Diabetes and Prediabetes Chat Spring 2021

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  • Good morning. I got up early because the guy is coming early for the furnace and I want to be sure we're up and ready.

    No change in weight this morning. That might be because its so early, I didn't sleep well, or the sodium in the cabbage rolls.

    I was reading that it takes 3 weeks or so for your body to switch from burning glucose to burning fat. This is why some people get discouraged and think the diet isn't working. This is why Atkins has Induction and there are some plans like 21 Day Fix. I have never stayed on Keto for 21 days. There are some people on the LC Forum who are doing the Atkins 100 plan. There are many who cannot do strict carb restriction long term. Even Dr Atkins says everyone needs to find their own carb level after induction. My friend started with 100 or so grams and kept cutting back til she found her sweet spot which is around 60 I think. I haven't seen her for a while, since Covid started. The last time I saw her she was very thin with loose skin. She says she is maintaining within 5-10 lbs. She eats things like cold cereal and snacks like pretzels. She eats vegetables but not much meat, but tracks her carbs.

    I read a good book about a husband and wife who battled weight for years. They started IF eating from 2 PM to 7 PM. They ate whatever they wanted but mainly healthy. They did not weigh, but their clothes got loose and they had to buy new. She wanted to be a size 12 but ended up a size 2. I don't know if that is realistic. My smallest size as an adult was a size 7 in 9th grade. She said the hardest part for her was switching to black coffee.

    I don't think you should worry about eating a snack sometimes. Your body wants different things on different days. Some days you might want less. Look back and see how great you've done!


    The furnace guy has been here for 2.5 hours and has a few more hours to go. I am so tired from getting up so early. Its freezing in here! Only 65 degrees. That's really cold for me. The rain makes it seem colder, too. I would like to go back to sleep but its too noisy.
  • Still not much new to report. Despite having a good week, the scale says I am still gaining.

    Pipsicle So sorry you are gaining. Hope you will be able to find you way. I know you have some health problems that doesn't help you very much with weight loss. Hugs and prayers coming your way.

    Carol Sue I have only read the Forward of the 100 carb diet, but I think I could do this. He says it isn't a diet but it was a lifestyle for him. I plan to read it today. The author was a dietician who worked with Dr. Atkins and she wrote the new Atkins book I think it was named Atkin's made easy. I used that book that time I did Atkins for 6 months to get all my bloodwork numbers normal and foolishly went right back to my old way of eating. So I know she knows what she is talking about. The funny thing is that I have already trying to keep my net carbs below 75 grams so keeping them under 100 should be really doable. I started to say easy but I don't want to go that far because as I know from last night, a slip is always a possibility. But he even mentioned in the Forward that there are times he went off and had a NY pizza and ice cream. He said he mostly gave up carbs and sugar. BTW our local store here has No Sugar bacon which I am now eating. You know me I am always looking for a plan with a name so I guess I now have one. LOL The Atkins 100 Solution Diet.

    I am always amazed at how weight works. I actually am down to 183 this morning. A loss not a gain. I'm still up from the 182.6 I last posted on MFP week before last so not a loss this week at all. But thankful it wasn't higher. Scale actually tried to bounce down to 182.8 but just couldn't make it.

    You know I love pretzels but I cannot even bring them in the house because like potato chips, they call my name and I answer and might eat the whole package before I know it. I hope there will be a day when I can responsibly eat it. I bought some dark chocolate from Aldi's and threw it in the trash. Not all things from Aldi's tastes good to me. I did find a low carb flat bread that is a little thicker that I think will make better pizza than the Joseph's flax flatbread. I bought a package and hope it will taste good. May make it tomorrow since we won't be going to Walmart until Tuesday this week because they won't have DH meds ready until then.

    Our roast is cooking and I have my meals tracked for today on MFP. Net carbs today will be 60 grams. I will be eating within an 8 hr window and do a 16 hr fast. I actually ended up with a 16 hr fast today since I fasted from 8 pm last night till noon today.

    Carol Sue Glad the furnace will be done by afternoon and you can get your house warm again and hopefully get yourself a nap.
  • I tried to get a nap but step son came over. By that time the furnace was running and the house warmed up. The guy has to come back some night this week to get the air conditioner running because he can't put Freon in when its raining. Step daughter dropped off a gift because she was exposed to Covid at work.

    That's funny that you always do a plan with a name and I never do, but you are losing much better than I am. So what does that tell you?

    Pretzels and chips rarely interest me because of the salt. I don't like salty things. I always have dark chocolate from Aldi's but a bar lasts me a month. I keep it behind my knife block. Out of sight, out of mind.

    I ate some cabbage rolls for dinner. DH made French fries but I declined. I'm sure we will go to bed early since we were up so early. I also felt like I was getting a cold but feel better now that the house is warm.

    I hope all had a good day.
  • I heard from all the kids that I knew I would plus even DS DD. She is the niece that was born less than 20 days after I lost the baby I was carrying.

    The Atkins book is good. Actually the net carbs should be 20 or 40 grams to lose weight. I will try to keep them between 40 and 50 grams. She says eat every 3 to 4 hrs and to never go more than 4 hrs without eating when awake. I don't intend to do that as I am used to eating 2 to 3 meals and fasting. I'm sure if I was just starting low carb, I might would need to do that but I've done IF for so long that I don't need to do that. She says that if a food has 5 g of fiber or more, it is a good food to eat and if it has 5 or more grams of sugar to put back on the shelf. Also she says don't eat all your carbs at one meal. I stayed within my 8 hr eating window and I think my net carbs were more like 50. Being able to get some keto/low carb foods make this so much easier these day. I am pretty much enjoying it too.

    Carol Sue You should be able to sleep really good tonight since you got up early and never got your nap. Iím sure your house is nice and warm too.

  • HI friends: 160 this am. I did OMAD yesterday. Younger DD came for a visit, and we had my leftover quiche and salad. Then we went for a walk.
    I decided not to eat more, since I ate a lot on Saturday. I was not hungry by bedtime, so finishing the meal about 2 pm was fine. It was high fat and high fibre. The quiche had fresh local asparagus and mushrooms and was delightful. DH really liked it too, something with texture but ok for him to eat post dental surgery.
    He is slowly healing, taking longer than previous times. He is also on 2 antibiotics and having some digestive side effects as a result. I don't doubt he will have lost weight and I will be feeding him up after this.
    I plan to fast today and get lower into the 150s now.
    Carol: I was not able to just go low carb when i first started. I had to lower my carbs over time, otherwise felt crummy and craving too much to cope. Lowering more slowly allowed me to "back into" Atkins/Keto.
    But the result is definitely that food cravings revolve around carbs. Right now sweet seem out, and salty crispy stuff like chips are my thing. Fortunately, pork rinds have the crunch, if not the flavour, but when I put them into dip it seems to work.
    Trish, right now, the change ups seem to be working and you are losing brilliantly. Keep going!

    have a good Monday friends.
  • Trish, I'm glad you heard from the kids and your niece and that Mad had a nice visit with DD. I hope Pipsicle had a nice day with her daughter. I think she only has one.

    We had a nice visit with step son. DIL and DGS went to her mother's. Step son was on his own for dinner so I gave him some cabbage rolls to take home.

    Mad, that quiche sounds really good. Something DH wouldn't eat but I sure would.

    I went to bed at 10 and slept for 8+ hours. I feel very rested today, and warm. Sometime during the night the battery went dead in the smoke detector in the hall and it started chirping. I didn't hear it but it scared Rusty. He ran into the bedroom in a panic so DH put him in our bed. He is not usually allowed in our bed but he slept snuggled up to me all night. But I was able to fall back to sleep and so did he. DH took care of the battery.

    Yesterday I ended up having a 10-12 hour eating window. It was one of those days. Only 1 meal but lots of small meals. Apparently my body liked that change of pace and I'm down to 189 again. So its ok to do something different once in a while.

    I don't know what I will do today. I have no plans for cooking dinner. Maybe I'll make the tacos we didn't get to eat on May 5 for Cinco de Mayo.
  • A miracle happened today and I can't wait to tell you about it. About 25 years ago my step daughter bought me a bracelet for Christmas. Not expensive but pretty with black stones and fake diamonds. I wear it night and day because it looks so nice with my black Fitbit. A couple years ago the clasp broke but I got it to work, but it falls off once in a while. Yesterday I noticed it was gone. I hadn't been out of the house for 2 days so I figured it had to be in the house somewhere. We looked but didn't find it.

    Today we went to Wal-Mart for a few things and the almonds I forgot to buy the last time we were there. When I met up with DH when we were ready to leave he handed me my bracelet. He found it on the floor in Wal-Mart! He didn't know if it was mine or one like it but the clasp is broken the same way. Its mine, and apparently it fell off the last time we were there. Its funny that it never got swept up but it was under the edge of a clothing rack up by the registers. Its the same spot where we meet up every time we go there. I'm considering taking it to a,jewelry store to get it repaired but don't know if they would want to repair an old piece of costume jewelry.
  • Carol Sue What an amazing miracle of your DH finding the bracelet. It is almost like an angel kept it safe for you. I understand that it may not be special price wise as much as the sentimental value of it coming from your step-daughter. I have a lot of little treasures like that that I've collected over the years.

    I had the longer eating window too but I really believe that it isn't a big deal when we do that once in a while as I hope it shakes things up because it confuses our bodies so it doesn't know we are trying to lose weight.

    I did fast 16 hrs before I ate breakfast this morning. I don't think I will be doing Atkins although I do like the concept. However, I will work at keeping my net carbs between 40 and 70 net grams. I really like eating enough high fiber carbs as it keeps me regular if you know what I mean without potty issues of any kind. It also is supposed to help keep our insulin from from rising too fast. I figure the weight will eventually move and believe I am losing inches when the scales don't seem to be coming down as fast as I think it should. I also like eating only 2 meals a day instead of 3 or more so I won't be doing a longer than 4 or 5 hr eating window. In fact, I really like fasting 19 to 20 hrs. I have 3 meals planned on MFP but I actually plan to eat only 2. My weight is up to 184 this morning and I do believe it is from the 3 meal I had yesterday. Also my FBG has been higher between 100 and 110. I know that is still good but I still like under 100 readings better.

    The Atkins author talks about us being able to eat some of the veggies we used to think we couldnít eat on low carb because of the new Glycemic Load has changed that when compared to the old Glycemic Index readings. Like she said that no one would eat as many carrots as it took on GI readings. She said GI didn't give us actual portions like GL does and it comes down to be more about the portions we learn that some of these foods are okay to eat according to the GL readings. She also talks about how there are so many different low carb plans out there because people personalize it. So I consider myself to be one of those because I am learning to personalize my own low carb plan to fit my lifestyle. Carol Sue Some of what was in this book reminds me of that book you and I had written by Reader's Digest on the Best foods to control blood sugar. Sorry I can't remember the name of it. So it was a good reading. I didn't learn anything new but it did confirm some of what I already knew. One thing I did learn is that Iím happy with what Iíve been doing and I donít think I will change anything at this time except for eating fat. I still donít think I don't like eating higher fat and actually like eating lower fat instead but not FF so I am going back to that.

    Today I am making homemade pizza on the multigrain flax flatbread I bought at Aldiís hoping it is good. It is thicker and although more calories it is lower net carbs and higher fiber than the ones I ate on WW.

    Mad Good luck getting back to your Fasts. I know you will do fine. You are working toward the 150s and I'm working toward the 170s.

    Have a great day everybody.
  • Yes, I think God intervened for that bracelet to be on Wal-Mart's floor for several days and DH to find it. I am meant to have it.

    I had 1 taco and Spanish rice. Mine was from a Knorr mix and my mothers was home made. No comparison. The smell of it took me back.

    I read something different in a book I was reading about IF. It said to have your eating window at the same time every day. Your body will get used to it and won't slow your metabolism during fasting because it knows food is coming. I never thought of it that way. I still think its good to shake things up once in a,while.
  • Carol Sue What youe read makes sense as well. Who knows? We eat about the same time everyday. The only time it changes is when we go out to eat with others or bring home food when we go shopping. However, lately DH gets up early and we have been getting home and having things put away so that we eat about the same time then as well.

    The Aldi flatbread was very good and the thickness was so much easier to prepare and felt more like a pizza. Might see if DH might like it next time. I am through eating for the day with a 4 hr eating window. I did get my calories to a little over 1000 but less than 1100. Carbs were low but not sure how low. I think 2MAD with IF is the best way to eat and not worry about the macros. I just got in the habit of looking at it since MFP has the little divided pie at the bottom of the page. I need to just ignore it from now own and just follow the plan.

    I am now using the butter flavor spray to cook my eggs and on my toast and some veggies but haven't been able to find the butter flavor at the local store. I sure hope Walmart will have theirs when I go there. Carol are you having any problems finding it?

  • Because of something I read in the new Atkins 100 book by Colette Heimowitz, about the many different kinds of low carb diets plus the fact that she says most Americans eat 240 grams of carbs a day, I decided to google and see just how many there are and found that including different types of keto diets that there are many. The article I found shared info on 8 of them, but I was only interested in the low carb ones. I actually found my low carb plan on there.

    My plan that I seem to have backed into is the 50 to 100 grams of carbs. This range is intended to help a person slowly and steadily lose weight or to maintain their weight loss. This gives a person plenty of room for the fruits they want to include in their plan. Any low carb plan 50 grams or less is said to help a person to lose weight faster.

    I figure at my age that slow and steady is better in order to keep from wrinkling so bad. This is interesting because I always call this a moderately low carb plan. I am happy to find this plan since this is the way I prefer to eat. This plan is to use the glycemic index but I think I will use the glycemic load instead. I personally think from a conversation I read on one of the FB keto diet, a lot of people eat this way. Some of them say they feel better and have more energy when eating this way.

    I got hungry once tonight but just did something else and forgot it. Iím having my last cup of coffee with my collagen and will drink only water from then until tomorrow. I definitely will be doing the 4 hr eating window on this Low carb plan as well.

  • I woke up and could not fall back to sleep so I got up. I will be tired all day but maybe take a nap. I hate this because I tend to eat more when I'm tired.

    I agree that 50-70 GM of carb is good as well as 4 hour eating. You have a very good plan going, Trish, and should lose well on it.

    DH went back and ate a second helping of the tacos yesterday. That's unusual but he said he liked the meat. He felt tired and sluggish from eating so much. I only had 1 taco but over ate the Spanish rice. I found a recipe online that looks like my mothers so I might try that next time. The Knorr packet is so easy though, but the scratch is healthier.

    I think the butter flavored spray I'm now using is Wal-Mart brand, not Pam. I use it for cooking eggs but not on veggies. If DH is eating the veggies he wants butter. If its just me i use the spray ICBINB. I buy the store brand of many things and we like most, but there are exceptions, like soup which DH prefers Campbell's and peanut butter. I bought Wal-Mart brand and we didn't like it so I buy Skippy or whatever brand name is on sale. I only buy Heinz Ketchup and Hellman's Mayo.

    I'm now reading a book about IF and OMAD. It says you can work your way up to OMAD and it can take some time to reap the benefits of IF, maybe months. But its worth in for the health benefits beyond weight loss, like longevity. It says its important to be sure you are getting good nutrition at your one meal. I like 1 meal and another smaller meal.
  • I am same weight today after eating Keto yesterday. That's a win. I hope to fast until tomorrow now and have a longer fast that will result in weight loss. But basically I am down to 160.5 which is great. Slow improvements, hard won.
    Both DH and I are still slow are tire easily, but are keeping up with taking Buddy out for walks overall. He is slowly starting to feel a bit better.

    Carol: I am delighted that your bracelet was found. What a fortuitous find. You might not have thought to check the lost and found there.
    Trish: I think carb restriction will work better than going to Atkins induction or Keto, because you don't do well with the higher fat. This is a more balanced approach and seems right for you.

    Have a good Tuesday friends.
  • Mad, I would not think to check Lost and Found at Wal-Mart because I was certain I lost it at home. I was figuring it would show up when we stopped looking.

    I went back to bed at 6 and slept til 9. That will help.