Diabetes and Prediabetes Chat Spring 2021

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  • Carol Sue I don't think there will be an up surge of the virus either. I refuse to live in the fear of it. Life is just too short to worry about it. Congratulations on the the .4 down. I say we take what we can get. I too hope Pipsicle can get the scale moving for her as well.

    I ended the month with a 4 lb gain. I looked over the past 5 months weights and I haven't ever gotten out of the 180s and last year at this time I weighed 202 lbs. I would like to get down in the 170s. I seem to lose slowly so I have to accept that and just be thankful for the losses I do have. Weight this morning was 187.4 and I weighed 183.4 on May 1st. The 188 of yesterday didn't stick and I thank God that my clean 0 calorie fast brought me a .6 lb loss today.

    Yesterdays clean fast went so well that today I am fasting till dinner. Since I would like to not eat in the evening, I am hoping this might turn into a OMAD. However, I am taking this ODAT. I am allowing myself to eat only when I am really hungry. That was the way I ate when I first married DH and hope I can get back to it. I am tracking on MFP but now hitting the part that brings up the message that I am not eating enough. I am eating a balanced meal although probably not enough protein today since we are having chipped beef. I did 22 minutes on the stationary bike and also did my stretches. I am not following anyone's rules but my own and track it all on MFP just long enough to see how I am doing. My goal is to do the best that I can do see what happens.

    Hope everyone has a nice Memorial Day. I really miss my Daddy on days like today.
  • Trish, I don't think you should worry about MFP telling you you didn't eat enough. You are you and doing what is best for you, not someone else. Its not like you do it every day and you definitely eat healthy. I wish I could do as well as you are doing. This past few days is just a blip and you are getting it under control. Good for you.

    I got through my sleepiness without napping but it was hard. I feel fine now. I will stay up as long as I can.

  • I'm headed to bed in a few minutes. I ended up with a 23 hr fast by the time I ate and had a 3 1/2 hr eating window. I felt kind of lightheaded a little while ago but it was too late to eat anything so I just ate a little bit of salt to counteract it. I would like to do a long fast again tomorrow but DH has his yearly eye exam and I have to drive home so I will eat brunch tomorrow and we are getting cheeseburgers on the way home. So will make it a 2MAD hopefully. I definitely want to use the stationary bike again tomorrow. I've got 2 good days behind me so here's hoping for another one tomorrow. Just taking it ODAT.

  • That's great that you got a good fast in and are headed for another one, Trish. You should get a nice drop from that. I was shocked to have a nice whoosh overnight and I don't know why. I was at 1053 calories and started a fast at 3 PM but ended up breaking my fast around 8 PM with ice cream. It wasn't even good ice cream, it was from Dollar General. I was angry at myself for doing that but was up to the bathroom several times during the night and ended up with a whoosh of 1.8 lbs back to 189.4. Now I understand why they say to change things up once in a while. I guess my bump up was fluid. I don't know if I should go back to fasting. This is the second time I've had a drop from breaking my fast.

    I need a few things from Wal-Mart so I guess we will be heading there today. I felt like I had a good sleep but Fitbit says No. We'll see if I get sleepy today. My DIL used to have issues with sleepiness and used to drink those little energy drinks. I know she stopped them so I'll have to ask her what changed. I can't drink coffee after 10AM . Maybe I need to try. I can't continue being sleepy like this every day.
  • A quick flyby as we have to leave in a bit for DH eye docs appt.

    I fasted 17 hrs and had breakfast at 11:30 am. I am determined to make it a 2MAD So won't eat anything after 3 or 4 and try for another long fast for tomorrow. Weight this morning 185.6. So will show a 1 lb loss on MFP and hope it keeps coming down. I didn't sleep really well last night as I was up several times to go potty. Obviously IF and low calorie counting is what works best for me.

    Carol Sue Congratulations on the whoosh. I hope we are going to have a good month.

  • I'm glad your weight is coming back down, Trish. You are working so hard to do this, you deserve to have success. I wish I could get my dedication back like I had when I was fasting. Even though I had a drop after breaking my fast and eating ice cream that is not how I want it to be. I am glad to have that number on the scale but I feel it was a fluke that I didn't deserve. I vow to get back on plan starting right now.

    I agree we are going to have a good month and months to come.
  • DH eye appointment went very well. Doctor says they are watching for any diabetic damage to the eyes. Doctor says DH eyes are in very good health.

    DH wanted to go get tomatoes at Sam's and we may end up going tomorrow or Thursday. I could go to local store to get tomatoes and milk, but I need gasoline and we get the best price at Sam's so will have to decided today what I want to do about that.

    I ended up with a 4 hr eating window and am now fasting at least until lunch tomorrow. I am thinking that maybe I could do OMAD one day and 2MAD the next. Will see how it goes.
  • Another good day and calories below 1200. Sodium was good too. I had a 5 hr eating window. Fast started at 4:30 pm today. I am going to get up early and go to the local store to get a few things that we need. I can get good tomatoes there so we won't be going to Sam's tomorrow. I will try to fast until 3ish tomorrow.
  • Trish, I am glad to hear that DHs Eve appointment went well. Our sight is so important.

    You are doing well with the fasting hours. That can only do good things. I really have to fight to get back to this. I don't understand why I'm having such a problem with it. It is the best thing for me. I'm starting to think that is the reason for my poor sleep. I am not eating because of hunger. Foods are just calling my name and I give in too easily. Once I get back to it it will all fall into place. Fortunately it is not causing weight gain which I am very thankful for. Trying to look an the bright side.

    Weight is up . 8. Fluctuations, not fat gain. Sleep wasn't good either. I think today is casino day but I'm not sure. Storms are predicted for tomorrow.
  • Carol Sue I think if I can just keep my fasting hours at least at or about 16 hrs that I will be fine. I weight an hour early and weight was the same as yesterday so that is good.

    Today I decided to get up early and go to the store before having coffee or anything else. I drink a lot of water on my way home and drink my plain coffee until about 12:30 so I ended up with a 19 hr fast and had a cup of good tasting coffee with a Fiber one bar. I am cooking fried swai fish today so it will be a carby day. Not enough protein so I will have a 6 hr eating window so I can drink a Premier high protein shake. Calories will be just under 1100. I'm not getting really low carbs or high protein intake eating like I am but as long as I can keep the meals fairly healthy and enjoy what DH and I both like I can live with it.

    They didn't have the kind of tomatoes DH really likes and I'm wondering what is happening with them. Even the ones he really likes at Sam's aren't alwagys there and aren't always good like they used to be. I have learned to bring those home and take them off the little vine, wash and lay them on a paper towel in the container or they ruin really fast. I can't tell if that is dirt on them or if it is some kind of fuzzy looking stuff that makes them go bad. I didn't want to have to go to the local store by the beauty shop, but I will go there and see if they have the ones we like. We have 3 local big stores that I've been told get the best quality items than these other ones get. I noticed that this store closes to me doesn't have all the brands or quality of food I can get at the other store. This is one of their older stores and not as big as the others. I keep hoping they will start building the new larger updated store out here. They tore down the little shopping center that was on their property out here but it just sits there with nothing happening. They probably don't know what to do with the economy like it is right now.

    I slept pretty good last night but then had to really think about what today was and what I was doing today because with Monday being a holiday it kind of threw me off.

    I hope you have a nice day especially if you go to the casino. Are you just going to read this time? I am glad you have been able to find a way to make it more pleasant for you and DH. Hope we hear from Fatmad soon, but hope she is having fun at the cottage.
  • Trish, the casino wasn't a total loss. I spent $40 but DH spent more. We still didn't lose it all. We had KFC again. DH surprised me suggesting it.

    I ended up with a 19.5 HR fast then ate in a 4 hour window. Started another fast at 4 pm. I am really tired. I did some exercise before we left. 24 squats and then the recumbent bike for a bit. I want to push myself to start doing some every day. Naturally I didn't nap again today. I hope I sleep better tonight.

    I think you bought the same tomatoes I buy. Stem tomatoes or tomatoes on the vine. I buy them because they are small. DH will cut a slice to put on a,sandwich then the next time he wants some he cuts a new one. I use up all the leftover pieces. Even the tomatoes he grows in the summer are small. That works out better for us.
  • Carol Sue Sounds like your day was good. Congrats on the 19.5 hr fast and 4 hr eating window. You did better than me. I did 6 hr eating window and started my fast at 6:30. I am getting used to this and I hope I will be able to keep it up. I have been napping after dinner the past few days but still tired and sleepy when I go to bed. I really wonder if it is the carbs.

    Hope we both have a good nights sleep. Catch you tomorrow. Good night.
  • I got another whoosh of 1.6 lbs and I slept much better going to bed with an empty stomach. I wasn't hungry but my head hunger wanted a bowl of cereal. I refrained. I would have slept better but I didn't take Tylenol and I was achy. But I don't want to take that Tylenol every night. As it was, I didn't wake up until after 7 am. I am happier about that than I am about the scale. Right now I just don't want to weigh 190. I want to be in the 180s. Eventually I will get low enough that 170s will be in my sights.

    Trish, I wanted to ask you why your swai fish is a carby meal. I think fish is extremely healthy. I never has swai.


    Today I ended up with an 18.5 hour fast. I wanted to go longer but my eggs and toast tasted delicious after not eating for so long. I hope to fast now until dinner which will give me 5+ hours between meals. I'd like to cook something at home since its supposed to be stormy today. I have a few things I'd like to make but DH is so picky. That's one thing I would change if I could. When the kids were here he ate whatever I made. I think that helped with not making them picky eaters. But once they left that all changed. I don't think there's anything wrong with being a picky eater. If I had been picky I might have been much thinner . But it makes it hard for whoever has to prepare your meals and its unfair to us who want to eat a more varied menu.

    When I was a kid the only thing I wouldn't eat was fish because it had bones in it. Now most fish is sold deboned and its one of my favorite meals. I can't cook it at home because DH only likes it deep fried, and he's even picky about that. I would love to find a way to get him eat healthier. He will not tell me how much he weighs or weigh in front of me but he has gained so much weight. I weigh in front of him and tell him what i weigh. He gets out of breath when he walks and I'm so worried about him. If I ask him how much he weighs he lies and if I say he gained weight he gets offended and lashes out. His kids haven't seen him much lately and they will be surprised when they do. I know I have no room to talk but I am trying. He doesn't eat big meals but he snacks every couple hours. When we were in Wal-Mart he bought pretzels, chips AND corn chips. Plus cake. I don't know what to do.
  • Carol Sue Congrats on the new whoosh. Hopefully we both are done with the 190s.

    My meal yesterday was very carby because it was fried with a batter on it that I make mixing a little bit of flour and cornmeal dipped in FF milk. I don't really know how to figure the #s on it as I try to get just enough on the fish to make a pretty batter but not fattening. There was a time I would deep fry it but I don't do that any more and from what I saw watching them air-fry fish on line, you have to fry it in a little bit of oil first so I figure why bother. Just fry it in the pan. Also DH picks corn-on-the-cob that we both love when Walmart gets fresh and we had one serving left so with corn and batter it was higher carb than usual.

    I agree that picky eaters do make things difficult sometimes. However, DH is a better about the junk food since he has to watch his blood sugar now. Iím the one who will buy a small bag of chips or something like that just to have with a burger sometimes but not as much as we used to. His go to snack is a variety of nuts that we buy in bulk and then he has a container that he puts them into to make a mix of his choice. He also eats fruit and diet ice cream. I would probably do better if I ate more like him. LOL

    The only fish I can cook without batter that we both like is the thick cod fish I get from Sam's. All other fish is so thin it just doesn't cook the same even cod fish from other stores here. We love cod fish cooked in lemon butter. I like the lemon butter catfish at Cracker Barrel too, but DH always gets fried. We like shrimp scampi too and I need to remember that I have some frozen shrimp in freezer I need to cook. I still buy things and for get I have it.

    Weight is back down to 185. I too fasted 18.5 hrs and finally had some fruit with some FF cottage cheese that I bought. I probably will end up with a 6 hr eating window. I want to fast till dinner tomorrow if I can. I have done the exercise that I had planned to do this week. So I feel like I have had a good week. I hope I can continue the fasting that I am doing as well. Carol Sue it seems to work well for both of us.

    I will have to go by the store by the beauty shop to see if I can get those tomatoes we like from there. If not we will need to go to Samís next week and see if they have them. Need to go to Samís any way as we need to top off the gas tank in our car. We will probably do that Monday or Tuesday.

    Today we are having lean pork loin chops smothered in turkey gravy which is one of my easy meals because I cook it in the crockpot and it has been smelling soo good for quite some time. Besides the fact that it is easy, I also do that so it will be easier for DH to chew. I love the things I can do in the crockpot.

    Have a nice day.
  • What kind of gravy do you cook the pork chops in, Trish, and for how long? That would not heat up the kitchen and maybe DH would like it.

    I ate in a 6.5 hour window and started my new fast at 4 pm.