want to go to the casino today or tomorrow so I have to be prepared. I'm loading some reading material onto my Kindle.

    So far he hasn't mentioned it and I won't ask. I just checked the weather forecast and we are getting rain every day until Tuesday. I don't like riding on the highway with heavy rain. And this weather isn't good for the kids that are out of school for the summer.
  • Carol Sue I will still have a problem with a longer eating window because I don't eat breakfast/brunch until 10:30 or 11am sometime almost 12 if I get busy. I don't like eating anything after 7 or 7:30 in the evening because I want my stomach to have a minimum of 4 hrs to digest before I go to bed. I go to bed most nights between midnight and 1 am depending on when I get sleepy. However, like you said I did do better going 5 hrs between meals. We definitely learned what does and doesn't work for each of us. It isn't always easy but I don't think we need to worry about perfection as much as being consistent at doing the best we can.

    I decided to look at my South Beach Diet books again. I was reading in the 2nd book about moving into Phase 2 and how they do it. I found it interesting what he says about fruit for breakfast the first week of Phase 2. He says it is better to eat a slice of whole wheat bread with your egg than fruit because they had found that fruit at breakfast causes cravings. The whole wheat bread helps to keep our blood sugar stable for the rest of the day.

    I want to re-read the book and I am thinking about doing Phase 1 for at least a week and then probably move into Phase 2. He says weight loss will be slower 1 or 2 lbs a week but if I could lose 1 or 2 lbs a week that would be great for me since I don't lose that quickly on any plan. As I looked at the plan it isn't all that different from some of the WW plans except you are allowed a choice of FF or low fat dairy. I will switch to 1% milk and 2% cheeses etc.

    We are having pollock fish today. I will bread and fry it add a salad and veggies. DH will like this plan too since he doesn't like a lot of starchy foods anyway except for his fried potatoes which I now air fry. I get tickled Carol Sue when you talk about your DH and is iceberg lettuce and fries because mine is the same way when it comes to those 2 things. That is the only ones DH likes.

    Guess I better get off this pc. Whether you go to the casino or not have a good day. I don't think we are due rain again until Tuesday if we get it. Temps are up in the 90s for a few days as well. I don't like going anywhere in the rain especially heavy rain.

    Have a nice day everybody.

    Weight this morning back down to 184.6 lb which surprised me since we did get tacos and I get the supreme and where I usually eat half or just eat the ingredients out of one shell, I ate all 3 yesterday. I really thought I might get a bump instead of loss. However. I've done all the exercise I had planned for the week so maybe that has helped. I'm happy with that whatever it was. My new week starts Saturday and I still have 2 days to get some extra exercise or movement in as well. If I decided to do the SBD, I will start it Saturday as well.
  • Trish, I would be elated to lose 1-2 lb per week. I am lucky to get 1 lb per month! Still at 189.0 today.

    Casino was ok but we didn't get home until midnight. Still woke up early. Doesn't matter. I told DH if I need a nap I'm taking it.

    Yesterday I took my first Lactaid enzyme when I ate ice cream and no stomach issues at all. I guess that means I'm lactose intolerant to ice cream but I'm ok with all other dairy so far. From now on I will pay attention to what I've eaten when I get potty issues. With ice cream the effect is instant.


    This is weird. I was reading online about intolerance to ice cream only and I found a discussion of several people who have this reaction only to DQ ice cream which is what I react to. I very rarely eat other ice cream but never had a problem. One person mentioned that they have a problem with ice cream from Steak and Shake and also from McDonalds and thinks its from those places that mix their own ice cream. I've never had either McD or Steak and Shake ice cream. I love DQ ice cream and won't stop eating it so I'm glad I found something that works. And I'm glad I'm not affected by other dairy

  • Carol Sue I would love to be able to lose 1 or 2 lbs a week too, but I don't think I've ever been able to do that.

    Sorry you still didn't get a good nights sleep and hope that will change for you in time. I think we may just go through those times. I don't know what has changed for me but I wait until I get sleepy and go to bed and sleep without getting up so many times to go potty. Only once or twice now. I wonder if just drinking water in the evening has changed that for me. I'm glad the Lactaid enzyme helped with the ice cream. I wonder if the problem with DQ ice cream is that it is a custard not made like other ice cream. I always liked it because it is smoother.

    I woke up an hour early this morning and decided to start SBD so I weighed this morning at that time and weight was 185.4 and not sure the 9 am WI would have been much less. Any way I decided that would be a good time for a new WI Day on Thursday instead of Saturday. Plus I also decided to go ahead and start easing into the SBD Phase 1 today. I am still tracking on MFP for now just because it is easier than writing things down on paper.

    I had a 2 egg omelet with ham, asparagus and tomatoes and forgot to put cheese in it so just sprinkled some shredded Velveeta cheese on top. It was really good. I also had a 1/2 c of tomato juice. No toast since I can't have that till Phase 2. I don't know if it will be 100% today and tomorrow but I am starting and plan to be in full swing by Saturday.

    I just decided that there are so many things I can have on SBD that I can't have on most low carb or keto diets like beans, lentils and nuts as well as some desserts as long as they are between 75 to 100 calories. The second SBD book was more thorough on switching into the phases which I never remember paying attention too because all I cared about back then was the food I could have just would dive into it. This time I am going to read the book again only more attentively and try to do a better job following it. I noticed there is a good thread still going for SBD here on 3fc and will probably read and maybe join their group.

    I looked up SBD Keto but you have to order food from them which I am not going to do but like all other diet plans these days you can find recipes etc on YouTube which I will check into. I think this will work out better for me because I can use low fat and some light products on SBD instead of FF foods that are so high in sodium that I was supposed to use on WW. Plus I can keep my regular FF or 1% milk which I may go to 1% although I've kind of got used to FF and the sodium isn't that much different only 5 mg if I remember correctly. So it is the calorie factor there.

    Hope you can get a nap if you need it Carol Sue. I had a friend in SC church who told me that she took a nap everyday and recommended that I do the same but I never did. Now I seem to take a nap after dinner everyday whether I want to or not. I hate to say or think it but I think we just do that at our ages. I think it is probably the only way our bodies get to relax a little during the day. My beautician told DS that I don't know to relax so I figure that the nap probably makes me relax.

    Have a great day everybody.

  • No nap yet, and I'm not even sleepy but we're going to Texas Roadhouse so I will get sleepy after eating. I'm getting the salmon salad and hope to skip the rolls. I want to eat light. The pulled pork and ribs really did me in last time because of the BBQ sauce. I hadn't ordered them for a very long time and they made me feel terrible. Never again. Its amazing how much my food choices have changed for the better.

    I do not like cheese with eggs so omlets are out for me. I love veggies with them though but that's more of a frittata. I don't like cheese with meat either so no cheeseburgers and no cheese on my egg mc muffins. But I like cheese cut up as a snack or string cheese. And I don't like cheese in salad. These are all things I used to eat all the time. I don't know when and how this changed..