Diabetes and Prediabetes Chat Spring 2021

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  • Trish, we have a stick vacuum too which is much easier to use but the carpet needed a good cleaning. DH has been doing that since I had my heart surgery, but he had that same surgery in 2018. The big one is just easier for him to push.

    The furnace guy is here. He installed the air conditioner and now it sounds like he's dismantling the furnace. I don't know if he plans on finishing it today or not.
  • Carol Sue So glad you are getting the AC and furnace in. You will be glad when it is done.

    Today was good. I actually count my true fasting at 16 hrs most days although I liquid fast 19 to 20 hrs because I drink my coffee with sf creamer after 16 the hr fast.

    Plan to go to Aldi's tomorrow to see what I can find that I normally get at our local store. I hope I can get everything I need there. I still want to go to $Tree too and I just hate to have to go to 3 stores instead of 2.

    Have a good nights sleep.
  • HI friends: I'm at 160 again after a day of fasting. But even better is that my waist is now down to 35.5 inches. It has been 36 and peeking above that. Even at 160 before going higher, it was 36. So I am pretty pleased about that, one of the NSV we long for. I am hoping it gives me heart to keep fasting today.
    Heard from younger DD, she will come on Sunday for Mother's day. I was heartened to hear that, as older DD is at the cottage and won't be coming for sure. Have not seen younger DD since her birthday in March. With Covid19 we go longer without in person visits. She is vaccinated, and her fella will get his soon as well, just like older DD.
    There is word that 2nd dosing may be moved up for health care workers. I will take it if possible, as the variants apparently are more likely to affect us with only one dose.

    Carol: I hope all goes well with the new furnace and AC, you won't regret that investment when you are cool this summer and toasty warm all winter.
    Trish: you are doing so well, soon into the 170s. Good for you, keep going!

  • The furnace guy installed the air conditioner and got everything ready for the furnace. He will do the furnace on Sunday. Good thing he left it hooked up because we used it last night. On Sunday when he's installing it the high will only be 50. Brrrr!

    Weight is back up .6 to 190.0 but I'm not surprised. I think its from the sodium in the sauerkraut. This is fluid fluctuations. I am not gaining and losing fat, but I'd be happy to be losing.

    ​​​​​We are not doing anything for Mothers Day because of the furnace man coming. I didn't want to anyway. I just end up having to cook a meal for everyone. Sunday is also our 40th wedding anniversary. We never celebrate that, either. We will be here with the gas turned off not being able to cook anything and with no heat. The high is going to be 50.

    We rarely go to Aldi's anymore. Its right next to Wal-Mart but its always crowded. I don't buy a lot there and hate to wait in a long line for just a few things. Most of the things I get there I can get at Wal-Mart for just a little bit more. When I go there I get 2 loaves of the Zero Carb bread and put it in the freezer. It is called Keto Friendly and comes in wheat and multi seed. I prefer the multi seed. The Aldi's by my step daughter doesn't have it. The loaves are very small and cost $3.99 but it lasts me a long time because I only eat it when I want toast with my eggs. If I could find out when they are not crowded I could go there then. I like to go to Wal-Mart around 10AM. I also buy produce, butter, cheese and frozen green beans, meatballs and chicken tenders there. I don't buy any packaged foods. Sometimes I get canned tomatoes and tomato sauce but I can get them at Wal-Mart too. I used to buy store brand sauerkraut but this last time Vlasic was on sale so I bought that. It is amazing how much better it tasted. Its only cabbage and salt so what could they do to it! Sometimes the store brand is bland.

    The furnace guy is coming at 8 AM on Sunday and DH thinks it will only take 4-5 hours to dismantle the old furnace and install the new one. He has all the vents and wiring done and should only have to hook it up. DH says this guy is all business and works very fast, really seems to know what he's doing. He said hes been doing this for 15 years. The new furnace is smaller than the old one but he assures us that it is enough for our house and should lower our gas bill. I'm so glad DH decided to get all this done. I think our neighbor convinced him because he wouldn't listen to me.


    Just reporting some insignificant results. I weighed at 8AM when I got up. 190.0. After which I drank 2 cups of black coffee. Caffeine is known to have a diuretic affect. At 10:30 I ate 2 eggs cooked in butter, 2 slices of bacon and 1 slice of zero carb toast with butter. This was followed by a normal bowel movement. I got weighed again and was 190.6. I was just curious. I realize that if I weighed every hour throughout the day my weight would continue to go up if even by tenths. For whatever reason we lose water weight overnight and weigh the least in the morning.

    My friends daughter always got weighed at night before she went to bed because she felt that was her true weight. She considered weighing in the morning to be cheating.

    A big part of my decision to get the new furnace is that I want to feel that some of our money is put to good use rather than all going toward gambling. Even so, the casino is our only form of outside entertainment. We don't travel or participate in other forms of entertainment.
  • Carol Sue I went to Aldi's and got the 0 carb keto bread. Yes, I agree that it is pricey but I do like the fact that it has a lot of fiber. In fact, we are having BLTs today and I will try it then. It sure will help keep the carbs down even with 1/2 an avocado that I will have on it. While there I also got some more cubed cheese and pepperoni to make as chips to go with it. I'm getting used to the cheese chips I make to eat with my salads so thought I would try the pepperoni chips a lot of keto people eat. I also found a jar of ghee and thought I would try that. I used to make my own when BS and I ate mostly vegan after Mama died.

    Carol Sue so glad you are getting your furnace put it. Just hope you can stay warm while he is putting it in Sunday.

    We have no plans for Mother's Day. I did buy a beef chuck roast since I am hungry for beef. DS and her hubby headed to west TX to spend the weekend and I'm sure BS will spend time with her boys. I hope my 2 sisters and I can get together Monday or Tuesday for breakfast at Cracker Barrel so that just the 3 of us can be together and celebrate BS birthday which is actually Sunday. We haven't been together for her BS in years.

    Weight was up to 183.8 this morning. Not quite sure why but at least I still see the 183 although I was hoping for the 182 again. I would love to see that more than just once a week as it is like it just teases me but won't stay. LOL Today is going to be more of a keto woe because my net carbs will be only 30. So a nice low carb day even with the bread. I haven't eat anything today and hope not to make it up later in the day. By the time I got home, I didn't have time to eat. My calories will barely be over 1000 so I do so hope scale will reward me tomorrow.

    Hope everybody has a nice day and Mother's day weekend.

  • Mad I missed your post for some reason. Congratulations on making the 160 and the 35.5 waist. That is awesome. Glad you will get to see your DD Sunday. I won't see any of my kids but they will call or text.
  • We got take out fish for dinner. I ate the cole slaw and DH ate the French fries The fries were home made, I ate 2 of them.

    Trish I am glad your Aldi's had the bread. I hope you like it. I think the 45 calorie bread is a good choice, too.

    I have decided I am not going to eat high fat. When I lost weight before I ate protein and vegetables. It worked and kept me satisfied. Apparently my body gets enough natural fat from what I eat. Since I have a tendency to be a compulsive over eater I need to focus on eating only when hungry. I cannot try to reach a certain macro number because it will cause me to eat beyond hunger.

    DH thinks the furnace should be done by early afternoon so we should have heat and be able to cook something for dinner.
  • Carol Sue I don't eat high fat. I don't even try to eat very low carb although it seems to work out that way sometime. I just don't think I need to eat a really high fat or very low carb and it doesn't work out for me to do that all the time. In fact, I don't try to balance the macros any more either. It just surprises me when it does turn out that way. I just try to watch the calories. I do eat avocados but not necessarily everyday. I am mainly try not to eat sugar. I still use light dressings instead of full fat so I feel like I am keeping fat and carbs moderately low. Some days my carbs are closer to 100 grams but try not to go over if at all possible.

    I had the BLT Avocado sandwich on the keto 0 gram bread. The bread is different because it is more dense and thick which I assume is what makes it high fiber. I'm not sure DH would like it, but I can eat this for burgers and toast. I think it will also serve to keep me full longer.

    I heard from BS and they are going to MS this weekend to get their son and his girlfriend and move all their stuff back here. They don't have a house yet but decided to put their stuff in a storage here in town and I I'm sure they will stay with their son and DIL until they find a house. So DH and I will definitely be on our own this weekend.

    Carol Sue I hope the guy will get your furnace in early in the day so you will be able to cook Sunday afternoon.

    The rest of the day will be interesting since I didn't eat anything until 3ish. I really don't want to eat at night and prefer to continue eating Bruch and Dinner daily. So this needs to be a OMAD. Just hope I can do it.

  • Hi there, 159 today. I was able to fast again yesterday. Plan is to eat Keto today and tomorrow and fast on Monday again. We have friends in for tea today. (in our "bubble" they don't see anyone else)
    and tomorrow DD is here. She is vaccinated as are we. We will meet outside none the less to be safest. I don't care so much that it will be mother's day, I care about seeing her, don't see enough of her since Covid hit.

    Hope everyone has a good weekend.
  • Good job, Mad! I understand you wanting to see your daughter as 9ften as you can. I hope you have an enjoyable day.

    I have a small pot of stuffed cabbage rolls in the oven. I'm always hungry for them but don't want to push them on DH too often. Between his mother and grandmother, he grew up on them. I made them in case we don't have cooking gas tomorrow we can heat some up in the microwave. I also have a good size toaster oven I can cook in in an emergency. We won't starve, and for me, that would be a good thing.

    Trish, I agree that bread is,dense, and high fiber. I still eat regular bread for some things. I would like to try making turkey stuffing with it, low carb stuffing!

    We went to Wal-Mart and the next town grocery for the ground beef. I forgot to get roasted almonds. A bag lasts us so long I didn't realize they were gone. We both eat a few now and then. That and walnuts.
  • Mad Wonderful that you are back under 160. Enjoy seeing your DD. So glad you will be to visit with her.

    Carol Sue I thought the same thing about the dense bread that it could be used to make a low carb dressing. I think it is wise to be prepared to warm up foods in microwave if need be.

    Scale isn't moving. I got up early it kept bouncing between 183.4 and 184 but finally settled on 183.4 so I will take it. Eating low carb I am getting a lot of sodium and I think that may be what is causing the higher reading. I seem to be more low carb now and I hope my body will adjust to the higher sodium and I will start losing again. I had a low carb taquito for breakfast and we are having Parmesan chicken for dinner. My net carbs will be 30 g again today. I'm not really trying to keep it that low but it is just working out that way. I've decided to start drinking green tea hoping that will help flush out the access sodium. I've been drinking Powerade but I don't think I'll be needing it if this keeps up. I did get on the bike today and want to try to get back to it at least 3 days a week. I didn't do but 15 minutes but that is better than not doing it at all and I consider it a start.

    Have a nice Saturday everybody.
  • Trish, I have some decaf green tea bags and want to drink it in the evening but I forget about it. I usually only drink tea when I'm sick.

    Your weight will drop. I read that when you lose fat your fat cells replace the fat with water and when your body realizes the fat isn't coming back it releases the water and you get a whoosh. I don't know if I'm explaining it right.

    I had a 20 ish hour fast followed by a 3.5 hour eating window. I hope to be finished eating. I had halushky for lunch, that brought potty issues. and the cabbage rolls got done early and they are delicious. DH ate 2 plates full which makes me happy to see him enjoy them. I got 26 rolls and we ate 8 of then so plenty left for tomorrow.

    My frame of mind seems so much better now that I am back to IF. A good fast just makes me feel so much better, like the depression is lifting. I just feel happy.

    I'm reading a book written by some doctors in the 1940s or before when they discovered the benefits of a high protein high fat low carb diet for weight loss and the treatment of diabetes and other diseases like arthritis.. It wasn't until years later that the Atkins diet became known.
  • Carol Sue I think I do better with the fast too and I notice I do better when eating brunch and dinner which I did today so I'm finished with eating for today.I had an 18 hr fast from yesterday because I ate an oz of pecans last night around 8ish. I should get a good 19 hr fast by the time I eat brunch tomorrow.

    I only have Decaf green tea and really should be drinking it more often so I thought I would work on that. It is starting to warm up here in the 80s so it should be easier to start drinking more cold beverages. I like drinking ice water and hope to make iced green tea a part of the intake as well.

    I ended up eating more carbs, 62 net, today than I had planned. Still under the 70 grams of a more moderate carb diet. Soy hopefully it won't be a problem for me.

    You recently mentioned not keeping up with your macros and why. I am thinking I should be or careful even tracking things on MFP although I like knowing how much I'm eating. I find I am trying to eat to reach 1000 calories and then when I come up short of that 1000 calorie count, I am adding to my menu "just to reach 1000 calories" not because I'm hungry but because "they say".... So I am going to have to think about whether that is helping me or not.

    DH informed me yesterday that he doesn't like the homemade creamed spinach so I won't make it again. I'm not really fond of it either because I realize that I don't really care that much for cream cheese. So I guess BS will get the cream cheese I have in the freezer. I think I've been eating too much cheese because my allergies have been acting up. Daddy always thought he had a cheese allergy but he wasn't about to give it up. I like cheese but don't care to eat as much of it as Daddy did and my sisters do.
  • Trish, I really don't plan my eating and could be way off on my macros so that's why I don't track them. I make sure I have protein daily but don't know how much. I try not to eat a lot of carbs but they were high today with the halushky. But some days I eat no carbs. Its not a daily thing. Occasionally I will track because I'm curious to know where I stand. I think I get enough fat with what I eat. I do think I will continue buying the bag of small avocados as I am getting used to eating them. But I don't know or care what my macros are. I don't think MFP numbers are right anyway. My biggest problem is eating when not hungry and continuing to eat beyond satiety. So that is what I'm focused on. I don't want to start eating another chicken leg because I haven't met my protein for the day. If I'm not hungry that causes me to overeat. So that's my reasoning. But that doesn't mean you can't count macros if its important to you. We each have to do what works and what you're doing is working very well for you.

    DH ate another plate of cabbage rolls. LOL. I hope his BP doesn't go up tonight. There are still enough left for tomorrows dinner. I know DH would not eat creamed spinach. I don't know if I would either. I've never had it. The only time DH has had spinach is when I snuck it into lasagna or on a sub from Subway. He would never choose it himself.

    I'm so glad I successfully fasted today. I wish I hadn't gotten so off track but the last time I started at 195 and this time I'm starting at 190. So I've made some headway. I think 190 is my current set point and my body is going to fight to hang on to that. I will have to fight back.

    I love cream cheese but I like it on Wheat Thins. I stopped buying crackers so cream cheese goes bad if I buy it. I bought a box of Triscuit Thins and that was a mistake so I will not do that again. I ate the whole box in two days.
  • Besides hi sodium, I had the high carb not sure how high because I didn't track it. I hate that I had to change my woe eating yesterday because it seems to have set me off today as I ended up eating a snack tonight. So I will have to work at getting back OP tomorrow. I will cook the chuck roast tomorrow and have it for protein.

    I bought a new book I just read about on the low carb site called The Atkins 100 Eating Solution Easy, Low-Carb Living for Everyday Wellness. I definitely want to work at low carb although I don't really care about doing keto.

    Carol Sue I am glad you are getting back OP yourself. I absolutely believe that IF is also key to include regardless of which plan we use.