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  • I hope it does too, Pipsicle! Mine is doing well at the casino but not on the scale. Good to see you post on a Thursday.

    Trish, I was reading an article today that I want to read again. This guy was saying that black coffee breaks a fast, which is supposed to be just water so I guess he's technically right. Dr Fung used to say that too but said if it helps you continue your fast then do it. Without my coffee in the morning I could not fast. When I was in the hospital I fasted for 5-6 days without even water. They gave me IV fluids.

    And this guy was saying that intermittent fasting is not the same as time restricted eating, and I'm trying to understand that.

    During my first diet back in 1968 all I did was ate less and exercised more and that was the best I ever lost in my life. Now they tell us that was all wrong. If its wrong, why did it work?


    I reread that article and also another one and it says IF is some days you fast and some you feast. Time Restricted Eating is what we do, only eat during certain hours of the day. I still see 16/8 referred to as IF, and I don't think it really matters what you call it.
  • Pipsicle Hope things turn for all of us soon. I think everyone is having a difficult time right now. Not sure why. Oh I know the problem for me just not sure what changed in my.

    My weight is up again today. 187.2. This is Friday when I weigh 2 hrs early but I think the weight this morning is a wake up call for me. Plus I know my weight always goes up when I eat pizza but there is more to it. I think I do better on the WW low fat plan. I just have to get back to it. I think I could do the WWSF plan as a low fat/low carb woe along with a 6 to 8 hr eating window. Plus I have got to get back to exercising. This is beginning to affect my bs and my bp. I think I am also going back to the low fat milk rather than almond milk. I am very upset with myself right now. I am going to work at eating more 0 pt foods and get off that are also low carb as much as possible. Fasting this morning so far even going out as I really need to go back to 2 meals a day and I seem to be able to fast better without breakfast.

    Headed out to the beauty shop and local store. I did make our pizza on the Aldi flatbread and DH seemed to like it so I will need to go get it from there from time to time. I like the idea of the bread having all that fiber too so may run by and get some more of it. Not sure.

    Have a good day everybody.

  • Weight back down to 190.0. Not a loss. These small ups and downs are just normal fluctuations. I know I have to put forth a real effort to see a loss. I have to cut calories back further and move more! My exercise room is gathering dust and cobwebs. But I am glad I'm not gaining. That's a plus. I am a very good maintainer! LOL

    I want to go somewhere for salmon for dinner today. That will depend on what DH wants to eat. I don't know about Sat or Sun. I would like to cook a roast but its not a favorite for DH. If I ask him what he wants he says he wants to go to a casino. I have Monday planned. Grilled hot dogs, grilled corn on the cob, baked beans and potato salad. Holidays are the only time I make potato salad for DH. If he didn't want it I would pass.

    I don't remember what time I stopped eating yesterday. I had a bag of chips at the casino around 4. I couldn't fall asleep last night until after 1 AM and slept until 9:45. My day will go very fast today. DH was up before me. We have to go back to Wal-Mart for my meds and bottled water. I thought stopping last night would save us a trip today. It is supposed to rain all day then get cold for the weekend.

    We were posting at the same time, Trish. I agree that WW was the most effective weight loss plan for you even if you don't rejoin and count points. Just follow the eating plan that you learned from them. High fat or high protein does not work for everyone. This is why I said my first diet of eating less and moving more was the most effective for me. I didn't read any books or follow any plan. Once I started reading diet books I got information overload trying to do all the different plans and follow all the rules. Just get back to basics. Even so, I know I will not stop reading.


    DH wants salmon too and he prefers it from Texas Roadhouse so that's where we'll go. I like either. I got sleepy but did not fall asleep.
  • Carol Sue I kept wanting to have family together but couldn't get with it. I would buy the meat and have BIL (BS Hubby) cook it and the rest of us put the fixings around it. Turns out that we are having scattered thunder storms all weekend. It sprinkled on my all the way home. I don't have anything special planned for the weekend except get back on WWSF.

    We are having hot dogs today but I am having the Hebrew National low fat ones that are 1 pt each. I was going to have kraut with it but DH decided he doesn't like it and it is too salty for me so we will just have plain hot dogs. I could have some beans with it and might do that. He has left over cole slaw and I don't think I want a salad today.

    I was able to buy FF cheese, FF cottage cheese and FF yogurt at the local store which is rather unusual. I did get the FF milk as well. That way all of those are 0 pts on my WWSF plan. I did track todays on MFP today but may just keep track of it on paper since I don't really have to count pts since I am trying to eat as much of the 0 pt foods for now. I didn't eat anything until I got home and it was about 12:30 when I had an apple and a banana to start my eating window. I will eat Dinner and Supper today and see how that works. I will count from 12:30 when I had the fruit 6:30 when I have my last meal and make it a 6 hr eating window. I want to have only 2 or 3 fruits a day and will start each day with the fruit as a fruit cup and then save my breakfast food I like for my last meal of the day. Not sure if I will get much protein but I will eat low fat and moderately low carb.

    Carol Sue I think I always did better not following a certain diet and just kind of following a basically healthy woe.

    My exercise today was 30 minutes walking around in Aldi and then 1 hr walking around in the local store.
  • We didn't go to Wal-Mart after dinner because it was raining and I was tired. The main thing we need is the bottled spring water that DH drinks. I have meds and a list of other things but nothing is urgent.

    I think your weight will start to come down,Trish.
  • Cairol Sue I'm glad I got home before the thunderstorms hit so I understand not wanting to go to Walmart in the rain.

    I have been tired all evening too. I was sleepy before I cook dinner and slept a lot after. I don't know if it is the past few weeks of the way I ate has caught up with me or the fact that I got up so early this morning or both.

    I did do a 6 hr eating window today. I did get a spirt of energy and cleaned up my kitchen before I started the dishwasher and I have emptied the dishwasher already so I don't have to do that in the morning. I hope we both get a good nights sleep and feel better in the morning.
  • Trish, I did not get a good nights sleep. Only 4+ hours. I might nap this afternoon. I don't understand how I can feel so tired and exhausted but not sleep. I stopped taking the tart cherry and slept fine for a while but maybe I have to start taking it again.

    DH painted the cellar steps and put on the new carpet treads we bought. It looks so nice I keep opening the cellar door to look at it. I didn't realize how shabby the old carpet treads looked until we got new ones. We spotted them by accident when we were in the home improvement store. They were only $10.77 for 13 steps and with the paint being leftover from the last time it didn't take much to make a big improvement.

    I got on the scale and it kept going higher and higher so I jumped off before it registered to the app. If it didn't register it didn't happen! Maybe tomorrow will be better.

    We will not be going to Texas Roadhouse on Friday anymore. Its too crowded and DH was arguing with the hostess about seating. When we go during the week we can sit where we want but when its crowded we have to take what's open. He likes to sit in the bar area so he can watch sports on the big screen TVs. I am happy to sit anywhere as long as there's not a long wait. So I prefer to eat at home on weekends.

    I bought some avocados and learned that you can't eat them when they're still hard. LOL
    I went back to bed and slept a bit more but its still not enough. I'm still tired. I ate some scrambled eggs and I'm off to Wal-Mart and Target!
  • Carol Sue So sorry you didn’t get good rest. I slept fine but probably could have used some more. However, I don’t want to make a new bad habit of staying in bed later than 9 am. I think it is always a plus when we can redo anything in our house at a minimal price as possible. I was looking at the cabinet in our bathroom and it needs to be painted. Not sure what color because I don’t like the almost black color it is now. I would have had natural if I had my way but the house was already done when we bought so we didn’t get an choices.

    Scales bounced around but finally got 186.6 twice so I hope that is right. FBG was 94 this morning when I put new battery in the meter so maybe it wasn’t as high as it had read recently.

    I am officially back on WWSF plan although not really counting pts. Breakfast this morning was 0 pts. I had grapefruit, and a home made 0 pt Egg mcmuffin with 1 egg, 1 sl Canadian bacon, kale leaves, and FF shredded cheddar cheese. Dinner will be chicken parmessan, salad and corn on the cob. I think most of that is 0 pts although there may be minimal amount in the cheese. I could use FF mozzerella and make it less pts but then it wouldn’t would be parmessan chicken would it? LOL I use light dressing so it is probably a pt or 2. This may be why I need to track on MFP. However, I am tracking in a notebook for now. I am going to try to do only 2 meals Brunch and Dinner, but not sure how that will go which would put me back on my 5 or 6 hr eating window. We will see how it goes. It won't be a longer window than 8 hrs regardless.

    Have a good day.

    Edited to add: I checked what my last WI was on MFP and it was 186.6 so I haven't gained since my last WI there. I have my plan for today already tracked on MFP and if I don't add anything else, the plan is 2 meals along with a banana I had just a little while ago ending with a 6 hr eating window. I will cut out taking the 2nd scoop of collagen so I don't have to eat anything after Dinner. Calories for today 1070. I am determined to make this work.
  • Trish I would love to be able to sleep til 9 and would even be happy with 7 and sometimes I do, but I always have too much on my mind. I fell asleep again for 2.5 more hours so now I feel good but its almost time to go back to bed. I need to stay up later.

    I am making scalloped potatoes for DH. I don't know what I will eat. If I don't make anything I will eat some potatoes.

    Your plan sounds like when you were on WW so you should start dropping.

    When we got to Target they had the water on sale so we got 2 cases. It was on display right inside the front door so we went straight to the checkouts. Then we went across the street to Wal-Mart and got my meds and the rest of the things we needed. Now we only need the hot dog buns for Monday.
  • I slept a little longer today so I should feel better. I got up a lot to use the bathroom.

    Weight is still up. I will try to fast longer today. If I can get past DH cooking breakfast I'm good, but its tempting.
  • Carol Sue Glad you got some rest and feel better. My weight is still going up. I am pretty sure it is water weight from all the sodium. I feel swelled all over right now.

    I had forgotten that the only reason I gave up all the FF products years ago ando went to using light or lowfat products was the high sodium in the products. I checked the sodium and the carbs in the 2% fat and the FF cheese and the FF has 2 carbs compared to the 1 to <1 in the lowfat are full fat and the FF has 50 grams more sodium than the 2% versions. I didn't check the sodium in the full fat versions. While I still don't want to use full fat versions of some things, I don't want to do FF. Not sure what I will do with the FF stuff. I don't have too much of it. I think what I will do is work at keeping sodium and carbs low within healthy ranges. Of course MFP does keep up with sodium very well. I will work at keeping net carbs under 100 grams each day and for right now will work at keeping protein up enough to not lose muscle. I still like staying at least at 90 grams and not much higher. I feel like at this point that I just have to trust MFP as much as I can and count calories and carbs there. I just cannot let this weight keep moving up regardless of what it is. I also will work at getting back to a regular routine on that bicycle again.

    Another big change that I am making is that I am doing as of today is 0 calorie fast. I am drinking coffee with only Stevia during my fasting hours and I don't ever put anything in tea. I do still use creamer during my eating window which is going to be 6 hr window each day with brunch at noon and end by 6 pm with a high protein shake with collagen and coffee.

    Have a nice day everybody and hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day weekend with their families or however you celebrate it. I heard people shooting fireworks last night so someone had a party in the neighborhood.

    Edited: I did check grams of sodium in full fat cheddar cheese is 180. 2% 200 and FF 150. I may go back the 2%.
  • I don't understand why I can't stop sleeping. I took another nap this afternoon.

    I don't understand why you're gaining either, Trish. I hope you can turn this around.

    I'm defrosting steak for today. I have to run to the local store for milk and hot dog buns for tomorrow. Maybe I will get some exercise in later.
  • Great news- I was able to confirm a half pound loss this morning. Hoping to keep the streak going.
  • Pipsicle I hope you will be able to keep your weight loss streak going too.

    Carol Sue Not sure why you are so sleepy either. I've been experiencing that some myself.

    I stopped eating at approximately 4:30 so I ended up with a 4 1/2 hr eating window. I have not had any calories since then. Everything I've drank so far have been 0 calories. I've mostly drank water. At one point I wanted something to eat but then remembered that I'm fasting and want it to be a clean fast so kept fasting. I don't know how many calories I ended up eating because I didn't eat the supper I had planned but I didn't erase it from MFP because whatever it was it didn't come close to 1000 calories. One day down now I've got to work toward another one. Just taking it one day at a time.

    Carol Sue I read something the other day about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine as well as the Australian vaccine. They said the one shot vaccine has caused blood clots in some people. Don't know if it is true, but just wanted to warn you just in case.
  • Trish, it was the Johnson and Johnson and Astrazenica that is not used in USA. Right now I have no plans to get vaccinated unless there is a new surge. I don't see how there could be since so many are vacinnated. I will take my chances.

    Yesterday I ate everything in sight, chips,pie, candy, pretzels and didn't finish eating until 8 PM and I lost .4. Tell me why.

    I'm glad Pipsicle had a loss and hope it continues. I think you will have one too, Trish.

    Happy Memorial Day!


    I washed a couple loads of clothes in my new washer. I read about all the settings so its easier than I thought. I am feeling very sleepy but I'm fighting it, trying to stay awake.